Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model

smoking hot men in suit - irish actor theo ford

Theo Ford Hot Men in Suit: Irish Hunk and Male Model. Today in Hot Men in Suits, we bring you adult actor Theo Ford who is sure rocking his suit in these photos. Theo is French but he grew up in Ireland because his dad got a job in the Emerald Isle. Theo went on to study at Dublin City University but modeling offers came a-calling so he moved to Paris when he was signed by a French modeling agency.

Abdullah Ejaz Shirtless, Underwear, Hot Pakistani Male Model

Abdullah Ejaz shirtless body - hot pakistani model

Abdullah Ejaz Shirtless, Underwear, Hot Pakistani Male Model. Famewatchers, meet Pakistani male model Abdullah Ejaz. Yum. What a beautiful man. Seriously, isn’t he hotter than George Clooney? Sorry George, you’re my imaginary husband for now but if ever Abdullah proposes we’ll say “Bye, bye George” and hook up with this Pakistani hunk.

Jake Hall Underwear as Swimwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend

jake hall underwear - white boxer briefs - beach

Jake Hall Underwear as Outerwear, Shirtless, Girlfriend. While we were browsing our Twitter feed, we came across these photos of a guy on a beach going for a swim in his freakin’ white boxer briefs underwear. First we went like, “Who’s he? He is kinda hot.” Then we mumbled, “Hmmm. Is using your underwear as swimwear a thing now among men?” Our friend Deena who was nearby doing her own thang heard us and said, “What are you talking about. Men have been wearing underwear in lieu of swimwear for the longest time. That ain’t a new thing.”

Jonathan Roy Shirtless, Girlfriend Lydia Marzano, Hockey Singer

jonathan roy shirtless body2

Jonathan Roy and Girlfriend Lydia Marzaro Are Engaged. Apparently, our favorite ex-hockey player turned singer has gotten himself engaged last year to a girl named Lydia Marzaro. According to via Google Translate, Jonathan “asked for his sweetheart’s hand on the beach at Pismo Beach in California, where there are magnificent sunsets.” The report adds that the two have no date yet on when they are going to tie the knot.

Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk

Michele Morrone underwear by versace

Michele Morrone Underwear, Speedo, Smoking Gorgeous Italian Hunk. Damn, it seems like we are missing something by not watching the Polish movie 365 Days. We’ve seen it appear on the Netflix user interface but haven’t bothered clicking on the movie because it kinda looked like a generic love story. It also has a really bad rating on Rotten Tomatoes with critics and audience members agreeing about its badness (0 among critics and 30% among the audience) so we’re like, “Eh, we’re not gonna watch it.”

Jake Lacy Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding

jake lacy underwear boxers in fosse verdon

Jake Lacy Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding. Hey fellow Famewatchers, why have you not told us about the hotness of Jake Lacy? Were you all trying to keep him to yourself? We’re joking, of course. But the guy has been in the biz since 2008 and, for some reason, we are only discovering his gorgeousness now thanks to Hulu’s High Fidelity. We even missed a Christmas movie he starred in and we are the kind who love Christmas movies so much we even watch them during hot summer days. Haha.