Evan Bass Shirtless Erectile Dysfunction Treatment Doctor: Gay or Straight?

evan bass erectile dysfunction treatment specialist2

Evan Bass Shirtless: Erectile Dysfunction Specialist. Let us add Evan Bass to our list of hot doctors. Evan is making headlines these days because he is a participant on ABC’s The Bachelorette. What makes him more interesting and more intriguing than his rivals? Well, the fact that he is an erectile dysfunction specialist, that’s what!

Hot Doctors on Survivor: Who’s the Hunkiest Survivor Castaway?

hot doctors on survivor john cody underwear - boxer shorts

Hot Doctors on Survivor. Hot doctors are some of the luckiest men on earth. They got the brains to go to med school and pass the difficult but necessary exams which give them the license to practice medicine. They also have looks that can give that pretend doctor, Dr. Doug Ross, a run for George Clooney’s acting money.

Sanjay Gupta Shirtless CNN Doctor, Wife, Family

shirtless sanjay gupta

He looks good shirtless. Okay, the image above is the only shirtless photo we can find of this hunky surgeon but he is sizzling, isn’t he? His best assets would be his sexy smile that could easily melt a hardened heart as well as his hairiness (you, of course, know that we Famewatchers want our men to be natural rather than “body waxed”).

Hot Gynecologist: Dr. Manuel Rico – Spanish Gynecologist-in-Training

dr manuel rico modeling underwear - calvin klein boxer briefs

Hot Gynecologist in Training – Dr. Manuel Rico. Time for another post on male models wearing Calvin Klein underwear. But Manuel Rico ain’t no ordinary male model. He is actually a doctor from Spain who — in 2013 — was training to be a gynecologist. Maybe his training is finished now or maybe not. Sorry, we don’t know. Haha.

Shirtless Doctors Calendar: Irish Doctors for Epilepsy Ireland

shirtless doctors - may 2015

Shirtless Doctors Calendar. Want to stare at hot Irish guys and support an epilepsy organization at the same time? Well, you should buy yourself a copy of this shirtless doctors calendar coming out of Ireland (www.thedoctorcalendar.com). Whoever conceived of this idea deserves a lot of props from us here at Famewatcher because we love, love, love us some shirtless docs. Who does not, really?