Shirtless NASCAR Drivers and IndyCar Racers: Who’s the Hottest?

Shirtless NASCAR Drivers and IndyCar Racers: Who’s the Hottest?: How much of an ignoramus are we? Well, when it comes to car racing we must confess that we are as ignorant as Adam the very first time he opened his eyes in the Garden of Eden. Haha.

Why do we say this? Because we thought all along that the Indianapolis 500 is part of NASCAR (National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing).

Turns out that it is not. Rather, it is part of the IndyCar Series. IndyCar and NASCAR are two different beasts. This, of course, got us asking “Who’s got the hotter, sexier, hunkier shirtless drivers: NASCAR or IndyCar?” Well, this post where we are featuring shirtless NASCAR and IndyCar 500 drivers should help you decide.

Let’s begin our list of shirtless NASCAR drivers with poster boy Carl Edwards, winner of the 2007 NASCAR Busch Series championship and favorite of magazine editors such as ESPN Magazine and Men’s Health who had him on their magazine covers. Can anyone from the Indycar series outhunk this guy?

carl edwards shirtless nascar drivers - espn - pic by carlos serrao

Fans of 32-year-old Tomas Scheckter, currently with the Team REDLINE Xtreme of the IndyCar series, will argue that Tomas has more defined washboard abs. And, ohhhhh, he kinda looks like Jake Gyllenhaal too.

Tomas Scheckter shirtless nascar driver

Also blessed with washboard abs and movie star good looks is Josef Newgarden who currently drives for the for Sarah Fisher Hartman Racing in the IndyCar series. He is our favorite in this list of shirtless NASCAR drivers and IndyCar racers.

Josef Newgarden shirtless nascar drivers

Looking for a boyishly cute NASCAR or IndyCar driver? Well, check out Nelson Piquet Jr. This Brazilian cutie used to be with Formula 1 but decided to try his luck with NASCAR where he is doing pretty good having won, to date, one NASCAR Nationwide Series (the 2012 Sargento 200 Road America) and two NASCAR Camping World Truck Series titles (the 2012 VFW 200 in Michigan and the 2012 Smith’s 350 in Las Vegas).

shirtless nascar drivers - nelson piquet topless

Also looking hunky but boyish is Trevor Bayne, the youngest driver to win the Daytona 500 in 2011 when he was only 20 years and 1 day. Check him out shivering shirtless after a swim.

Trevor Bayne shirtless nascar drivers

Here’s the video of Trevor going for a swim in the woods from which we screencapped the image above. Damn. Ain’t he adorable and charming and cute!

Let’s go back to IndyCar hunks with 26-year-old Marco Andretti, a third-generation Andretti racer according to wikipedia. His grandfather (Mario Andretti), father (Michael Andretti), great uncle (Aldo Andretti), uncle (Jeff Andretti), and two cousins (John and Adam Andretti) are also accomplished racers.

marco andretti shirtless nascar drivers

Another pic of a shirtless Marco who, to date, has two wins to his name.

shirtless nascar drivers - marco andretti topless showing underwear

Look who’s gone swimming with some friends? It’s IndyCar racers Wade Cunningham and James Hinchcliffe. Kiwi hunk Wade Cunningham has inked a record as “the only three-time winner of the Freedom 100” according to wikipedia while his swimming buddy, Canadian James Hinchcliffe, has two wins to his name and boasts of three notable awards (the 2010 Greg Moore Legacy Award, the 2011 IndyCar Rookie of the Year, and the 2011 Tony Renna Rising Star Award).

wade cunningham and James Hinchcliffe - shirtless nascar drivers

Speaking of swimming buddies, here’s NASCAR hunks Jimmie Johnson and Kasey Kahne. Who are their friends?

shirtless nascar drivers - jimmie johnson and kasey kahne - charleston triathlon

The pic above is taken at the Charleston Triathlon in July 2012. Here’s a report on the two racer’s triathlon participation courtesy of

“I always wanted to do a tri. I’ve enjoyed swimming running and biking through the years and went online looking and saw there was an event that worked out with our cup schedule, relatively speaking,” said Johnson. “I signed up, talked about 15 buddies into doing it…crew members fellow drivers…and here we are. I’m glad we did it. I didn’t get much sleep last night especially after racing and all but it was the perfect time to do it, and it was a lot of fun.”

Kasey Kahne who finished the event fourth in his age group agreed.

“He’s the one who started it all and being his teammate and stuff this season I said, man I’ve got to do it. At least train as much as I can I really enjoyed it. It was a lot of fun,” said Kahne. “Three hours of sleep, probably not ideal, but it worked out. I’ll definitely do more.”

Here’s another shirtless photo Jimmie shared to his Twitter followers after the Charleston triathlon.

jimmie johnson shirtless nascar drivers - charleston triathlon

Kahne during the running leg of the triathlon. He’s living proof that shirtless NASCAR drivers excel in other sports.

shirtless nascar drivers - kasey kahne topless

Question: Is this photo of Kahne which was published on ESPN (or maybe its another mag) real or photoshopped?

kasey kahne shirtless nascar drivers

We ask the same question for the next image below which shows Kahne wearing nothing but his underwear. We ask because the head looks too big for the rest of the body but maybe that’s really the way he is?

kasey kahne underwear boxers

Next up in our list of shirtless NASCAR drivers is Denny Hamlin who starred in a commercial which showed him flirting with a woman. Here’s a still pic from said advert.

denny hamlin commercial - shirtless nascar drivers

And the video. It’s Denny Time, baby.

This is it for now. We don’t want this post to go on and on and on so we decided to cut it. Watch out for Part II where we bring you more shirtless NASCAR drivers? For the time being, who of the guys we’ve already mentioned — Carl Edwards, Tomas Scheckter, Josef Newgarden, Nelson Piquet Jr., Trevor Bayne, Marco Andretti, Wade Cunningham, James Hinchcliffe, Jimmie Johnson, Kasey Kahne, and Denny Hamlin — is the hottest, sexiest, and hunkiest of them all?

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