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Latest celebrity health updates on Hollywood health issues. Who is taking anti-aging treatments? Who is losing weight? Who is breastfeeding her baby?

Tyler James Williams Shirtless, Girlfriend, Crohn’s Disease

Tyler James Williams Shirtless, Girlfriend, Crohn’s Disease. This is a Tyler James Williams appreciation post. We should have written it four years ago after we watched Dear White People but it’s better late than never, no?

Tyler James Williams teacher in abbott elementary

Anyhoo, the actor is very much in the news these days thanks to his role in Abbott Elementary which earned him a Golden Globe trophy a few days ago.

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Thomas Gibson Health: Is He Sick of Cancer or Something?

Thomas Gibson Cancer Fan Concerns and Other Stuff. One of our television crushes back in the 1990s is Dharma and Greg’s Thomas Gibson. He’s cute, he’s fun, he’s lovable, he’s hot. So we were alarmed when we watched the video above (he’s talking about his photography hobby) because he just does not look well.

We thought it’s simply a matter of him not aging well but others across the internets have expressed alarm about whether Thomas is sick of something. Watch this video and tell us what you think.

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Celebrity Albinos: Famous People With Albinism

Celebrity Albinos: Famous People With Albinism. When male model Shaun Ross guested on the most recent episode of America’s Next Top Model, our friend Deena turned to us and said, “Aside from Shaun, are there other famous or celebrity albinos in Hollywood or elsewhere?” I was like, “Hmmm. I think that guy with Tom Cruise in the Da Vinci Code is an albino.”

It turns out however that I was wrong for the guy, actor Paul Bettany, is not an albino. Apparently, he was made to look like one because the role he played required that he be one.

famous albinos - shaun ross on antm with cory

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Celebrities With Bad Breath: Halitosis in Hollywood

Celebrities With Bad Breath (Updated from 2009). Ever been turned off by bad breath? Well, you are not alone. In fact, we can’t think of anyone who isn’t turned off by bad breath. The problem, of course, is that we can’t tell whether we ourselves have bad breath. So we don’t know whether a promising prospective date/spouse/partner is turning their backs on us because of our stinky breath.

Anyhoo, here’s a Star Magazine blind item about a celebrity who apparently needs some halitosis treatment: “Which hunky actor is a real stinker? His girlfriend has refused his kisses because of his seriously bad breath. Maybe that’s the reason they’re constantly on and off.”

Any idea who the guy is? None? Well, it could be anyone in Hollywood. Celebrities, after all, are just like us. They may make millions but they too can stink. Want more celebrity health related stories? Go check out our post on Celebrities With Macular Degeneration.

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Celebrities With Macular Degeneration

Celebrities With Macular Degeneration. Macular degeneration is a disease that affects the macula destroys your ability to have a clear, sharp vision. Macula is the part of your eye that makes you see objects clearly and do things such as read, write, and drive. This condition may be age-related (in which case it goes by the acronym AMD or Age-related Macular Degeneration) and those aged 50 years old and above have a higher risk of developing the disease. Other risk factors include: smoking, race (Caucasians are more likely to have it than other races), and family history.

Exercise, maintaining a normal blood pressure as well as cholesterol level, and eating a healthy diet that consists of leafy vegetables and fish could help you combat the disease.

Here are some famous people or celebrities with macular degeneration:

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