Brian Williams Rolex Watch: Datejust and Daytona

Brian Williams Rolex Datejust watch

Brian Williams Watch: Rolex Datejust and Rolex Daytona. Let us continue to blog about famous male celebrities spotted wearing Rolex watches and let us add the handsome news anchor aka our TV daddy Brian Williams to the list. He is seen in the photo below wearing a Datejust. He joins the likes of Orlando Bloom and Ari Gold as well as tennis star Ana Ivanovic in our list of celebrities who were seen wearing this particular model.

Conor McGregor Rolex Watch: Rolex Sky-Dweller Everose Gold

conor mcgregor rolex watch - skydweller

Conor McGregor Rolex Skydweller Watch. Let us add Conor McGregor to our list of famous people wearing Rolex watches. Of course we are not surprised that the best MMA fighter in the world would pick the best watch brand ever made. Anyhoo, here’s Conor wearing his Rolex watch while promoting a fight.

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Daytona Watches in Real Life or Movies

celebrities wearing rolex daytona watch rob lowe

Celebrities Wearing Rolex Daytona Watches. Like cinema icon Paul Newman, some Hollywood celebrities love them their Rolex Daytona watches. Why, you ask? Well, maybe because it is known for its accuracy and reliability. Or maybe they love it simply because it is made by Rolex and they love everything made by the world’s top watchmaker.

Fidel Castro Rolex Watch Collection: Why Does He Wear Two Watches?

Fidel Castro Rolex Watch Collection 72

Fidel Castro Rolex Watch Collection. Let us continue blogging about the Cuban leader and his Rolex watches, shall we? What Rolex watch is he wearing in the photo below? According to, it is a Rolex Datejust on a President bracelet which is, apparently, kinda unheard of.

Famous Men With Rolex Watches: Actors, Artists, Astronauts, Athletes

famous men with rolex - arthur ashe

Famous Men With Rolex Watches. Rolex is the watch of choice of our friend Kevin (who, unlike us, has the moolah to pay this expensive Swiss watch) as it is for a lot of famous men and celebrities from Hollywood and elsewhere. We’ve been blogging about these celebs who love them their Rolex — see Celebrities Wearing Rolex Watches — but the list is endless so let’s do another blog post on the matter. Let’s begin with: