Lewis Hamilton Gay or Straight? Boxers or Briefs Underwear?

lewis hamilton tommy hilfiger underwear

Lewis Hamilton Underwear Modeling Photos. Apparently, British F1 world champion wear underwear brands other than the Calvin Klein we posted below. In 2017, he became a brand ambassador for Puma and he gave us peekabo underwear photos. The following year, he inked a deal with Tommy Hilfiger which resulted in a the TOMMYXLEWIS athleisure collection.

Steve Jones Shirtless, Boxers or Briefs, Gay or Straight?

steve jones hot welsh presenter

Steve Jones Shirtless. You’ve already seen British TV host/actor/model Steve Jones in our earlier post, Shirtless British TV Presenters, but we know you want more of this British celeb so let’s do another blog post entirely dedicated to His Hairiness.

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, Wife, and Latest Updates

levi johnston shirtless

Levi Johnston Underwear, Shirtless, and Life Updates. We know we posted a Levi Johnston shirtless photo before but here’s another one for those of you looking. So this is how Levi does his bicep curls? In conclusion, let’s end this update with another Levi Johnston underwear photo. Apparently, he likes him his Baskit undies.

Ricardo Hurtado Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background

ricardo hurtado shirtless in jeans

Ricardo Hurtado Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background. Anyone of you watching Malibu Rescue on Netflix? Our niece Sheila loved the first season and can’t stop talking about it now that the second season is about to drop on Netflix. On the other hand, the two reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes who cared to write about Malibu Rescue did not like the show at all. But then again, the series is clearly targeting the teen demographic which begs the question whether TV shows like this should be reviewed by adults.

Speedo Daddy: Jeremy Jackson Now and Then

jeremy jackson speedo daddy

Speedo Daddy: Jeremy Jackson Now and Then. Whatever happened to the really cute son of David Hasselhoff on Baywatch? Well, Jeremy Jackson who played Hobie Buchannon is older now like the rest of us. Last time we blogged about him back in 2010, he just completed a triathlon race and really impressed us with his Triathlon Shorts. He must really be into fitness because, ten years later, we see him flexing his muscles while wearing a pair of red Speedos. Yay.

Triathlon Shorts on Celebrities: Jeremy Jackson and Jenson Button

triathlon shorts jeremy jackson

Triathlon Shorts on Celebrities: Jeremy Jackson and Jenson Button. Today in men wearing spandex, we bring you Baywatch hunk Jeremy Jackson (aka Hobie Buchannon) in his triathlon shorts. Jeremy sure is looking awesome isn’t he? All that triathlon swimming and running and biking has surely given him a great looking body, no? We are impressed.