Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket

Shirtless Cricket Players: Hot Men of Cricket (posted 19 June 2013). From shirtless NASCAR drivers, let’s move to a different sport which is quite famous in Commonwealth countries. We’re talking, of course, about the perplexing (to Americans hehe) sport that is cricket. Do you think these shirtless cricketers can go head to head with their shirtless racing counterparts? First, you might want to go see our post on shirtless NASCAR drivers.

Anyhoo, let’s check out some hunky cricketers and we begin with the gorgeous Kiwi hunk that is Brendon McCullum. This hawt wicketkeeper/batsman currently plays for the Brisbane Heat as well as for the New Zealand national team which he also captains.

shirtless cricket players Brendon Mccullum - shirtless - new zealand cricket hunk

Second in our list of shirtless cricket hotties is the now retired bowler that is Brett Geeves, who used to play for the Tasmanian Tigers and the Aussie national team. Don’t you just love his chest hair in this photo for the Men of Cricket calendar project?

shirtless cricket players Brett Geeves

Another Aussie shirtless cricketer is Mitchell Johnson, winner of the the International Cricket Council’s 2009 “Cricketer of the Year” award.

shirtless cricket players  mitchell johnson

Like Brett, he also modeled for the Men of Cricket calendar.

Mitchell Johnson - men of cricket calendar 2009

By the by, Mitchell is an underwear model too having inked a deal to be the celebrity spokesmodel for Jockey underwear.

shirtless cricket players  mitchell johnson jockey underwear

Speaking of cricket players who do double duty as an underwear model, check out Aussie cutie Michael Clarke modeling Bonds underwear. Clarke is the captain of the Australian cricket team whose many achievements include earning the distinction as “the only Test batsman to ever achieve four double centuries in a calendar year”.

shirtless cricket players michael clarke underwear by bonds

Aside from Clarke and Johnson, an Australian cricketer we’d love to see modeling underwear is the gorgeous Shane Watson, the two-time awardee of the most prestigious individual prize in Australian cricket, the Allan Border Medal. Check out his awesome pic from the Men of Cricket calendar.

Shirtless cricket players Shane Watson - australia

We can’t get enough of Shane’s hotness so let’s have another shirtless pic of him. Hehe.

shirtless cricket players Shane Watson Washboard abs

Finally, let us end this post with this shirtless cricket players threesome consisting of Mitchell Johnson, Andrew Symonds, and Shane Watson.

shirtless cricketers - Mitchell Johnson Andrew Symonds and Shane Watson October 2006

Part II of Shirtless Cricket Players in Cricket Hunks.

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