Male Body Shaping Underwear: Waist Eliminators and Magic Shirts

MALE BODY SHAPING UNDERWEAR. Turns out that the men’s body shaping underwear isn’t a trend only in Japan but in other parts of the world as well. According to the Wall Street Journal more and more American men are wearing body-shaping underwear which are being marketed as “shapewear,” “bodywear,” “support boxers”, and other cute names other than girdle. Why are men turning to body shapers? Well, the answer is obvious but let’s quote 26-year-old events coordinator Jeff Lewis: “It took an inch-and-a-half off my waist. It gave me an instant ego boost.”

Body Sculpting Shirts for Men: Tips for Men With Beer Belly

body sculpting shirt for men with big bellies - asda

Body Sculpting Shirt For Men. You have a beer belly like this guy? Then how should you dress up to hide the bulge? Well, dude, get yourself a body sculpting shirt like the white tee he’s wearing in the middle photo. Avoid the shirt that emphasizes your big belly unless you want to look like the “famous” photo of female-to-male transgender, Thomas Beatie, who got himself pregnant.

Equmen Reviews By Its Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

equmen reviews - Jarret Janako - Equmen celebrity ambassadors

Equmen Reviews By Jocks and Rock Stars. When you read our post about Equmen nearly five years ago, did you imagine that this body-slimming brand from Australia will go on to conquer the world? Us neither. We thought men it will only have some niche appeal but the brand has grown swimmingly and is now being sold in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Color Us Impressed.

Corsets for Men User Reviews: Plus a Look at Historical Corsets

esbelt slimming corset - modern corsets for men

Corsets For Men User Reviews. We are updating this post to add these two reviews by readers who used corsets for men. Here’s what they are saying: Corsets have been around for many years for both men and women. Who says a man can not look good, or even feel good to himself. I sure do. I agree, you feel much better in one, it is a great feeling. What is better, it is the best way to loose weight, actual weight. I wear my extremely tight but not in the chest which can be dangerous to the heart. It compresses the gut down, so there is less space of course. Just have a glass of beer, and you feel like you had 2 bottles. Have few bites of food, and you are full. When I need to drop weight in an emergency type effort, few days I can drop 4 or more pounds. Besides making you look great, feel great, it is very good for weight lost, believe me, it Works.