Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk

sebastian croft gay in real life

Sebastian Croft Shirtless, Boyfriend, Heartstopper Hunk. Anyone of you annoyed by Benjamin “Ben” Hope in the Netflix LBGT Heartstopper? We find his douchiness annoying and we cannot wait for the main character to kick him to the curb and we sure were glad it happened. But, if you were annoyed with the character in a movie or a TV show, its because the actors playing them are doing a good job to make you feel something. In the case of Ben Hope, we gotta say that Sebastian Croft really did an amazing job embodying the character. So we should give big props to the guy for making us fret. Haha.

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

julio pena hot wet shirt

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. Anyone of you watched the Netflix movie Through My Window yet? If you are north of 30 and haven’t watched it yet, well, you really ain’t missing much because it is your generic movie about teenagers going through their firsts like, you know, first loves and first horizontal dances. We must confess that we did not finish it yet. Maybe we’ll go back to it one of these days. Our 19-year-old niece Sheila loves it though but, we suspect, its mostly because it stars this cute 21-year-old actor Julio Pena Fernandez who sizzles even when he’s wet. Haha.

Luke Newton Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

luke newton gay or straight

Luke Newton Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Famewatchers, let’s add British cutie Luke Newton to our list of Young Hollywood Actors to Watch Out For. The 23-year-old actor from London, England is one of the stars of Bridgerton which, as we mentioned in earlier posts, is one of our most anticipated shows here on Famewatcher. On the show, which should start streaming on Netflix late this year, Luke will be playing the role of Colin Bridgerton.

Ajay Friese Shirtless Abs, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Ajay Friese hot abs shirtless body in shorts

Ajay Friese Shirtless Abs, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Who’s the guy with sculpted washboard abs chillin’ by the pool in his red shorts? Is he a spy? Nah, he looks too young to be a spy and a guy in the espionage biz would not wear a colorful outfit that attracts attention. Is he a model? A singer? Perhaps, an actor? Yes! Yes! Yes to all three! His name is Ajay Friese and he is indeed a model, singer, and actor. If you’ve been watching Lost in Space in Netflix, then you are already familiar with him because he played the role of Vijay Dhar on the show.

Charles Vandervaart Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Hot Guy in Uniform

charles vandervaart october faction

Charles Vandervaart Shirtless, Gay or Girlfriend, Hot Guy in Uniform. Today in Hot Men in Uniform, we bring you 19 year old Canadian actor who is playing the role of the young Fred Allen on the drama sci-fi show October Faction which is currently streaming on Netflix.

Ansel Elgort Shirtless Photos

Ansel Elgort underwear peekabo2

Ansel Elgort Shirtless Photos Part II. Guess who’s back in the headlines these days? It’s our imaginary boyfriend Ansel Elgort, that’s who. He is starring as one of the leads in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story which is getting critical acclaim from film critics. As someone who watched Baby Driver and recognized that Ansel is a really good actor, we are happy that West Side Story is making other people realize that he is talented. For instance, here’s a review from