Nicholas Barasch Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

Nicholas Barasch Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. Aside from Karl Walcott, another actor who’s joining the ridiculously fantastical show that is Riverdale on The CW is Nicholas Barasch who, in our minds, is our red-headed beau. He will joining the Riverdale dang on the 7th and final season of the show which, we gotta give it credit, lasted for way more seasons than we ever thought it will. Haha.

Anyhoo, Deadline has the details on the role our ginger beau is gonna play: “Barasch will play Julian Blossom, your classic high school red-headed bully. He’s preppy, rich, and extremely entitled. Handsome, athletic, and cocky, he always gets his way, but in the rare times he doesn’t—like with Veronica—he makes life miserable for everyone around him. He often butts heads with his twin sister, but is also an antagonist to all of our teen characters, most especially Archie.”

Nicholas Barasch hadestown as orpheus with morgan as eurydice

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Neil Jones Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Neil Jones Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. Updating this writeup to note that our dance hunk is in a relationship with Love Island star Chyna Mills. In a post on his Instagram page, the Strictly pro had this to say about his new girl as he wished her a happy birthday: “For the short time I’ve known you I have loved every moment. Those [Love Island] boys losses are definitely my gain. I can’t wait for the world to see what you can do. I know you are having the greatest day because I organised it. Love you.”

neil jones girlfriend chyna

For her part, Chyna replied with the following message: “Thank you babe for the most amazing day. I’m forever grateful to have you in my life ! I love you.”

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Paul Bullion Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

Paul Bullion Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Hot Ginger Hunks, we bring you British actor Paul Bullion who sure is rocking not only his gingerness but his curly long hair as well. Very niiiiice, Paul!

paul bullion hot in tight shirt

If you watched the second season of The Witcher on Netflix, you should be familiar with him because he kept his red hair while playing Lambert which may be a deviation from the video game but not necessarily the books from which the series and the games are based on.

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Toby Stephens Shirtless, Young, Wife, Workout

Toby Stephens Shirtless, Young, Wife, Workout. Famewatchers, did you know that Dame Maggie Smith aka Professor McGonagall aka Dowager Countess of Grantham has kids? These two most prominent characters in the many movies and TV shows she starred in are so iconic and so stuck in our minds such that we were kinda surprised to discover that she is actually the off-screen in-real-life mother of Toby Stephens, the lead star of Netflix’s Lost in Space.

toby stephens mother maggie smith

Toby’s later father (he passed away in 1995) is an acclaimed actor in his own right too and, to quote wikipedia, “he was one of the most respected actors of his generation and was at one time regarded as the natural successor to Laurence Olivier”.

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Cameron Monaghan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch

Cameron Monaghan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Fashion Style Watch. Look who’s got himself a new girlfriend? It’s our favorite Hollywood ginger Cameron Monaghan who recently revealed on Instagram (follow him @cameronmonaghan) that he’s taken so he’s no longer “singling and mingling”.

So, who’s the lucky lady? Her name is Lauren Searle, she’s a Los Angeles-based model, and she’s got a pretty active subreddit dedicated to her on Reddit. Apparently, Cameron and Lauren have been dating for over a year now but kept it to themselves. Most probably because they don’t want busybodies like ourselves gossiping about them, no? Hehe. Anyhoo, here’s a picture of our happy lovebirds. Awww, sweet love!

Cameron Monaghan girlfriend or wife lauren searle

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Jordan Dean Shirtless Ginger, Girlfriend, Prince Harry Movie

Jordan Dean Shirtless Ginger, Girlfriend, Prince Harry Movie. Okay, RoyaltyWatchers, who among you are counting the days before Harry & Meghan: Escaping the Palace premieres on the Lifetime channel? Well, we most certainly are!

jordan dean escaping the palace

We so are looking forward to watching the TV movie.  Will there be any interesting revelations that were not covered by the press? Will the actors who play Meghan and Harry do them justice? And, most importantly, we are curious to know how the press across the pond and the British royal family itself will respond to the movie.

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