Iker Casillas Shirtless Spanish Football Hunk in Speedos

iker casillas shirtless model head and shoulders shampoo

Iker Casillas Young, Shirtless, and Wife Sara. Seven years later, we are updating this post to note that, apparently, our imaginary Spanish footballer boo has decided to call it a day. After 22 years of playing professional football, our Iker retired from the sport just two months ago last August. His career achievements include five LaLiga titles, three Champions League titles, two European Championships, and one World Cup. That’s a lot of trophies, ain’t it.

Pablo Carreño Busta Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Titles

Pablo Carreño Busta underwear speedo

Pablo Carreño Busta Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend, Titles. It’s the US Open in the tennis world so let’s continue blogging about hot tennis players shall we? This time, let’s check out Spanish tennis star Pablo Carreno Busta who currently made it to the round of 32 and will be playing today to secure a spot in the fourth round. Will he make it? Well, keep your fingers crossed that the does.

Feliciano Lopez Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

feliciano lopez speedo body - tennis hunk

Feliciano Lopez Shirtless and Speedo Photos. Three years later, we are updating this post to note that our favorite Spanish tennis player is a newly-married man (again). Also, we’d like to bring you more shirtless photos of the tennis hunk which we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @ felilopezoficial if you want more).

Cesc Fabregas Gay, Bi, or Straight: Football Star in Speedo

cesc fabregas speedo briefs - adidas swimsuit - plays with his balls

Cesc Fabregas Gay, Bi, or Straight? Is Cesc Fabregas gay or straight? He is straight. And, since 2011, he’s been married to wife Daniella Semaan with whom he has two children. However, despite his straightness, the Chelsea midfielder has done some unambiguously gay things such as gay kissin’ in public and watching Desperate Housewives. Hehe. Surely, you agree with us that no straight guy watches Desperate Housewives, no???