Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk

sebastian croft gay in real life

Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk. Anyone of you annoyed by Benjamin “Ben” Hope in the Netflix LBGT Heartstopper? We find his douchiness annoying and we cannot wait for the main character to kick him to the curb and we sure were glad it happened. But, if you were annoyed with the character in a movie or a TV show, its because the actors playing them are doing a good job to make you feel something. In the case of Ben Hope, we gotta say that Sebastian Croft really did an amazing job embodying the character. So we should give big props to the guy for making us fret. Haha.

Will Carr Shirtless, Girlfriend, Football Jock, Journalist

will carr abc news hunk

Will Carr Shirtless, Girlfriend, Football Jock, Journalist. Want more hot media men? Of course you do! It’s been about six months since we blogged about a cutie from the news reporting business so here’s our next installment: Will Carr, national correspondent for ABC News who is based in Los Angeles. Check him out doing a field report about Ukrainian refugees stuck in the US-Mexican border:

Andy Favreau Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Andy Favreau hot in suit

Andy Favreau Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. This is our second post in a week which is prompted by our binging of Grace and Frankie. So we were watching the 12th episode of the show and this guy named Stuart, who’s supposedly a venture capitalist, visits Brianna to hear her pitch a business proposal. While we were watching the scene we were like, “That gorgeous dude looks familiar! And, damn, does he look good in that suit!”

Mena Massoud Shirtless, Girlfriend, Body Workout

Mena Massoud shirtless

Mena Massoud Shirtless, Girlfriend, Body Workout, Fashion Style. Are suspenders still in style? Of course it is, otherwise Mena Massey won’t be wearing one in the photo below, no? Besides, didn’t we mention in the past that suspenders will always be in style so long as people will be wearing pants. Hehe. What’s important is to not wear your suspenders with a belt because you’d be committing fashion crime #1.

Celebrities Wearing Dior Homme Leather Jackets

celebrities wearing dior homme leather jackets - Lucky Blue Smith in Dior Homme

Celebrity Fans of Dior Homme Leather Jacket. Let’s check out more celebrities who, like Zac Efron, love them their Dior Homme leather jackets, shall we? First here’s American singer Brandon Flowers, frontman of the rock-band The Killers, looking pretty cool in his Dior Homme Pink Leather Blazer from the French fashion label’s Spring|Summer collection. We’re pretty sure George W. Bush will call this “fabulous” and although we disagree with Dubya’s dubious politics we’d agree that this is indeed a fabulous jacket. Brandon didn’t win “best dressed” awards for nothing, no?

Nick Bateman Shirtless, Abercrombie, Wedding

nick bateman abercrombie model

Nick Bateman Shirtless, Abercrombie, Wedding. We are resurrecting this post which we wrote back in 2015 to note that our Canadian Cutie aka Nate Bateman is, apparently, very much married. He tied the knot with Maria Corrigan in 2019 and the lovely couple are raising two boys together. Apparently, the two have been dating since 2008 and they sure did a good job keeping it a secret because we did not even know when we wrote our original post below. Anyhoo, here are pics of Nick and Maria when they got hitched nearly three years ago: