Dieux du Stade Calendar: Gods of the Stadium Hunky Rugby Models

Dieux du Stade Calendar: Gods of the Stadium Models. Today in sports hunks, we are bringing you the hunky athletes who are modeling for the 2020 edition of probably the best men-centered calendar in the world. We are referring, of course, to Dieux du Stade/Gods of the Stadium which we thirsty hos of Famewatcher always look forward to at the end of the year.

Anyhoo, we’ve found ourselves an imaginary boyfriend among these 2020 Dieux du Stade hunks. His name is Baptiste Couilloud and, boy, isn’t he cute. Our 22-year-old hottie plays for the Lyon Olympique Universitaire (or Lyon OU) and has played for France in the 2018 Six Nations Championship match against Scotland.

gods of football 2020 dieux du stade - Baptiste Couilloud

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Real Lumberjacks and Male Models Calendar

Lumberjack Hunks: Shirtless Calendar Models and Real Forest Jocks (posted 22 November 2009, updated). Who wants to ogle at manly men showing off their manliness every day for the rest of the year? Well, if there is a queue for that kind of thing, we can assure you that our friend Kevin will be the first in line.

Good thing you don’t need to fall in line because, well, we are creating an imaginary calendar with some lumberjack hunks who, in whatever metric, should be considered the manliest of men. After all, they’ve got themselves some ax, cut tall huge trees, and battle the elements while doing their job.

hot lumberjacks calendar

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Hot Spanish Men: Shirtless Cosmopolitan Male Models

Hot Spanish Men For Cosmo Magazine Update. Clearly, one of our regrets when we were writing the above post two years ago is that we were not able to identify the Spanish guys above. We didn’t know their names so we didn’t ID them. Well, for this update we took a lot of effort to get the names of these models because we know that there are the OCs among us Famewatchers (admittedly the writer for this update is included) who must have a name for every pretty face.

Anyhoo, here are some Spanish male models who posed for Cosmo Magazine Spanish edition (we think it’s called Cosmopolitan Espana) for the years 2010 and 2011. Who among these guys is the hottest and sexiest of them all? We show you the pictures, you decide! Okay? We begin with the models for the 2010 edition. Let’s begin this update with Leonard Camara looking cool in his underwear/swimwear!

leonardo camara cosmo

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British Firefighters Calendar: Real Firemen Shirtless Photos

British Firefighters Calendar: Real Firemen Shirtless Photos. Is it too late for us to blog about the British Firefighter’s Calendar? Of course not. When it comes to shirtless, muscled men who are brave and heroic, it’s never too late to blog about them. Right, Kevin? We know you agree with us 100%. So let’s check out the hunky firefighters in this year’s UK Firefighters Calendar.

Naturally, we are going to begin with Mr. January, a muscled well-sculpted god named Jamie Johal. If you look at the calendar closely, it says that our Mr. January is nicknamed “Nagfuel”. What kind of nickname is that?

british firefighters calendar - jj nagfuel johal

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Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks: Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Hot Farmers Calendar Hunks. It’s time for another post on shirtless hot farmers. As in the past, these hotties are brought to you by the good people of bauernkalender.ch which, annually, comes out with calendars featuring farmer hunks from the Swiss Alps. However, this particular edition is controversial after it was discovered that some of the guys are not real farmers but are actually male models posing in farms.

Thelocal.ch has some details on the controversy: “Half the men who posed for the 2014 Schweizer Bauernkalendar, wearing nothing but their underpants, were not farmers and some were not even from Switzerland, 20 Minuten newspaper revealed this week. ‘Suddenly, the farmers have no chest hair, are clean-shaven and the ‘farmers’ look as if they had been photographed for a glossy magazine’ the newspaper said.”

As may be expected, some peole were not pleased following the revelation. More from The Local: “‘Of course we wish we had 12 genuine farmers in the calendar,’ the newspaper’s director Pamela Fehrenbach told 20 Minuten. ‘We clearly distance ourselves from this product,’ chimed in Sandra Helfenstein, spokeswoman for the Swiss Farmers’ Association.”

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Hot Real Estate Agents: Shirtless Male Brokers Calendar

Hot Real Estate Agents in Your Area. Why don’t those calendar makers who brought us shirtless firefighters, sexy Dieux du Stade football stars, and German university hunks not produce a calendar featuring hot real estate agents/brokers? We think they are missing an opportunity because, there’s not a lack of really hunky and really sexy real estate agents. To make up for the lack of such a “Shirtless Real Estate Agents Calendar”, we’re bringing you this list of the hottest real estate agents. We begin with:

1. Sean Sullivan, San Francisco. Originally from Utah, Sean moved to San Francisco where he became a commercial real estate broker. He also does some modeling; he sure has the body (and the face) for it.

hot male real estate agents - sean sullivan model and agent

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