Karl Walcott Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend

Karl Walcott Shirtless, Ethnicity, Girlfriend. Look who’s joining teen cast of Riverdale? Oops, what teen cast are we talking about. Like other Hollywood movies or TV shows, the teen characters on Riverdale are actually being played by actors in their 20s or in their 30s — like our imaginary beau KJ Apa is 25, Cole Sprouse and Drew Ray Tanner are 30, and Charles Melton is two years north of 30.

But to answer the question on who’s joining the Riverdale cast, well, one of the newbies is Karl Walcott who will be playing a “teen renaissance man”.

karl walcott ethnicity

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Brendan Fraser Shirtless and Underwear Photos

Young Brendan Fraser Shirtless Photos and Awards. Thankfully, after years of absence, Brendan Fraser is back in Hollywood! He’s getting Oscar buzz too, thanks to his portrayal as a reclusive English teacher in the Darren Aronofsky movie The Whale. He’s already won a Tribute Award for the role from the Toronto International Film Festival and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that other trophies — most especially an Oscar — will come his way during the upcoming awards-giving season.

brendan fraser awards

Before his Hollywood hiatus, Brendan has brought home acting trophies from the Seattle International Film Festival, the Screen Actors Guild, Broadcast Film Critics Association among others. Anyhoo, here are hawt, hawt, hawt photos of the actor back when he was younger and the It Boy of the entertainment world.

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Adam DiMarco Shirtless, Girlfriend, White Lotus

Adam DiMarco Shirtless, Girlfriend, White Lotus. Aside from Will Sharpe, another actor who is currently expanding his Hollywood footprint thanks to the TV hit White Lotus is Adam DiMarco. The 32-year-old Canadian actor plays Albie Di Grasso, a young lad who just graduated from Stanford University and is traveling with his father and grandfather.

adam dimarco model

White Lotus may be his most prominent role but Adam has actually been in the acting biz since 2010 and, to date, has starred in 46 movies and TV shows including The Order, The Magicians, and the Canadian TV series called Pillow Talk which is described as “a raw comedy that captures the unexpected hilarity and drama when couples get together in the intimacy of their bedroom”. Sounds interesting, no? Unfortunately, it looks like it is only available on Crave.

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Chad Faust Shirtless, Girlfriend, Director, and Hollywood Zaddy

Chad Faust Update: He’s Now a Married Dad! Here’s another update to note that our multi-talented Canadian hottie is now a father of one. He is now a Hollywood Zaddy! Yay! Per his social media — specifically Instagram which you might want to follow @chadfaustyfaust — he tied the knot with now wife Joyce Vale in 2019. About two years later, the couple welcomed a baby girl they named Victoria. Yay! Here’s a pic of Chad and Joyce from their wedding which we grabbed from his Insta.

chad faust wife joyce vale wedding

On the work front, Chad has written, acted in, and directed a movie called Girl which was released in 2020. It stars Bella Thorne and currently has a Rotten Tomatoes score of 57% fresh which is not bad for a newbie directorial debut. Top critic Frank Schenk of the Hollywood Reporter was positive about the movie and its director: “A slickly made, effectively atmospheric B-movie suspenser that marks a promising feature debut for its writer/director, who also plays a featured role.”

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JR Bourne Shirtless, Then and Now, Awards

JR Bourne Shirtless Hollywood Zaddy, Young, Awards. Look who continues to dazzle and make us swoon in his 50s? It’s our imaginary beau JR Bourne who — at 52 years young — now fits Deena’s definition of a zaddy (i.e., they must be 50 and above according to her). We grabbed some of these shirtless pics from the actor’s Instagram page which you might want to follow @jrbourne1111.

jr bourne now girlfriend or wife

Now, is it us or does his older self actually look more attractive than his younger version. Not that he wasn’t hawt back then because he was. It’s just that there’s something about his salt and pepper hair and beard that’s making us go, “Damn!”

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Shawn Mendes Shirtless, Awards, and Modeling Photos

Shawn Mendes Shirtless, Modeling Photos, and Awards. Five years later, our Canadian hottie has now established himself not only in the singing biz but in other branches of the entertainment world too. For instance, he’s done some movie and TV gigs (most notably as an advisor on The Voice) and he’s done some modeling gigs too. For instance, he’s posed for top brands such as Tommy Hilfiger as well as Emporio Armani where he’s done an ad campaign for the brand’s touchscreen smartwatches.

shawn mendes emporio armani watch

shawn mendes model for tommy hilfiger

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