Donald Trump Bald or Real Hair: Is He Wearing Wigs?

Donald Trump Bald or Real Hair: Is He Wearing Wigs? Is President Donald Trump bald? Or does he have a real hair? There may be lots of negative stuff you can say about The Donald but you cannot say that his hair is fake. It may look fake and unsightly but his hair is very, very real.

donald trump hair fake or real

Do we know this for a fact? Well, we haven’t personally touched his hair to determine its realness but Kathy Griffin testifies that it is real. The funny redhead may be Enemy Number One for Trump and his online army but before she got in trouble for posing with The Donald’s bloody mask, Kathy and Donnie were actually kind of “friendly” to the point that she performed for his charities. During one of their meetings, Trump allowed Kathy to check out his hair.

Kathy tells the story about how she determined that The Donald’s hair is the real deal during a Google Talk last December 2016. Here’s what Kathy says about Trump’s hair: ” Here’s the real deal. The first piece of news is, it’s actually all his hair. Yes. So, it all grows out of his head. It’s very long and fine. Like when he gets out of the shower he looks like, uh, I was gonna say Gregg Allman, but who’s somebody they would know? Who’s got long fine blond hair? Harry Styles? But it is all his hair… it’s just sprayed and sculpted.”

Here’s the video. She starts talking about Trump’s hair starting at the 31:40 mark:

Should The Donald get another Newsweek cover featuring his hair?

donald trump bald hair transplant or wig

Megan Kelly, a conservative talking head on TV, also confirms that Donald Trump is blessed with real hair. From

“Donald Trump is known for critiquing women’s appearances, how would you critique his appearance?” Andy asked Kelly. “I would say, the hair is real,” she confessed. “I have laid hands on it personally. That is not a wig and it’s not a comb over, either!”

“Really?” Andy asked in shock. “I have run my fingers through it … we used to get along!”

We’re pretty sure media icon Larry King can confirm Kathy and Megan’s story about The Donald’s hair.

donald trump real hair or transplant or wig

So there you have it, fellow HairWatchers who wonder whether Donald Trump is bald, or whether he had a hair transplant, or is wearing a wig. He ain’t bald, he didn’t have a hair transplant, and he ain’t wearing a wig. What he has is a real head of hair.

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