Kit Clarke Shirtless, Girlfriend, Rupert Everett

kit clarke in Lost and Found in Paris as rupert

Kit Clarke Shirtless, Girlfriend, Rupert Everett. Looks like our guy Kit Clarke is slowly establishing himself in Hollywood. According to Deadline, he will soon be starring as Rupert Everett in an upcoming movie called Lost and Found in Paris which will be directed by Rupert Everett himself. Kit does look like Rupert when he was younger and who, if we are not mistaken, is one of the if not THE first openly out LGBT actors in Hollywood. Word is that the movie is still in pre-production so no word yet on when we are gonna see it.

Froy Gutierrez Shirtless, Girlfriend, Acting Gigs

froy gutierrez hot in tanktop and jeans - man about town

Froy Guttierez Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to bring you more fab photos of Froy particularly these magazine pics of him rocking his tank top shirts. Kinda old school Hollywood, no? Reminds us of Marlon Brando in Streetcar Named Desire. Anyhoo, first photo is from Man About Town while the next one is from Mood Magazine.

Gonzalo Aburto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Uncoupled

gonzalo aburto wyatt in uncouple

Gonzalo Aburto Shirtless, Girlfriend, Uncoupled. Okay, we’ve now finished Neil Patrick Harris’ Uncoupled on Netflix and, boy, have we found a new imaginary beau. He’s cute, got curly hairs, and a smile that rivals Julia Roberts’. Famewatchers, say hi to Gonzalo Aburto who plays Wyatt on the show which you should check out if you haven’t already. By the way, we advise that you stick to it because it gets better. We were ready to quit after the first two episodes because we were kinda bored but things picked up from episode three.

Drake Rodger Shirtless, Girlfriend, Winchester Hunk

drake rodger leather jacket

Drake Rodger Shirtless, Girlfriend, Winchester Hunk. Famewatchers, say hello to your next Winchester hottie. Or rather, the next actor who will be playing a Winchester. His name is Drake Rodger. He is 23 years old. And he will be playing John Winchester in The Winchesters aka the prequel of Supernatural on The CW. Oh, and our imaginary beau Jensen Ackles — who is one of the producers of the show — will star on the show too.

Finn Roberts Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos

finn roberts underwear boxers or briefs

Finn Roberts Shirtless and Girlfriend Photos. Apparently, Greenhouse Academy ended after its fourth season in 2020. Bummer. However, its good to note that our 20-something actor has continued to do projects since the show ended. Check him out in two upcoming movies, namely the horror thriller This is How it Starts and a sci-fi called Identity Crisis. On the relationship front, it looks like him and girlfriend Savannah remain very much a thing as he continues to posts Instagram photos of them being lovey dovey. He also posts shirtless pics on Insta like the one below. Go follow him (@robertsdfinn) if you want more.

Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts

connor gosatti hot in shorts

Connor Gosatti Shirtless, Girlfriend, Hot in Shorts. Who’s the cute dude with his tongue out while doing a cross-country run in the pic below? Well, clueless Famewatcher, let us introduce you to Connor Gosatti. He is an actor, an Aussie, and he is starring on the upcoming TV series Resident Evil which will be streaming very soon on Netflix.