Shirtless Firefighters Calendar: Canada, France, US, UK, Spain

Shirtless Firefighters Calendar. Another year will soon pass. And the coming new year brings another shirtless calendar featuring hunky firefighters. Above: Firefighters from New South Wales in Australia. Below: A Canadian firefighter featured on the Saskatchewan Professional Fire Fighters Calendar.

2014 NSW Firefighters Calendar - australian hunks

We all know that these calendar projects are being made to raise money for charitable organizations. But do they actually manage to make money? You bet they do!!!! According to the Daily Telegraph, the 2013 calendar released by the NSW Firefighters was able to raise $51,122. Over the years, the calendar project raised more than $206,000 for the Burns Unit at The Children’s Hospital in Westmead as well as the Firefighters Games.

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Thomas Clavier is Antonio the Gardener: Meet the Spartans

Thomas Clavier: Hot Gardener in Meet the Spartans. So, last month, we decided to no longer renew our cable subscription and to subscribe to Netflix instead. Boy, were we very happy with the decision. Netflix is much cheaper and we gotta watch critically acclaimed recently produced shows like Orange Is the New Block and oldies but goodies like BBC’s The Vicar of Dibley.

In terms of movies, we were able to watch noteworthy classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and silly but fun movies like Meet the Spartans.

Which brings us to the purpose of this post — the buff, muscled, totally shaggable Antonio the Gardener in Meet the Spartans. Played by Thomas Clavier, we were wowed when Antonio appeared on screen and wanted to see more of him because … well, tell us you don’t want to see more of this?

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Shirtless Figure Skaters: 14 Hot Hunky Men on Ice

Shirtless Figure Skaters: 14 Hot Hunky Men on Ice. Who of these shirtless figure skaters would you want to bring home to mama? Who of them would you want to do the horizontal dance with? Who of them would you send to heaven (or hell)? In other words, who of these male figure skaters would you MFK (marry, f*ck, or kill)? Our choices? We would marry them all and all of us will die from the endless bangin’ and effin’. Haha. Is that an acceptable choice or what? Anyhoo let’s start with our first shirtless figure skater with French figure skater Brian Joubert.

shirtless figure skaters - Brian joubert - france

The 29-year old French hottie is a three-time European champion and is the gold medalist in the 2007 Tokyo World Championships. The Olympics has eluded him so far as he has yet to bag a medal from the most prestigious sporting event. We know you’re loving Brian so much so here’s a photo of him in tighty-whitie underwear.

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Guys Locker Room Selfies: 14 Hottest Locker Room Hunks

Hot Guys Locker Room Selfie Photos. What do guys do in the locker room? Well, what do you think they do? They wipe their sweaty selves. Shower. Change clothes. Tease each other and play around during down times. Of course, they also celebrate in the locker room drinking champagne when they win the big one. And, most importantly for you selfie lovers, guys take them some selfies in the locker room. Lots and lots of them.

So we decided to write a post on hot guys locker room selfies. So, fellow Famewatchers, check out these gorgeous dudes selfie-ing in the locker room. We are calling them the Fourteen Hottest Locker Room Hunks and Studs. Because, why not?

Mario Rodriguez. When his Latino hunk from California is not taking selfies, he is busy doing stuff like modeling, acting, club-hosting, and other exciting stuff. Oh, he can be a personal fitness coach too.

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Shirtless Cricketers: Nathan Reardon, Shaun Tait, Ben Hilfenhaus, Simon Katich

Shirtless Cricketers. Okay, Famewatchers, this is part III of our series on gorgeous, handsome, fabulous, athletic, and – most importantly – so damn effable cricket players or cricketers. You can find Part I in the following link: Shirtless Cricket Players and it should provide you a link to Part II.

We mentioned in our previous posts that cricketers, like other athletes, sometimes undertake calendar projects to raise funds for charity. For instance, some of them modeled for the Men of Cricket calendar which was produced a few years ago. One such cricket hunk who supported this project is our imaginary cricket boyfriend, bowler Shaun Tait

Shaun Tait Shirtless cricketers

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Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback

Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback. Is there anything more masculine than a shirtless man riding a horse? We can’t think of any, can you? What does the image of the shirtless horse-riding guy above tell you? To us it says, “I am confident enough in my body to go shirtless. And I’m badass enough to control this horse!” Can you think of a picture that conveys both a sense of body-confidence and the ability to control (with finesse) a being as wise/wild/unpredictable as a horse?

hot guys riding horses shirtless alain delon

For those of you wondering, the guy in the black and white photo above is French/Swiss actor Alain Delon. Here’s another pic of the 1960s-70s hunk. [Want more vintage hunks? Check out Marlon Brando in his vintage leather jacket.]

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