Shirtless Ginger Hunks: Actors, Models, Celebrities

Shirtless Ginger Hunks: Actors, Models, Celebrities. Who is your favorite male celebrity redhead? For us it would be that ginger prince, Prince Harry. He’s fun-loving, he sometimes does stupid things, he looks good in his military uniform, and he is hawt, hawt, and hawt!

shirtless redhead jocks - prince harry

For his part, our friend Kevin’s favorite redhead hunk is British actor Eddie Redmayne. Kevin is like, “Every time I listen to him singing Empty Chairs in Les Miserables, I can’t stop myself from crying.” We were like, “So why not stop listening to the song then?” And Kevin is like, “But I want to listen to Eddie sing!” Can’t say we blame him.

Anyhoo, let’s check out some shirtless ginger celebrities shall we? Did you know that Ewan McGregor is a redhead? We thought he was a brunette but, apparently, the talented Scottish hunk’s natural hair color is red. Check out this pic taken when our Ewan was younger.

shirtless redhead hunks ewan mcgregor

Hollywood royalty Robert Redford is also a natural redhead. Here’s a shirtless photo of the A-List actor taken when men were more natural and still haven’t heard of body waxing or chest shaving.

shirtless actors with red hair - robert redford

Alan Tudyk on stage in Broadway in The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told.

shirtless ginger guys alan tudyk in The Most Fabulous Story Ever Told

Often seen sporting a jet black hair, Green Day’s Billie Joe Armstrong is actually a natural redhead. We are, therefore, not surprise when some peeps in the redhead community are calling Billie Joe a “ginger traitor” for hiding his natural hair color.

billie joe armstrong shirtless redhead tattoos

Blu Kennedy is probably the most famous redhead in the “adult actors” community.

shirtless ginger hunks blu kennedy

Nineteen-year-old American actor Cameron Monaghan goes shirtless in the Showtime series Shameless where he plays the role of Ian Gallagher.

shirtless ginger men cameron monaghan

Who is the most controversial red-haired celebrity? For us it would be Kathy Griffin among women and Prince Harry among men. Our friend Deena, on the other hand, thinks its Danny Bonaduce.

shirtless redheads danny bonaduce

David Caruso sports his natural hair color.

david caruso shirtless redhead

Shirtless Scottish hunk Kevin McKidd.

kevin mckidd shirtless redhead hunk

Michael C. Hall goes shirtless in an episode of his hit TV show, Dexter.

michael c hall shirtless redhead actor - dexter episode

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