Bryson DeChambeau Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors

bryson dechambeau shirtless golfer

Bryson DeChambeau Shirtless. Let’s add Bryson DeChambeau to our list of imaginary golf boyfriends. Why should we, you ask? First of all, he is cute, cute, and cute. And he knows how to win too being a former NCAA golf champion. Bryson turned pro this year and, so far, he’s been fantastic. For instance, he tied for 15th place in the recently concluded U.S. Open. And he earned $152,235 for his efforts. Now, here are some Bryson DeChambeau shirtless photos for those of you who are looking. You who you are, people!

NBA Basketball Players as Underwear Models

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear kris humphries

NBA Basketball Players in Underwear (posted 14 June 2013). As promised we’re bringing you Part II of our post on shirtless professional basketball players of the National Basketball Association (NBA) but we’re making it more interesting by focusing on those showing their underwear. Like, you know, Michael Jordan and his Hanes boxer shorts in the pic below.

Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket

Shirtless cricket players Shane Watson - australia

Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket (posted 19 June 2013). From shirtless NASCAR drivers, let’s move to a different sport which is quite famous in Commonwealth countries. We’re talking, of course, about the perplexing (to Americans hehe) sport that is cricket. Do you think these shirtless cricketers can go head to head with their shirtless racing counterparts? First, you might want to go see our post on shirtless NASCAR drivers.

Grigor Dimitrov Underwear and Shirtless Photos

grigor dimitrov underwear by diesel

Grigor Dimitrov Underwear and Shirtless Photos. You’re learning well from the master Dmitry Tursunov, eh? [See our post on Dmitry Tursunov’s Underwear.] Or maybe its them well-sculpted washboard abs that you are showing off, eh? Well, we don’t mind people who show off so long as they have something to show off. Grigor passes the test because look at them abs. We’d like to nominate him as the guy with the best abs in tennis. If you know anyone who can beat our Grigor, do tell us in the comments.

Celebrity Tighty Whitie Underwear Dude of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo - celebrity tighty whitie underwear

Celebrity Tighty Whitie Underwear Dude of the Day: Cristiano Ronaldo. Cristiano Ronaldo is our celebrity tighty whitie dude of the day. The locker room pic above where our Cristiano is flexing his sculpted muscles in celebration was shared on Instagram by his Real Madrid teammate, midfielder Isco Alarc√≥n. Thank you Isco for giving us a glimpse of your locker room — and of Cristiano’s tighty whitie and washboard abs. Hehe.

Pip Andersen: Ten Things About the Star Wars Parkour Hunk

pip andersen shirtless underwear photo - parkour

Pip Andersen Shirtless: Married or Gay? Star Wars Parkour Hunk. Parkour hunk Pip Andersen has been cast in the upcoming Star Wars Episode VII. We don’t know yet the role he’s going to play in the movie (we’re hoping its meaty) but here’s the announcement from Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy about their new cast members which includes another newcomer, Crystal Clarke: