Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket

Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket (posted 19 June 2013). From shirtless NASCAR drivers, let’s move to a different sport which is quite famous in Commonwealth countries. We’re talking, of course, about the perplexing (to Americans hehe) sport that is cricket. Do you think these shirtless cricketers can go head to head with their shirtless racing counterparts? First, you might want to go see our post on shirtless NASCAR drivers.

Anyhoo, let’s check out some hunky cricketers and we begin with the gorgeous Kiwi hunk that is Brendon McCullum. This hawt wicketkeeper/batsman currently plays for the Brisbane Heat as well as for the New Zealand national team which he also captains.

shirtless cricket players Brendon Mccullum - shirtless - new zealand cricket hunk

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Shirtless Ginger Hunks: Actors, Models, Celebrities

Shirtless Ginger Hunks: Actors, Models, Celebrities. Who is your favorite male celebrity redhead? For us it would be that ginger prince, Prince Harry. He’s fun-loving, he sometimes does stupid things, he looks good in his military uniform, and he is hawt, hawt, and hawt!

shirtless redhead jocks - prince harry

For his part, our friend Kevin’s favorite redhead hunk is British actor Eddie Redmayne. Kevin is like, “Every time I listen to him singing Empty Chairs in Les Miserables, I can’t stop myself from crying.” We were like, “So why not stop listening to the song then?” And Kevin is like, “But I want to listen to Eddie sing!” Can’t say we blame him.

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Hot Real Estate Agents: Shirtless Male Brokers Calendar

Hot Real Estate Agents in Your Area. Why don’t those calendar makers who brought us shirtless firefighters, sexy Dieux du Stade football stars, and German university hunks not produce a calendar featuring hot real estate agents/brokers? We think they are missing an opportunity because, there’s not a lack of really hunky and really sexy real estate agents. To make up for the lack of such a “Shirtless Real Estate Agents Calendar”, we’re bringing you this list of the hottest real estate agents. We begin with:

1. Sean Sullivan, San Francisco. Originally from Utah, Sean moved to San Francisco where he became a commercial real estate broker. He also does some modeling; he sure has the body (and the face) for it.

hot male real estate agents - sean sullivan model and agent

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Matt Czuchry Shirtless and Underwear Photos: Gay or Has Girlfriend?

Matt Czuchry Shirtless TV Hunk: The Good Wife. Famewatchers, meet Matt Czuchry. He is from New Hampshire, a political science graduate from the College of Charleston (with honors), an accomplished college tennis player, and a recipient of the prestigious “Certified Hunk” title given by our friend Kevin’s International Hunk Certification Organization.

matt czuchry shirt off

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Shirtless Racecar Drivers: Montoya, Earnhardt, Speed, Dixon, McMurray

Shirtless Racecar Drivers. As promised, we are bringing you the second part in of our post on Shirtless NASCAR and IndyCar Drivers. First up is Colombian driver Juan Pablo Montoya, who is probably most known for winning the Indianapolis 500 during his rookie year (2000).

juan pablo montoya shirtless racecar drivers

Aside from his Indy500 win, Montoya’s other racing achievements include the following: 1998 International F3000 Champion, 1999 CART FedEx Championship Series Champion, 2003 Monaco Grand Prix Winner, 24 Hours of Daytona Overall Winner for the years 2007, 2008, and 2013.

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