Andy Samberg Leather Jackets and Other Fashion Picks

andy samberg leather jacket - jake peralta brooklyn 99

Andy Samberg Leather Jackets. We’ve already identified his Brooklyn Nine Nine leather jacket as a Charles & 1/2 faux leather jacket. But Andy’s leather may not be by Charles & 1/2. Instead, it may actually be a Levis two-pocket bomber jacket. Compare, contrast, and conclude.

French Canadian Male Models List: Who’s The Hottest

french canadian male models - Francis Cadieux leather jacket

Hot French Canadian Male Models, Part II. As promised, we’re bringing you more French Canadian male models. But before anything else, let’s check out this photo of Francis Cadieux rocking his leather jacket shall we? Damn, if he ain’t the embodiment of the gorgeousness we don’t know who is. Haha. Anyhoo, for this update, let’s check out Kio Cyr who’s been making waves in the social media sphere particularly in TikTok. Though born and raised in Vancouver, Kio traces his roots in Quebec (via his French Canadian dad) and Thailand (via his mom).