Hot Doctors on Survivor: Who’s the Hunkiest Survivor Castaway?

Hot Doctors on Survivor: Who’s the Hunkiest Survivor Castaway? Hot doctors are some of the luckiest men on earth. They got the brains to go to med school and pass the difficult but necessary exams which give them the license to practice medicine. They also have looks that can give that pretend doctor, Dr. Doug Ross, a run for George Clooney’s acting money.

Anyhoo, here’s a list of the five hottest and sexiest real-life doctors to ever grace our must-watch reality show, Survivor on CBS. Who of these Survivor doctors is your favorite? Who did you think of as your imaginary boyfriend? Who would you bring home to mama (if such a possibility exists)? Tell us in the comments.

MARCUS LEHMAN. We begin our list of hot doctors on Survivor with Marcus Lehman (Survivor Gabon) who starred in one of the wackiest Survivor episode EVER when his not insignificant Little Marcus popped out of his underpants during an immunity challenge. A graduate of the Emory University School of Medicine, Marcus is now a Clinical Instructor of Anesthesiology at the University of Cincinnati Academic Health Center.

hot doctors male - marcus lehman

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MICK TRIMMING. Next in our list of hot doctors (male edition) is the curly-haired Mick Trimming (Survivor Samoa). A graduate of New York Medical College, Dr. Trimming worked as resident anesthesiologist at UCLA before he joined Survivor.

Hot Male Doctors - Mick Trimming - Survivor Samoa

After the show, Dr. Mick tied the knot with college sweetheart Ursula Lotwala and the two moved to Phoenix, Arizona where our hunky anesthesiologist practices his profession with the Valley Anesthesiology Consultants.

JED HILDEBRAND was a student of dentistry at the Baylor College of Dentistry when he joined Survivor Thailand. After the show, he finished his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in Baylor University and continued his dental education at Case Western Reserve University where he obtained his Masters of Science in Dentistry. Dr. Hildebrand is a practicing orthodontist in Arlington, Texas.

hot doctors on survivor - jed hildebrand survivor thailand

SEAN KENNIFF. Neurologist Sean Kenniff (Survivor Borneo) finished his M.D. at New York Medical College. From med school, he then did a four-year residency at the Long Island Jewish Medical Center where he served his last year as Chief Resident.

sean kenniff - hot doctors on survivor borneo

After his Survivor appearance, Dr. Kenniff nabbed acting gigs with The Guiding Light (where he played a doctor in four episodes) and in Nash Bridges. Nowadays, our good doctor is a Health Reporter/Producer at CBS News.

JOHN CODY was our imaginary doctor boyfriend when we were watching Survivor Blood vs. Water. This doctor is a badass! He kept winning challenges on Redemption Island until the final challenge which, to our eyes, was unfairly designed to favor his rivals (small women with small feet who can hang on to a pole). He, not unexpectedly lost, and was kicked off the game.

john cody survivor - underwear - boxer shorts

A graduate of Georgetown Medical School, Dr. Cody is now serving at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center.

So, do you have a favorite among these five hot doctors on Survivor? Ours would still be Dr. Cody. Hehe. Did we say he is our imaginary reality TV doctor boyfriend?

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