Body Sculpting Shirts for Men: Tips for Men With Beer Belly

Body Sculpting Shirt For Men. You have a beer belly like this guy? Then how should you dress up to hide the bulge? Well, dude, get yourself a body sculpting shirt like the white tee he’s wearing in the middle photo. Avoid the shirt that emphasizes your big belly unless you want to look this photo of female-to-male transgender, Thomas Beatie, who got himself pregnant.

body sculpting shirt for men with big bellies - asda

But then again, maybe Oprah will invite you to her show when she does an episode about men and their beer bellies. So maybe it ain’t so bad if you want to “show off” your big gut, eh?

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Male Body Shaping Underwear: Waist Eliminators and Magic Shirts

Male Body Shaping Underwear Update. Apparently, Spanx or the company which started the shapewear trend for modern times but which specifically focused on women has now expanded its product offerings to include Spanx for men.

A writer for GQ Magazine UK tried an ultra sculpt T-shirt to see how it works and discovered that “the intense restriction meant it wasn’t comfortable for long periods of time”. However, the effect was impressive — it took four centimetres off his waistline — and he does see himself using Spanx Sculpt shirts in the future.

spanx for men review 2022

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Corsets for Men: Historical Corsets and Modern Versions

Corsets For Men Update. We are updating this post to add these two reviews by readers who used corsets for men. Here’s what they are saying about their experiences using slimming corsets:

William: Corsets have been around for many years for both men and women. Who says a man can not look good, or even feel good to himself. I sure do. I agree, you feel much better in one, it is a great feeling. What is better, it is the best way to loose weight, actual weight. I wear my extremely tight but not in the chest which can be dangerous to the heart. It compresses the gut down, so there is less space of course. Just have a glass of beer, and you feel like you had 2 bottles. Have few bites of food, and you are full. When I need to drop weight in an emergency type effort, few days I can drop 4 or more pounds. Besides making you look great, feel great, it is very good for weight lost, believe me, it Works.

Smart: I think we should make it more known that men also wear corsets. I do so on a regular basis and am very comfortable with it. I would not want to miss this opportunity and when speaking to other men most of the time they regret that due to formalism they can not even try. Its a shame that in this world we can not stay 100% male when wearing corsets or skirts.

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AlignMed Posture Shirt Review: Feedback by Dwight Howard and Eric Gordon

AlignMed Posture Shirt Review: Feedback by Dwight Howard and Eric Gordon. Apparently, compression shirts are of different kinds. Some, like Equmen (see: Equmen Body Slimming Shirt) are intended to give you a slimmer look or hide the beer belly you gained from too much partying. Others, like AlignMed Posture Shirt (which we just discovered today) may look like the other compression shirts but it is classified by the American Medical Association as a medical device. Why, you ask? Because it apparently keeps you in the right posture and helps reduce fatigue.

From USA Today:

NBA star Dwight Howard has worn one, so has Peyton Manning. Major league pitchers have worn them. NBA player Eric Gordon of the New Orleans Pelicans was wearing one last Monday when he returned from a 21-game layoff with a torn labrum.

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Mens Compression Shirt and the Celebrity Who Wear Them

Mens Compression Shirt and the Celebrity Who Wear Them. Remember the men’s body shaping shirt we’ve blogged about earlier? Well, it turns out that an award-winning male actor is using them to hide his bulging mid-section.

From Blind Gossip: “This good-looking and award-winning male actor has always been known as being rather vain. That’s why it should come as no surprise that he asked the director to help him mask his weight gain (he is a good 25-35 pounds heavier than when he first landed the role). He is especially self-conscious about how he appears when filmed from the side. We don’t think he looks that bad with the extra weight (he has always been built like a tank), but the wardrobe person has fitted him with a men’s compression girdle to help smooth him out. Just don’t expect to see him unbuttoning his suit any time soon.”

mens compression shirt celebrity user

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Equmen Reviews By Its Celebrity Brand Ambassadors

Equmen Reviews By Jocks and Rock Stars. When you read our post about Equmen nearly five years ago, did you imagine that this body-slimming brand from Australia will go on to conquer the world? Us neither. We thought men it will only have some niche appeal but the brand has grown swimmingly and is now being sold in the United States, Canada, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Australia. Color Us Impressed.

equmen reviews - Jarret Janako - Equmen celebrity ambassadors

Proof that the Equmen brand has “arrived” is the fact that it was able to sign up several celebrities to be its brand ambassadors. Surely these people would not associate themselves to the brand if they don’t like it, no? [Want more Mens Body Compression Shirts?]

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