Jason Dohring Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding

jason dohring swimwear speedo

Jason Dohring Shirtless, Speedo, Wedding. Today in male celebrity Speedo, we bring you Jason Dohring as a surfer hunk rocking a pair of squarecut swimwear in this scene from the fourth season of Veronica Mars. This is obviously inspired by that scene in Casino Royale where Daniel Craig as James Bond rises from the sea rocking his La Perla Grigioperla Lodato blue swimtrunks which, in turn, was inspired by Ursula Andress’ bikini scene in Dr. No.

Hamish Linklater Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend

hamish linklater shirtless in speedo swimsuit

Hamish Linklater Shirtless, Speedo, Girlfriend. Anyone of you watching Midnight Mass on Netflix? We try to avoid this kind of shows which tend to keep us awake at night but it came from the same creating who gave us The Haunting of Hill House and it is getting great reviews — its currently at 95% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes — so we decided to give it a try. Boy did it scare us so we decided to watch it only during daytime. One of the lead actors of the series is Hamish Linklater who plays the mysterious priest Father Paul. Hamish is really good and we’re surprised to learn that he’s actually in The Big Short which we watched a few years ago.

Joseph Baena Speedo, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Realtor Hunk

joseph baena speedo swimsuit

Joseph Baena Speedo, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Realtor Hunk. Oh boy, aren’t we glad we came across this photo of Joseph Baena on Instagram! It gives us hope that briefs-style Speedos like the one he’s rocking isn’t going the way of the dodo. It may have fallen out of favor from its heydays in the 80s (or is it 70s) but it seems like young guys like Joseph are appreciating its virtues as a swimwear. Yay!

Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition

young men in speedo alex pettyfer

Young Men in Speedo Swimsuits: 2021 Edition. You loved our post on Older Men in Speedos so we went like, “Hmmm, maybe we should do another post on men who love to wear Speedos but this time focusing on younger guys?” When she heard us our friend Deena went like, “Nah, you’ll likely have a hard time finding photos. Speedos are a boomer and maybe Gen-Xer thing. We doubt you’ll find any millennials and Gen-Zers out there wearing briefs style Speedos.”

Men in Speedo Briefs: 2021 Swim Hunks Edition

men in speedo - Mario Adrion american idol

Men in Speedo: 2021 Edition. Don’t you just miss the pre-COVID 19 days when you can sit at the beach and ogle at hunky men walking around in their skimpy Speedo swimsuits? Nah, we don’t miss it but this is only because we never had days like that at all. Now, it’s not that we did not want to look at and appreciate beach hunks in Speedos, it’s just that in our part of the world, the guys are just not into wearing briefs-style Speedos. They’re more into beach shorts and that kind of thing.

Caio Blat Speedo, Shirtless Beach Hunk, Girlfriend

caio blat speedo brazilian hunk

Caio Blat Speedo, Shirtless Beach Hunk, Girlfriend. Today in Male Celebrity Speedo, we bring you Brazilian hunk Caio Blat who, apparently, became a viral sensation last year when his beach Speedo photos made it on Twitter where it became a trending topic. Considering how impressed we are with his Speedo look (and by “look” we mean not only the specific garment), we are totally not surprised that the 40 year old actor went viral. Anyhoo, here’s one of the photos which sent thirsty hos like our friend Kevin a-tizzy. Hehe.