Jordan Elsass Shirtless, Girlfriend, Denim Fashion Watch

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Jordan Elsass Shirtless, Girlfriend, Denim Fashion Watch. Want proof that denim will never go out of style and that Generation Z has embraced it? Well, check out up-and-coming actor Jordan Elsass and his apparent love of denim. The 19 year old cutie is probably the most visible actor in his generation as he stars in two prominent TV shows — Superman and Lois on The CW and the critical hit Little Fires Everywhere on Hulu — and we’re so happy he discovered how cool denim outfits are.

Dakota Taylor Girlfriend, Shirtless, Zero Chill Hockey Hunk

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Dakota Taylor Girlfriend, Shirtless, Zero Chill Hockey Hunk. You gotta give props to Netflix for trying. And by trying, we mean producing average shows which may not be successful in the viewing metric but gives us gorgeous guys to look at. For instance, last year, the streaming service introduced us to the hunkiness of Evan Roderick on the skating show Spinning Out. This year, it will introduce us to Dakota Taylor, another Canadian actor who is headlining another ice-based series, Zero Chill.

Archie Renaux Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

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Archie Renaux Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Are you a fan of the book Shadow and Bone by American writer Leigh Bardugo? If you are, then you most likely know by now that Netflix has adapted the book for television and that the show is coming very, very soon this April.

Hunter Doohan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Your Honor

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Hunter Doohan Shirtless, Girlfriend, Your Honor. Famewatchers, say hi to our newest imaginary boyfriend. His name is Hunter Doohan and he currently stars on the new TV show Your Honor which premiered last 6 December and is airing on Showtime. Critics are not exactly loving the series — it has a 43% rotten score on Rotten Tomatoes — but if you are a fan of legal dramas, you should check it out. Oh, it also stars Bryan Cranston of Breaking Bad fame as Hunter’s dad and the titular “Your Honor” judge.

James Marsden Underwear: Boxer Shorts and Shirtless Photos

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Young James Marsden Shirtless Young Model and Hollywood Zaddy. Our 1990s crush is now a certified Hollywood zaddy at 47 years old and he remains as hot and as, to borrow the words of our friend Deena, “desire inducing”. Did you know that he has three kids? We must admit that we were not curious about his relationship status in the past as we were content in simply ogling at his gorgeousness. Haha.

David Jonsson Shirtless: Gay in Real Life? Industry on HBO

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David Jonsson Shirtless: Gay in Real Life? Industry on HBO. Aside from Harry Lawtey, another up-and-coming actor whose star is shining brighter these days thanks to Lena Dunham’s critically acclaimed TV show Industry is 25-year-old David Jonsson. On the show, which airs on HBO and BBC, he plays Gus Sackey who is one of the banking interns who are the focus of the series. The Knockturnal tells us more about the character: