Adam Senn Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

adam senn speedo

Adam Senn Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Oh dear, the things we do in order to inherit our Grandma Akita’s Ming vase. Hehe. As we’ve been saying, she’s gone kinda conservative lately and don’t want to see kissy-kissy scenes (to be fair to her, even straight kissy kissy scenes) so we had to delete them from our original post and replace them with these “General Audience” ones:

Gael Monfils Girlfriend, Wife, Shirtless, Vogue Modeling Photos

gael monfils young and shirtless

Gael Monfils Shirtless, Young, Wedding Update. Hey fellow TennisWatchers, did you know that Gael Monfils aka our Favorite French Tennis Player got himself hitched last year? While we here at Famewatcher were “busy” moping at home because of the pandemic, Gael and now-wife Elina Svitolina got busy getting engaged (on April 2021) and getting married (on 16 July 2021). We are so happy for them and belated congratulations to the couple!

Sandor Funtek Shirtless, Girlfriend, Russian Doll Cutie

sandor funtek hot in a suit - red carpet

Sandor Funtek Shirtless, Girlfriend, Russian Doll Cutie. Today in Hot Men in Suit, we bring you French-Hungarian actor Sandor Funtek who is rocking his Dior suit in the photo below. For those wondering where he’s at, Sandor is attending the 2022 Cesar Award where he was nominated for Most Promising Actor for his role as the hip-hop artist Kool Shen in the 2021 movie Supremes. He did not bring home the bacon but, as they say, getting nominated is also a pretty cool achievement.

Amaury Guichon is Hot Chef on Netflix’s School of Chocolate

amaury guichon netflix school of chocolage

Amaury Guichon is Hot Chef on Netflix’s School of Chocolate. Today in celebrity leather jackets, we bring you your next favorite reality TV chef Amaury Guichon who will be starring in an upcoming Netflix competition show called School of Chocolate. Oh wait, is he actually a chef? We know he is a chocolatier but are chocolatiers also chefs. Okay we will stop writing this post in five minutes so we will go educate ourselves. Haha.

Hot French Athletes: Romain Mesnil, Pole Vaulter

romain mesnil model

Shirtless French Athletes: Romain Mesnil, Pole Vaulter. Now, we’ve updated this post twice already but here are more photos of Romain — who made international headlines a decade ago for running au natural in Paris but who is now retired from track and field — which we should have added earlier. Apparently, he is married now and is raising a family with Karine Benezech who is also a French pole vaulter.

Karim Benzema Shirtless, Underwear, Football Trophies

Karim Benzema speedo hunk

Karim Benzema Shirtless, Underwear, Football Trophies. Time for another football hunk and, for this post, let us check out French football star Karim Benzema and his Adidas swim briefs which caused an argument here on Famewatcher when Sheila referred to Karim’s outfit as his Speedos. Deena went like, “No Sheila, he’s wearing Adidas! Speedo is a brand. It’s a company that makes swimwear, not a style of swimwear. Karim is wearing Adidas not Speedo.”