Eddie Redmayne Shirtless, Wife, Oscar Award

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless, Wife, Oscar Award. Wow, we didn’t realize we posted this over a decade ago! Time sure has passed fast. Anyhoo, we are making this update to note that our favorite ginger has won an Oscar trophy and several acting awards, is very much married, and is now a daddy. First his Oscar, he bagged a best actor trophy for playing Stephen Hawking in the 2014 film The Theory of Everything.

eddie redmayne oscar award

Next, he tied the knot in 2014 with Hannah Bagshawe who is apparently, according to Google, an antiques dealer and public relations executive. Here’s a photo of the couple, who are now the proud parents of two children, on the red carpet:

eddie redmayne wife Hannah Bagshawe

Finally, because we would not be doing our job if we do not quench your thirst, here are shirtless photos of our British ginger:

eddie redmayne body

eddie redmayne shirtless in jupiter ascending

Eddie Redmayne Carey Mulligan, Gay, Shirtless and Underwear Photos (1 February 2011). Who is Eddie Redmayne, you ask? Well, he is reportedly Carey Mulligan’s new boyfriend. They sure are keeping each other warm in the above photo, no? Your winter jackets not enough for you, lovebirds?

eddie redmayne carey mulligan boyfriend

Because we don’t know anything at all about Carey’s beau, we consulted the Information God (aka wikipedia) and this is the info it came up with to: Eddie is an English actor, a Tony Award winner, a graduate of Trinity College Cambridge, the star of the Sundance hit The Yellow Handkerchief (which we unfortunately haven’t seen yet), and you will be seeing him in the film adaptation of Ruardidh Nicoll’s White Male Heart.

So there. That’s everything you need to know about Eddie Redmayne. Oh, he likes skinny ties too which should provide an answer to one of the most googled fashion question ever, Are Skinny Ties Still In?

Of course, because Eddie loves him his skinny ties, we are including him to our list of famous men with skinny ties. He’s in pretty good company.

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless Photos Update. This update is for the redhead-lovers among us who are looking for Eddie Redmayne shirtless pics. The photos are from a 2007 movie called Savage Grace which starred your favorite ginger celebrity.

eddie redmayne gay or straight

eddie redmayne hot

In case you are going, “Who is the other cute actor?” His name is Unax Ugalde. He is from Spain. He must be a very good actor because IMDB shows him to have won six acting awards so far.

eddie redmayne shirtless

Now, before he became world famous courtesy of Les Miserables, our Eddie did some modeling. Check out some of his modeling pics. Hot ginger!

eddie redmayne - male model -sweaters


eddie redmayne - male model -sweaters - combat

Be careful Eddie, looks like the Queen is gonna whip you with her scepter.

eddie redmayne - male model -sweaters - now

Eddie Redmayne takes a bath in this scene from The Good Shepherd.

eddie redmayne shirtless - good shepherd

A thoughtful still photo from Savage Grace.

eddie redmayne gay in saving grace

Let’s end this update by addressing the “is Eddie Redmayne g*y or straight” question. We mentioned above that he is dating Carey Mulligan so the answer’s no. The internets or, more specifically, the voters of g*yorstraight.com agrees with us too.

From said site: “According to 1102 visitors Eddie Redmayne is 52% gay.However, the average rating on g*y-or-straight.com is 69%, which means Eddie Redmayne is quite straight in comparison to other celebrities on this website.”

So there! The matter is settled, Eddie is quite straight but is a friend to the LGBT community.

Eddie Redmayne Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Posted 1 February 2011. Last updated: September 2, 2021 at 6:49 am.