David Corenswet Girlfriend, Gay in Real Life, Shirtless Photos

David Corenswet Girlfriend, Gay in Real Life, Shirtless Photos? Are you, like our friend Deena, thirsty for more David Corenswet? If you watched Ryan Murphy’s The Politician on Netflix, we are pretty sure you are. After all, he is cute, dreamy, got a fabulous hair going for him, and is probably the only good guy in a show full of hard-to-like characters.

Anyhoo, here are some David Corenswet shirtless GIFs we grabbed from the show. We hope it quenches some of your thirstiness for the guy. Haha.

david corenswet shirtless - river barkley on the politician netfllix

These GIFs are for you Deena!!!! By the way,  for those of you who have not yet watched the show, our David is playing the role of River Barkley, a high school student who becomes a political rival to the titular character in The Politician.  You can see more of him in our post on The Politician Hunks which, so far, includes him and the Hobart Twins.

david corenswet shirtless smoking hot

In the show, River plays a sexually fluid character who’s got a girlfriend and a boy on the side. What about IRL? Does he have a girlfriend? Is he fluid, gay, bi, straight? We don’t know at this point. If his social media posts are any indication, he is living a single life at the moment.

Anyhoo, we will update this post once we have the answers to said questions. For the time being, here’s another David Corenswet shirtless GIF from the show.

david corenswet gay or straight

Awww, looks like he is ready to sleep. Aside from The Politician (which is kinda fun to watch but is kinda not really compelling), David is starring in another Ryan Murphy project called Hollywood which will also be on Netflix. It is apparently still on pre-production but is slated for release sometime in 2020.

Random fact about David: Apparently, he had a guest stint in Elementary which is one of our favorite procedural shows. We’ll go find the episode he’s in and hope to update this post with a GIF of him looking gorgeous.

Update: Here you go, GIFs of David Corenswet from the High Heat episode on Elementary (Season 5, episode 19) where he plays the role of a baseball pitcher.

david corenswet - hot smoking - elementary

Shirtless or not, he sure makes our friend Deena thirsty with a capital T. Haha.

What did you do, David? Why are Joan Watson and Detective Marcus Bell talking to you? Did you do something wrong?

More GIFs of our baseball pitcher where the investigators talk about the worst (or was it the best) pitch of his life.

netfllix hunks david corenswet

netflix hunks david corenswet - elementary

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