Alex Cannon Shirtless, Underwear, Jewelry Company

Alex Cannon Update: He’s a Jeweler Daddy. Who says Big Brother housemates who have sculpted bodies are nothing but brainless himbos? Certainly not BB-UK’s Alex Cannon who is now the owner of a successful jewelry company.

alex cannon jewelry

He was featured last year on Forbes Magazine which gives us some details on how he established his business: “In 2018, Cannon had a business idea to launch a jewelry brand based on a problem he had encountered. When buying fashion jewelry for his photoshoots he noticed that in the market there was cutting-edge, cool jewelry made by smaller brands but unfortunately the quality was often low. Conversely, there were higher-end brands who were not forward-thinking with their designs. He wanted to launch a brand that was a combination of both, forward-thinking with cutting edge design but also high quality.”

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Blair Redford Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background

Blair Redford Shirtless Update. So how’s are imaginary beau since the first time we blogged about him back in 2014? Well, it looks like his Hollywood career has gone swimmingly well. He’s been booked and busy and continues to be booked and busy. Per IMDB, he starred in the USA Network TV series Satisfaction where he played a male escort. He also starred in The Gifted on Fox where he played Thunderbird who is described as a “strong-willed mutant possessing superhuman strength, durability, enhanced healing and superhuman senses, leader of the underground community.”

blair redford ethnicity - mixed race

blair redford young - lying game 2011 Summer Television Critics Association Press Tour

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Trevante Rhodes Gay in Real Life? Girlfriend? Shirtless Photos

Trevante Rhodes Shirtless Update and Acting Awards. We should have updated this post when Moonlight and its actors were winning awards but it’s better late than never, no? Among several accolades, the movie won best picture at the Academy Award while Mahershala Ali won a trophy for best supporting actor.

Trevante also brought home some awards. Specifically, we was recognized for his Outstanding Breakthrough Performance at the Black Reel Awards and won as part of the Moonlight ensemble from various award-giving bodies like the Film Independent Spirit Awards, the Austin Film Critics Association, the Boston Online Film Critics, the Central Ohio Film Critics Association, and several others.

trevante rhodes awards list - independent spirit award

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Tom Welling Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Tom Welling Shirtless, Young, and Wedding Photos. Whatever happened to Tom Welling? All’s been quiet from his front, no? Well, obviously, you’ve just not been looking. He actually starred in a TV show called Professionals for a Scandinavian streaming service. The CW acquired the US rights for the show so it might air on the network. We say might because The CW is reportedly on a crossroad right now in terms of its programming and focus.

At any rate, Tom is also starring in an upcoming movie called Deep Six which will be released in 2023 per IMDB. We’re pretty sure Deena aka The Tom Welling Smallville superfan will drag us to the theater to watch it on the big screen.

By the way, we should mention that the actor is now a married man. He tied the knot last November 2019 with long time partner Jessica Rose Lee. The couple are now the proud parents of two sons.

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Pauly D Underwear and Shirtless Photos: Boxer Shorts by Tommy Hilfiger

Pauly D Now: Shirtless, Abs Etching Surgery, Girlfriend. Wow. We really are getting old, aren’t we? Did you know that our favorite Jersey Shore star is now 42 years old? He’s now a daddy too having fathered a daughter back in 2013. Oh, and according to reports, he is the richest cast member of Jersey Shore thanks to his career as a DJ. According to Cosmo Magazine, Pauly is worth USD 20 million which is 15 million more than the next richest Jersey Shore star (Vinny @ 5 million USD).

Anyhoo, here’s the two richest Jersey Shorers chillin’ at the beach.

pauly d now update latest

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Finn Roberts Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos

Finn Roberts Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos. Apparently, Greenhouse Academy ended after its fourth season in 2020. Bummer. However, its good to note that our 20-something actor has continued to do projects since the show ended. Check him out in two upcoming movies, namely the horror thriller This is How it Starts and a sci-fi called Identity Crisis.

On the relationship front, it looks like him and girlfriend Savannah remain very much a thing as he continues to posts Instagram photos of them being lovey dovey. He also posts shirtless pics on Insta like the one below. Go follow him (@robertsdfinn) if you want more.

robert finn shirtless

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