John Galliano Underwear: Long Johns, Boxers, and Briefs

john galliano mens underwear

John Galliano Underwear: Vladimir Ivanov in Long Johns. This entry is specially posted for Famewatcher fans of Russian hunks as well as those who are fans of men wearing long johns underwear. If you are a fan of both hot Russian hunks and men in long johns, then this is a two-in-one post for you.

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, Wife, and Latest Updates

levi johnston shirtless

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, and Life Updates. We know we posted a Levi Johnston shirtless photo before but here’s another one for those of you looking. So this is how Levi does his bicep curls? In conclusion, let’s end this update with another Levi Johnston underwear photo. Apparently, he likes him his Baskit undies.

Mens Suit Underwear: A Classic Blast from the Past

mens suit underwear classic vintage

Mens Suit Underwear: A Classic Blast from the Past. Did you know that mens suit underwear is a thing. No, we are not referring to underwear that men wear under their suits. Instead, we are referring to top-to-bottom one piece undies. We are, of course, familiar with long johns but we’re just learning about suit underwear which is also known as “union suit”. Here’s an advert from a JC Penney catalogue which features a full ankle length union suit, a mid length underwear, and a nainsook mid-length union suit.

Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style

harry shum underwear gq magazine

Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style. We’ve blogged about Harry’s fashion choices in the past — from his shoes, to his fab jackets, to his distressed Superdry leather but, for some reason, we have not blogged about his sculpted washboard abs.

Vintage Mens Underwear: Jeff Aquilon, First Male Supermodel

Vintage Mens Underwear

Vintage Mens Underwear Ads: Jeff Aquilon. Wow. Jeff Aquilon, arguably the world’s first male supermodel, is gorgeous. Check out this 1980s vintage photos of Jeff modeling men’s underwear. His long john thermal undies pic reportedly made his career to skyrocket.

Lionel Messi Underwear: Gay or Straight?

lionel messi underwear model - dolce and gabbana

Lionel Messi Underwear Model for Dolce and Gabbana. Lionel Messi is a beautiful man. But his underwear modeling photos fail to highlight his assets. Either he does not know how to pose (and we highly doubt this is the case). Or his handlers just do not know how to make use of him. Let’s take for instance these Lionel Messi underwear photos for Dolce and Gabbana. Like, who among you — after seeing these pics, were enticed to go D&G undies. Not us. Not our friend Kevin. Neither does Deena.