Sergio Momo Yeray on Elite: Shirtless, Girlfriend, Height

celebrity leather pants - sergio momo

Sergio Momo Shirtless and Leather Pants Update. Came across this photo of Spanish actor Sergio Momo rocking a pair of leather pants and thought the leather-watchers among us will appreciate it. Looks pretty cool, ain’t it? Of course, we’ve got other photos too for the thirsty hoes among us. Hehe. You know who you are. Wink wink, Kevin.

Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear

spanish male models diego barrueco in jeans

Hot Spanish Male Models in Jeans and Underwear 2022 Update. You think we’re done updating this post about Spanish guys rocking their undies or denim pants? Of course not. Especially because Kevin is forcing us to update this post. He was like, “No, Pim Watts! So long as there are hunky guys from Spain ruling the runway, you are stuck to blogging about them.” So we are updating this post because we are afraid of him. Haha.

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch

julio pena hot wet shirt

Julio Peña Shirtless, Girlfriend, Style Watch. Anyone of you watched the Netflix movie Through My Window yet? If you are north of 30 and haven’t watched it yet, well, you really ain’t missing much because it is your generic movie about teenagers going through their firsts like, you know, first loves and first horizontal dances. We must confess that we did not finish it yet. Maybe we’ll go back to it one of these days. Our 19-year-old niece Sheila loves it though but, we suspect, its mostly because it stars this cute 21-year-old actor Julio Pena Fernandez who sizzles even when he’s wet. Haha.

Quim Gutiérrez Shirtless, Underwear, Spanish Actor

Quim Gutiérrez long johns underwear vanity fair

Quim Gutiérrez Shirtless, Underwear, Spanish Actor. Okay, here’s a question for those of you who know a lot about men’s fashion: can you say whether Spanish actor Quim Gutierrez is wearing long men’s underwear in the photo below? One half of your Famewatchers (Deena and Kevin) say that he is while the other half (yours truly and Sheila) say that he is not and that he is actually wearing some kind of a fencer’s outfit. What say you more informed Famewatchers?

Xabi Alonso Shirtless, Young Bromance, Wedding, Awards

xabi alonso model in tuxedo

Xabi Alonso Shirtless Update, Coaching, Awards, and Other Stuff. So how’s our favorite soccer dreamboat doing these days? Did you know that he retired in 2017 after a career where he accomplished many things playing football? He ain’t about sitting pretty after retirement though because he is now the coach of Real Sociedad B in the Spanish football league. Here’s a photo of Xabi looking gorgeous as ever while coaching his team: