White Speedo Swim Briefs Guide: Brand, Price, Style Guide

White Speedo Swim Briefs. It’s the height of summer. Surely some of you are going swimming and surely some of you still have to buy a swimwear to use to the beach or to your swimming pool. Now, if you are the kind of guy who’d want to flaunt it rather than hide it, you should buy yourself a pair of white Speedo swim briefs or anything that is not dark.

Why, you ask? Well, because as we mentioned in an earlier post, black or dark Speedos or swimwear tend to have a “slimming” effect while white Speedos have the opposite of “slimming”.

So those of you who are looking for white Speedo swim briefs to buy may want to check out the following brands:

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American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear

American Celebrities Wearing Speedo Swimwear. Who says Americans do not want to wear Speedos? They may not wear it as often as their European comrades or their Aussie bros (who are all about briefs-style Speedos) but American dudes love them some Speedos too. You want proof? We gathered some and we start with our imaginary beau, actor and model Nyle di Marco:

american speedo hunks - nyle di marco

Next up, male model Michael Yerger who sizzled onscreen when he appeared on Survivor a few years ago. Too bad the producers didn’t ask him to wear on the show the swimsuit he’s wearing below.

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Daniel Craig Swimsuit in Casino Royale

Daniel Craig La Perla Grigioperla Lodato Blue Swimtrunks: Casino Royale. Like French hunk Gilles Marini, Daniel Craig is one of the men out there who may be excused from our Grandma Akita’s fashion commandment that “men should not wear Speedos”.

We totally do not agree with the oldster but we convinced her to exempt swimmers and divers — particularly our Canadian boyfriend Alex Despatie — from her fashion rule. Alex can wear Speedos 24/7. Hehe. Actually our other Canadian boyfriend Robbie Amell is exempted too.

daniel craig la perla lodato blue swimtrunks

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Black Speedo Swimsuit Guys: Who’s The Hottest?

Black Speedo Swimsuit Guys: Who’s The Hottest? It’s the height of the swimming season and we know that some of the Famewatcher hos among us will be in beaches to appreciate the brave men who will be out in their Speedos. However, not all of us have the wherewithal — whether timewise or moneywise — to go to the beach and some of us — like our friend Deena — are indoor creatures who simply hate going outside because its hot, cold, windy, rainy, dry or whatever it is that nature throws at outdoorsy people.

Anyhoo, for those of you not going to the beach or swimming pools but love your men in Speedos, we collected 15 of the most gorgeous guys from the internets for you to appreciate. We decided to stick with those wearing black swimwear because black is less “revealing” and we do not want to get in trouble with our conservative Grandma Akita. Haha.

Anyhoo, let’s check out these Speedo men, shall we? Because we’re told we have to space out our photos and text, let’s do this post in groups of dudes: Paul Cassidy (@paul_cassidy_real), Shaun No Fullname (@shaun_cpt), and Brazilian hunk Gustavo Naspolini (@gustavonaspolini) who may or may not be the boyfriend of Welsh actor Luke Evans.

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Italian Speedo Hunks: Celebrities, Athletes, Models

Italian Speedo Hunks: Celebrities, Athletes, Models. Is it fair to say that Italian men holds the “Looks Best in Speedo” world title? It certainly does not go to the bashful Americans and their equally modest cousins to the north. We’re not sure if the Brits and the Germans can hold a candle to their Speedo-lovin’ European rivals but maybe Spaniards and Brazilians can do it? Oh wait, you know who can deny Italians the Looks Best in Speedo title? It’s them budgy-smuggler wearing Aussies from the Land Down Under. Anyhoo, here’s a list of Italian celebrities who were spotted rocking their briefs-style swimsuits:

Gianluigi Buffon, 41 year old Italian professional footballer having fun at the beach while wearing his neon green Speedo. Also known as Gigi, he plays as a goalkeeper for Serie A club Juventus and is widely regarded as one of the greatest goalkeepers of all time. [Want more Male Celebrity Speedo?]

italian speedo hunks - footballer Gianluigi Buffon

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Speedo Boys’ Athletes Edition: Boxers and Football Stars

Speedo Boys’ Athletes Edition: Boxers and Football Stars. Who says boxers and karatetas don’t wear no Speedos? Certainly not undefeated boxing pro Guido Vianello and Olympic gold medal-winning karateka Luigi Busa who leads our list of athletic hunks rocking their Speedo swimsuits.

Italian boxer Guido Vianello is making headlines this very day because he just won his 8th straight victory as a professional boxer in Las Vegas. Keith Eidec from the boxingscene.com tells us more: “Guido Vianello shook off some rust during his first fight in more than a year and recorded another knockout Saturday night.”

The report adds: “The 2016 Olympian from Italy stopped Mexico’s Rafael Rios late in the fourth round of their heavyweight fight on the Isaac Dogboe-Joet Gonzalez undercard at Grand Casino Hinckley in Hinckley, Minnesota. The 6-foot-6, 244-pound Vianello dropped Rios late in the fourth round, which caused referee Tyrone Roberts to stop their scheduled eight-rounder with one second left in it.”

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