Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition

young men in speedo alex pettyfer

Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition. You loved our post on Older Men in Speedos so we went like, “Hmmm, maybe we should do another post on men who love to wear Speedos but this time focusing on younger guys?” When she heard us our friend Deena went like, “Nah, you’ll likely have a hard time finding photos. Speedos are a boomer and maybe Gen-Xer thing. We doubt you’ll find any millennials and Gen-Zers out there wearing briefs style Speedos.”

Men in Speedo Briefs: 2021 Swim Hunks Edition

men in speedo - Mario Adrion american idol

Men in Speedo: 2021 Edition. Don’t you just miss the pre-COVID 19 days when you can sit at the beach and ogle at hunky men walking around in their skimpy Speedo swimsuits? Nah, we don’t miss it but this is only because we never had days like that at all. Now, it’s not that we did not want to look at and appreciate beach hunks in Speedos, it’s just that in our part of the world, the guys are just not into wearing briefs-style Speedos. They’re more into beach shorts and that kind of thing.

Caio Blat Speedo, Shirtless Beach Hunk, Girlfriend

caio blat speedo brazilian hunk

Caio Blat Speedo, Shirtless Beach Hunk, Girlfriend. Today in Male Celebrity Speedo, we bring you Brazilian hunk Caio Blat who, apparently, became a viral sensation last year when his beach Speedo photos made it on Twitter where it became a trending topic. Considering how impressed we are with his Speedo look (and by “look” we mean not only the specific garment), we are totally not surprised that the 40 year old actor went viral. Anyhoo, here’s one of the photos which sent thirsty hos like our friend Kevin a-tizzy. Hehe.

Football Players in Speedo 2021 Edition

football players in speedo swimsuits Ciro Immobile

Football Players in Speedo 2021 Edition. You love our post on Footballers in Speedos so, because we try to give our readers what they want, we decided to do another post featuring hunky football players who ain’t shy about wearing itty-bitty teeny-weeny yellow polka dot bikini. Hehe. Well, not yellow polka dot bikinis but you know what we mean.

Carlos Ponce Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Latino Hunk

carlos ponce speedo hunk

Carlos Ponce Speedo, Underwear, Shirtless Photos. Like all of us, Carlos Ponce is a decade older now. Unlike probably most of us, he is aging like fine wine and is looking as hot and as desire-inducing (hehe) as the first time we blogged about him back in April 2009.