Drew Tarver Shirtless, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and The Other Two

Drew Tarver Shirtless, Girlfriend, Boyfriend, and The Other Two. Anyone of you watching The Other Two on HBO Max? We watched it because of our love for Andy Ridings and because of the critical buzz the show is getting and, we must say, the critics are right. It is a great show which you should check out if you are into sitcoms.

drew tarver the other two with helene york

But enough with the show, this post is about one of its stars Drew Tarver whose celebrity rating rose to the stratosphere thanks to this show. He’s been in the acting biz since 2009 and he’s got a total of 52 acting credits according to IMDB but this is his most prominent gig because he is one of the leads. Yay, for him! Sometimes, Hollywood success like this does take time.

On the show Drew plays Cary Dubek, an aspiring gay actor who — like most aspiring actors in the history of acting — find it a challenge to find a job. Here’s what he says about his character in an interview with out.com back in 2019:

Cary is a flawed character. He does things that he shouldn’t necessarily do, but he’s in a position where maybe that’s the best he can do right then. Maybe he can only make out with his straight roommate because he has some sexuality issues that it’s scary for him to really sit across the table from another man who is available and actually date them. So, I think that’s all really cool stuff to see on Comedy Central. And I was very excited to be able to play that out as an actor.

He adds: “I think it is just a queer character making mistakes, a queer character that is falling on his face because of issues that he hasn’t quite dealt with. It’s hard to figure yourself out as a queer person when you don’t get to see yourself onscreen growing up and there isn’t a real clear roadmap a lot of times with how things are supposed to happen.”

Drew Tarver Shirtless and Underwear Photos. For the thirsty hos among us, here are some shirtless and pics of Drew in his underoos which we screencapped from the series:

drew tarver underwear - speedo briefs

drew tarver shirtless in the other two

Drew Tarver Relationship Status: Girlfriend or Boyfriend? He’s playing an LGBT role in The Other Two but Drew is also queer in real life who came out as a bi when he was 26 years old. We do not know if he is seeing anyone at the moment (follow him @drewtarver) but he was in a relationship with actress Leven Rambin.

drew tarver girlfriend Actress Leven Rambin2

drew tarver girlfriend Actress Leven Rambin

Looking good, Drew!

drew tarver hot in the other two

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