Jonathan Bailey Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Jonathan Bailey bridgerton - long winter coat

Jonathan Bailey Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. Aside from Rege-Jean Page, another British actor who will be starring in what may become one of Netflix’s biggest shows is Jonathan Bailey. The 32-year-old actor will be playing the role of Anthony Bridgerton on the upcoming historical romance drama Bridgerton.

Rege-Jean Page Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Rege-Jean Page body in swimming pool

Rege-Jean Page Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Who’s the hot guy chillin’ in the pool by his lonesome? His name, fellow Famewatcher, is Rege-Jean Page. You’d know him already if you watched the short-lived ABC legal drama, For the People, where he played one of the main characters.

Robert Christopher Riley Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Robert Christopher Riley body

Robert Christopher Riley Shirtless, Part II. Want more shirtlessness from our hunky actor? Of course you do, which is why we are updating this post to give you what you want. But before anything else, have you checked out the Dynasty reboot yet where Robert is one of the main characters? You should if you love twisty soap operas. Critics were divided during its first season (49% fresh rating) but the audience views the show more favorably (78% audience score).

Sterling Riggs Hot News Anchor, Wife, Best Hair Award

Sterling Riggs WDRB best hair award in kentucky

Sterling Riggs Hot News Anchor, Wife, Best Hair Award. Famewatchers who are fans of hot media hunks, say hi to Sterling Riggs and his award-winning hair. Specifically, the news anchor for WDRB — a Fox-affiliated television station in Louisville — won won the 2017 HAIRRY trophy for the state of Kentucky. The HAIRRYs for Local Newsmen is a fun tongue-in-check award is given out by the folks of to broadcast journalists “who take exceptional pride in presenting their carefully combed coif.”

Jordan Steele Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding: Weather Channel

jordan steele hot meteorologist as a male model

Jordan Steele Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding: Weather Channel. When you hear the name “Jordan Steele” does it immediately conjure the image of a romantic lover boy in a novel written for easily infatuated readers? Yeah, that’s what happened to us. We were like, “That’s too perfect a name. Surely no one’s named that in real life, no?”

Tony Goldwyn Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife

tony goldwyn underwear white boxer shorts

Tony Goldwyn Young, Shirtless, Underwear, Wife. How’s our Tony doing these days seven years after we blogged about him in the post below. Boy, our Hollywood zaddy remains busy as a bee. He is currently starring on the critically acclaimed HBO show Lovecraft Country where he plays the role of Titus Braithwhite. You should check it out if you haven’t already. It’s a very good show as evident in its 87% fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes.