Michel Brown Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Wife

Michel Brown guapo leather jacket

Michel Brown Young, Shirtless, and Underwear Photos. Of course, because we know you are as parched as the Sahara, here are some shirtless photos of the actor taken when he was younger. Oh, there’s a pic of him in his boxer briefs underwear too but, sadly, we had to crop it because we don’t want Grandma Akita to complain again. She’s used to be cool but she’s gone conservative all of a sudden and threatens to disinherit us if we continue to post, to use her word, “revealing” photos. Haha. Anyhoo, the one we are referring to is the black and white photo below. Go search for it if you wanna see Michel in all his boxer briefs glory!!!

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

julio pena hot wet shirt

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. Anyone of you watched the Netflix movie Through My Window yet? If you are north of 30 and haven’t watched it yet, well, you really ain’t missing much because it is your generic movie about teenagers going through their firsts like, you know, first loves and first horizontal dances. We must confess that we did not finish it yet. Maybe we’ll go back to it one of these days. Our 19-year-old niece Sheila loves it though but, we suspect, its mostly because it stars this cute 21-year-old actor Julio Pena Fernandez who sizzles even when he’s wet. Haha.

Simone Susinna 365 Days: Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Simone Susinna underwear boxer shorts

Simone Susinna 365 Days: Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. There is a new guy in the 365 Days universe and, boy, does he give Michele Morrone a run for his money! Okay, we gotta be honest here, we still have to watch the movie so we basing our comments on his photos from his Insta (follow him @susinnasimone), his Man About Town interview, and his modeling gigs. But judge for yourself, if you think this guy won’t get your heart a-pumping, then go see your doctor because there might be something wrong with it. Haha.

Charlie Barnett Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend, Chicago Fire Hunk

charlie barnett shirtless

Charlie Barnett Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend, Underwear. Have you watched the second season of Russian Doll yet? If not, go check it out on Netflix. It’s really, really good. If you loved the first season, you will also love this one. We are happy to note that there’s no sophomore slump for series creator Nataha Lyonne. We are also happy to note that our imaginary beau that is Charlie Barnett is back on our teevee! Yay! We are not sure about his mustache though. Hehe.

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend

benjamin levy aguilar hot guys in sweatpants

Benjamin Levy Aguilar Shirtless, Gay, Girlfriend. Today in Guys in Sweatpants, we bring you up-and-coming actor Benjamin Levy Aguilar who sizzled onscreen in his role as murder suspect and Kristen Bell’s lover in the Netflix show The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window.

Isha Blaaker Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Modeling Photos

isha blaaker married or single

Isha Blaaker Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Modeling Photos. Oh boy, we sure are glad we got to watch Tyler Perry’s A Madea Homecoming. We did not plan to at first but our favorite podcasters were having a great time talking about it so we immediately got on Netflix to see the movie. As mentioned, we glad we did because not only is it a fun movie, it also introduced us to this gorgeous hunk of an actor named Isha Blaaker who is now our latest imaginary Netflix beau!!!