Channing Tatum Wearing Jeans: Ten Denim Jeans in Channing’s Closet

channing tatum wearing jeans - ag protege jeans 25 years

Channing Tatum Wearing Jeans: Ten Denim Jeans in Channing’s Closet. What brand of jeans does Channing Tatum wear? Let’s check out his brand and style preferences by looking at some photos where he was snapped by the papz wearing jeans. The most recent photo of the gorgeous movie actor in jeans would be when he went to the Today Show to promote his latest flick, White House Down. So what denim brand is he wearing in the pic above? That, JeansWatcher, is a Citizens of Humanity Sid Straight Leg Jeans.

Best Japanese Jeans: A Guide List of Top Japanese Denim Brands

list of best japanese jeans

A List of the Best Japanese Jeans. Did you know that some of the best jeans in the world come from Japan? We gotta give our Japanese friends a lot of credit. They may not be the best originator of products but when they adapt something they come up with really really good ones that often rival (if not trump) the original. Anyhoo, for those of you planning to buy yourself some Japanese jeans, here are some denim brands from the Land of the Rising Sun.

Celebrities Wearing Jeans: Men in Diesel Denims

Male Celebrities Wearing Jeans Daz Shepard in diesel

Celebrities Wearing Jeans by Diesel: Update. First, let’s have a shirtless Dax Shepard in what’s probably the naughtiest photo coming from Hollywood we’ve ever seen. We were shocked when we saw this thinking that that is his ding-dong bell but it turns out that it ain’t. Hehe. You’re da man Mr. Shepard. Now, when are you gonna show your fans the real thing?

Hot Guys Jeans: 12 Gorgeous Boys Rocking Their Jeans

hot boys in jeans - marco dapper

HOT GUYS JEANS. What do you think of shirtless hot guys in jeans? Do you love them and appreciate the shirtlessness? Do you dislike them and believe that guys should cover themselves all the time (or at least not take shirtless photos of themselves)? Or are you like our friend Deena who goes, “Meh. I have more important things to do than mull about what I think of hot guys in jeans!!!”