Madonna Plastic Surgery Secrets: Sclerotherapy and Ribbon Lifts?

Madonna Plastic Surgery Update. Is sclerotherapy the same as”hand de-veining”? We ask because a 2016 story by Radar Online quotes a doctor who suggest that the music superstar had “de-veined” her hands to get rid of wrinkles. Anyhoo, here’s what some doctors are saying about the change in Madonna’s hands:

Dr. Anthony Youn: Madonna’s hands look much softer and more youthful! It is possible that she underwent injections of fillers into her hands. This a very common treatment that provides drastic results. In some cases, these results can last a year or two. [Want more celebrity plastic surgery?]

Dr. Zara Harutyunyan: It looks like Madonna did dermal fillers, such as Sculptra, Voluma, Juvederm, or Radiesse. Madonna could have also could have done a heat laser therapy prior to the filler to help tighten any loose skin.

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Pauly D Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Boxer Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger

Pauly D Now: Shirtless, Abs Etching Surgery, Girlfriend. Wow. We really are getting old, aren’t we? Did you know that our favorite Jersey Shore star is now 42 years old? He’s now a daddy too having fathered a daughter back in 2013. Oh, and according to reports, he is the richest cast member of Jersey Shore thanks to his career as a DJ. According to Cosmo Magazine, Pauly is worth USD 20 million which is 15 million more than the next richest Jersey Shore star (Vinny @ 5 million USD).

Anyhoo, here’s the two richest Jersey Shorers chillin’ at the beach.

pauly d now update latest

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Dimpleplasty Side Effects and Cost of Dimple Creation Surgery

Dimpleplasty Side Effects and Cost of Dimple Creation Surgery. A decade later, have medical folks arrived at a consensus as to the side effects of dimple surgery? From what we gathered across the interwebs it appears that people are agreeing to the fact that a) it is a minimally invasive procedure, b) that it can leave some scarring on your face, and c) it may turn out to look unnatural and not at all like the cute dimples of your favorite be-dimpled celebrities.

Now, for those of you who would like to undergo the procedure, despite the possibility that your dimple might turn out to be unnatural looking, and are wondering how much it would cost, here are some price points published

If you are in the UK, the cost of dimple creation ranges from £1000 to £ 1,500. Beauty blogger AJ Weiss says she spent £1,300 and, despite some swelling on her face immediately after the surgery, she says she is delighted with the results.

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Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery: Before and After Photos?

Gisele Bundchen Plastic Surgery? Did supermodel Gisele Bundchen (aka Mrs. Tom Brady) undergo plastic surgery? Well, The Daily Mail alleges that she did. According to the British tabloid, the Brazilian beauty checked into a famous plastic surgery clinic with her younger sister Rafaela. The report states that Gisele and Rafaela disguised themselves as Muslim women wearing burqas to evade the paparazzi.

Unfortunately for the girls, the French papz still somehow managed to get word of Gisele’s plastic surgery plans so they managed to get photos of the burqa-concealed Gisele going to the clinic for plastic surgery. For those of you wondering about Gisele’s clinic and who would want to patronize the clinic yourself, the name of the clinic is International Clinique du Parc Monceau. According to the Mail, Gisele paid about $11,000 for her plastic surgery procedure. [Want more celebrity plastic surgery?]

But what cosmetic surgery procedure did Gisele undergo exactly? Well, according to the New York Post, she had a boob job: “A source said she was concerned that her breasts had sagged after having two children — and the surgery was a 35th-birthday and post-retirement present to herself.”

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Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After: Too Young?

Ali Lohan Plastic Surgery Before and After: How Young is Too Young? Ali Lohan is too young to be undergoing some kind of plastic surgery but it looks like the girl has had some surgical procedure to “enhance” her lips. Maybe she’s going for the Angelina Jolie look. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for her because what her “enhanced” lips do is make her look older than she actually is.

ali lohan plastic surgery before and after

And how old was she when she had this done? Fifteen? Fourteen? As Kathy Griffin would say, “Where is the PARENTING here?” Sadly, when it comes to both Dina and Michael Lohan, that word may be alien to them.

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