Dak Prescott Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Parents

Dak Prescott Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. We’re updating this post to note that Dak is reportedly dating girlfriend Natalie Buffett. According to People Magazine, the two have been seeing each other since 2020. The mag adds that Natalie is a social media influencer with a degree in civil engineering from Southern Methodist University. Here’s a photo of the lovebirds attending the 2022 NFL Honors Award Ceremony.

dak prescott girlfriend Natalie Buffett

We should note that Dak was the highest paid footballer in 2021 according to Forbes Magazine. Apparently, he made $87 million that year outearning the usual top dog Tom Brady by U$14 million. Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of the hunky quarterback for the thirsty hos among us:

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Golfers in Underwear and Shirtless Pro Golf Stars

Golfers in Underwear and Shirtless Pros. Our post on male tennis players in underwear is one of the more popular posts here on Famewatcher so we decided to do a similar post featuring professional golfers. Initially, we thought it would be a challenge considering that golfers don’t have a reputation for shirtlessness or for chucking off their trousers, but we did find some pro and amateur golfers who are doing just that. Let’s check them out, shall we?

First up is these group of college golfers from Bethany College who went au natural for a photoshoot back in 2011. Sadly for the team, the athletic director suspended them for three tournaments.


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Dieux du Stade Calendar: Gods of the Stadium Hunky Rugby Models

Dieux du Stade Calendar: Gods of the Stadium Models. Today in sports hunks, we are bringing you the hunky athletes who are modeling for the 2020 edition of probably the best men-centered calendar in the world. We are referring, of course, to Dieux du Stade/Gods of the Stadium which we thirsty hos of Famewatcher always look forward to at the end of the year.

Anyhoo, we’ve found ourselves an imaginary boyfriend among these 2020 Dieux du Stade hunks. His name is Baptiste Couilloud and, boy, isn’t he cute. Our 22-year-old hottie plays for the Lyon Olympique Universitaire (or Lyon OU) and has played for France in the 2018 Six Nations Championship match against Scotland.

gods of football 2020 dieux du stade - Baptiste Couilloud

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Brandon Nakashima Shirtless, Sponsors, Tennis Titles

Brandon Nakashima Shirtless, Sponsors, Tennis Titles. Today in Hot Tennis Players, we bring you 21-year-old tennis player who’s done pretty well this year two years after he turned pro in 2019. Specifically, he reached the third round in the French Open and the fourth round in Wimbledon (while upsetting the higher-ranked Denis Shapovalov along the way). His exploits in the majors helped him crack the Top 50 in the world rankings for the first time (a career-high of 49th) though he is currently ranked in 66th place as of time of posting.

brandon nakashima gay tennis player

Brandon Nakashima Sponsors. The tennis rising star has sponsorship deals with Babolat, FILA, and Motorola. In an interview with tennis.com, he reveals how thankful he is for having sponsors: “Tennis is such an expensive sport, so the support from sponsors definitely helps a lot. It puts you in a good position out there. You’re not having to worry about the financial side as much, as maybe if you didn’t have them.”

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Nacho Figueras Shirtless, Young, Prince Harry Bromance

Nacho Figueras Shirtless, Young, Prince Harry Bromance. Who is Prince Harry’s shoulder hug body? Well, you should know his name because it’s right there in the title. Hehe. But, seriously, apparently these two are the best of buddies and they even established a polo team together called the Los Padres Polo Team. Ain’t that cool?

nacho figueras gay bromance prince harry

Anyhoo, for those of you who want more details about Prince Harry’s hugging body, Nacho Figueras is a polo athlete and male supermodel. We do not know if he remains at the top of the modeling world given that he’s no longer doing it full-time but he was listed by models.com among the top male supermodels in terms of earnings seven years ago. Here are some of his modeling photos.

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Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition

Speedo Men of the World: Athletes’ Edition. Okay, its summer once again so as we usually do here on Famewatcher, we are going to spend some time blogging about guys from various parts of the world who are rocking their Speedo swimsuits. For this post, it will all be about men doing sporty stuff so we are calling this the athletes’ edition.

So let’s begin, shall we? First up is Vincenzo Dolce who’s looking good in his swimsuit below. Vincenco is an Italian water polo player who represented his country in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as well as the 2022 World Championships where the Italian national team brought home the silver medal. Want more men in Speedos?

speedo men 2021 - athletes edition - vincenzo dolce

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