Shirtless Firefighters Calendar: Canada, France, US, UK, Spain

Shirtless Firefighters Calendar. Another year will soon pass. And the coming new year brings another shirtless calendar featuring hunky firefighters. Above: Firefighters from New South Wales in Australia. Below: A Canadian firefighter featured on the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Calendar.

2014 NSW Firefighters Calendar - australian hunks

We all know that these calendar projects are being made to raise money for charitable organizations. But do they actually manage to make money? You bet they do!!!! According to the Daily Telegraph, the 2013 calendar released by the NSW Firefighters was able to raise $51,122. Over the years, the calendar project raised more than $206,000 for the Burns Unit at The Children’s Hospital in Westmead as well as the Firefighters Games.

For their part, Saskatchewan firefighters raised “over $6 million” for their charity, we’re not sure if this is only from their calendars or whether it includes income from other fund-raising activities. From Saskatchewan Fighters’ Calendar:

Since 1974 the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Burn Fund has raised over $6 million to purchase equipment for our two provincial state of the art Burn Units; one at the Regina General Hospital and one at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon. We also fund the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Hyperbaric Chamber at the Moose Jaw Union Hospital.

Here’s one of the pro-firefighters featured in the Saskatchewan Fire Fighters Calendar.

2014 Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Calendar - Canadian firefighters

One of the few calendars (maybe it is the only one) which includes female firefighters is the Colorado Firefighters Calendar. The Colorado Firefighters are supporting the Children’s Hospital Colorado Burn Center and Burn Camps Program.

colorado firefighters calendar 2014-2

One of the most popular firefighters calendar around the world is the one coming from the Fire Department City of New York. Here’s an FDNY model from the FDNY Calendar. According to the NY Daily News, the New York Fire Fighter’s Calendar raised $200,000 last year alone.

black firefighters calendar - fdny 2013 - jacques terlonge - african american hunks

Spanish firefighters are raising money for charity too. Here’s one featured in the Calendario Bomberos de Valdepeñas.

Calendario Bomberos de Valdepeñas 2014 - spanish firefighter calendar 2014 y ramon sanchez

A fireman model featured in the Stevens Point Fire Fighters Calendar.

firemen calendar 2014 - stevens point firefighters

A French fireman, photographed by Pascal Ameyal, featured in a French Fire Fighters’ Calendar (we’re guessing this is the translation of Le Calendrier Soldats du Feu).

french fighfighters calendar by pascal ameyal - Soldiers Fire 2014

A Japanese fireman in the Okinawa Firefighters Calendar. We’re not sure if they are coming up with a 2014 version cause we can’t find any.

japanese firefighters calendar - okinawa - 2013

Who says only young bucks can be firefighter models? Not the sexy hunky daddy that is Dave Smit who modeled for this New Zealand Firefighters’ Calendar.

new zealand firefighters calendar - dave smit

Firemen models featured in the NYC Calendar of Heroes.

nyc firefighterscalendar 2014 - calendr of heroes

That’s it for now fellow Famewatchers! Hope you help these guys help charities by buying their calendars!

Shirtless Firefighters Calendar: Canada, Australia, US, UK, Spain. Posted 23 November 2013. Last updated: March 2, 2020 at 6:07 am.