Blue Swimsuit Brands For Men: Speedo, Rosa Cha, Funky Trunks, Arena

Blue Swimsuit for Men: Male Models and Celebrities. You think we’re done updating this post about male models and celebrities rocking their blue Speedos and other swimwear brands. Of course not. So long as guys like actor Luke Evans and Daniel Craig as well as male models Ivan Gudkov and Jack Taylor are seen in beaches or swim pools in their blue colored swimwear, we will be updating this post forever and ever. Truly. Surely. Definitely! Haha.

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blue swimsuit for men - model jack taylor

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Blue Swimwear Brands For Men: Speedo, Rosa Cha, Funky Trunks, Arena (18 July 2010). Looking for guys in blue Speedo swim suits? Check out these male divers, swimmers, and models in their blue Speedos. They’re pretty cool and hawt, eh?

How would you compare these blue swimsuit guys to other dudes who love them their Speedo although of a different color; like, you know, these white Speedo guys and these men in black Speedos.

blue swimwear speedo

More Blue Swimwear for Men. Now, we should really learn to not to call swimsuits Speedos because, after all, Speedo ain’t the only one that manufactures swimsuits, right? There are other swimwear makers out there but, unfortunately for them branding-wise, most people think of Speedos when they think of swimsuits.

Anyhoo, here are more men in blue swimwear. Remember our imaginary Brazilian boyfriend, world swim champion Cesar Cielo? We are so looking forward to seeing him compete in the upcoming London 2012 Olympic Games. Here’s Cesar looking good in his Arena swimsuit.

blue swimwear arena cesar cielo

Nah, we’re not going to upload a photo of Cesar showing his gorgeous handsome face. For that, you have to check out our earlier post about him, Cesar Cielo: Hot Olympian swimmer. Hehehe.

Speaking of hotties, here’s a British dude looking oh-so-shaggable in his blue swim shorts. He’s the kind of guy, girls like us would bring home to mama, no?

We’d do the same thing with this Dolce & Gabbana male model. Wouldn’t it be cool to say, “Hello mama, meet our beau, Danton. He models for D&G.”?

blue swimwear for men dolce gabbana

For the record, we don’t know if the D&G model’s name is named Danton which, according to our critic friend Deena, isn’t a “modelly” name. For a “modelly” name you apparently – again, this is Deena’s opinion – have to go with names like Brad, or Chad, or David. Avoid names like Max, or Bruno, or Elmer and, of course, Danton.

Don’t ask us where she got them ideas, okay? Anyhoo, let’s go back to ogling at men in blue swimwear, shall we? This one’s from a new label called Funky Trunks. It does live up to its name, don’t you think?

blue swimwear funky trunks

A male model rules the runway with his Naila swim trunks.

blue swimwear trunks naila

Another runway hunk with a trunk which, this time, is designed by Rosa Cha. Oh wait, he’s not really wearing a blue swimwear no?

Blue Swimwear Brands For Men: Speedo, Rosa Cha, Funky Trunks, Arena. Originally posted in 18 July 2010. Last updated: July 22, 2022 at 6:50 am.