Daniel Craig Rolex Watch Collection: Daytona, Datejust, Milgauss

Daniel Craig Rolex Watch Collection: Daytona, Datejust, Milgauss. His James Bond character may be an Omega man but, in real life, British actor is a Rolex guy. However, we are pretty sure he wears other brands so he is not an exclusive Rolex guy.Anyhoo, let’s check out some photos of Daniel Craig wearing Rolex watches, shall we? First, here’s our British hunk wearing a vintage Rolex Daytona watch during a television appearance.

daniel craig rolex vintage daytona

In the next photo below, our Daniel is wearing a Rolex Datejust watch. The girl beside him, for those of you not in the know, is ex-girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell.

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Rolex Lady-Datejust Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Rolex Lady-Datejust Celebrity Brand Ambassadors. Let’s check out these group of female celebrities who, at one time were the face or brand ambassadors of Lady Datejust Rolex. For other famous people who were spotted wearing a timepiece from this renowned Swiss brand, check out our post on celebrities wearing Rolex watches.

Sylvie Guillem. Sylvie is a French ballet dancer who was the top ballet dancer for the Paris Opera Ballet and then the principal guest artist with the Royal Ballet in London. She retired in 2015 after 32 years of performances. Sylvie has been honored by several organizations for her craft and her awards include Officier of the Ordre national du Mérite, Gente Dame of honor of the Hospitaliers de Pomerol, and Honorary Commander of the Order of the British Empire.

rolex lady datejust celebrity models - sylvie guillem

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Celebrities Wearing Rolex Day-Date Watches

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Day-Date Watches. From celebrities seen with Rolex Daytona, let us move on to your favorite celebs who were spotted wearing Rolex Day-Date watches. Find below a compilation of our previous posts on this subject:

Bono Watch: Rolex Day Date Watch (published: 27 July 2010). Irish singer Bono (full birth name: Paul David Hewson) looks like he is having fun above no? Wonder what he is so happy about? Maybe because he’s having a meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House.

celebrities wearing rolex day-date watches - bono

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Sylvester Stallone Watch Collection: Rolex and Panerai

Sylvester Stallone Watch Collection. What kind of watches does Sylvester Stallone like? Apparently, he is a fan of Panerai and Rolex watches. His Panerai collection includes Panerai Egiziano limited edition, Panerai Luminor Submersible Chrono, and a Panerai Marina military watch. Meanwhile, his Rolex watch collection includes a Day Date and a Submariner. So let us check out the Sylvester Stallone watch collection, shall we?

Panerai Egiziano Limited Edition. It is mentioned on Stallone’s wikipedia page that he fell in love with Panerai the first time he saw it. Here’s a quote attributed to the action star about his Panerai love at first sight: “I immediately felt when I saw the watch that it had star power. Besides, it’s perfect for people who are over 45 years old,’ he added in reference to the ease of reading large-format watches.”

Here’s Sly wearing his Panerai Egiziano Limited Edition. If we are not mistaken, the Egiziano is the largest Panerai wristwatch at 60mm diameter.

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Celebrities Wearing Rolex Datejust Watches

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Datejust Watches. What makes the Rolex Datejust special in the world of Rolex watches? Well, it is special because it is the first wristwatch ever with a date function. Before Rolex designers wisely added the date function to the Datejust, guys back then had to refer to a calendar if they want to check their dates.

The Datejust is also special because the watch given by the Swiss watch company to thank U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower for helping kick the Nazis out of Europe (and thus saving Switzerland and the rest of the world) is actually a Rolex Datejust (and not a Rolex DayDate/President as is widely believed).

eisenhower rolex datejust

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Orlando Bloom Watches: Rolex, Panerai Luminor, and Bremont

Orlando Bloom Watch Collection. What kind of watches does Lord of the Rings actor Orlando Bloom like to wear? In this post, you will note that he has Panerai, Rolex, and Bremont in his watch collection. Find the details below:

Panerai. Orlando Bloom is scene wearing a Panerai Luminor watch in this scene from one of his many movies, Elizabethtown. Want more celebrity watches? Check out our post on Celebrities Who Wear Rolex GMT Master II.

orlando bloom watch elizabethtown panerai luminor

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