Ricardo Hurtado Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background

ricardo hurtado shirtless in jeans

Ricardo Hurtado Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnic Background. Anyone of you watching Malibu Rescue on Netflix? Our niece Sheila loved the first season and can’t stop talking about it now that the second season is about to drop on Netflix. On the other hand, the two reviewers on Rotten Tomatoes who cared to write about Malibu Rescue did not like the show at all. But then again, the series is clearly targeting the teen demographic which begs the question whether TV shows like this should be reviewed by adults.

Jake Dunn Shirtless, Underwear Peekabo, Girlfriend

jake dunn underwear peekabo - calvin klein - denim jacket

Jake Dunn Shirtless, Underwear Peekabo, Girlfriend. Aside from Kit Clarke, another young British actor who will be appearing on the BBC/Netflix show Get Even is Jake Dunn. He will be playing Christopher Beeman who’s described in wikipedia as “the theatre director and Logan’s best friend”. Logan, FYI, is the role played by Kit Clarke.

Hunks in Jeans: Sculpted Abs of Guys Named Luke

hunks in jeans - luke henry male model

Hunks in Jeans: Sculpted Abs of Guys Named Luke. Since the earlier models we wrote about earlier in this post are guys named Luke, we thought it would be cool if we add more shirtless hunks in jeans who are also named Luke. Hehe. Let’s start with male model Luke Eisner who, last year, managed to cross over to the movies when he co-starred in the movie Tall Girl. Since then, he snagged more acting projects so he now has a total of 6 IMDB acting credits to his name.

Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboy, Low Rise, Blue Denims

gay men in jeans danny roddick cowboy low rise

Gay Men in Jeans: Cowboys in Low Rise Denims. Who says only Asian male models and Jake Gyllenhaal can wear low rise jeans? Not this couple for sure. And, get this, it looks like they are cowboys too. Which should make Anne Proulx very happy because these two guys sure look like the real-life version of Ennis del Mar and Jack Twist. Okay, let’s make that the real-life model version of Jack and Ennis, the ill-fated lovers of Brokeback Mountain.

Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans

work jeans for men kekoa nalu

Work Jeans For Men: Kekoa Nalu Construction Jeans (posted 5 February 2010, updated). What group of men looks great in denims while they are at work? Well, we give our vote to male construction workers (or, in the case of Kekoa Nalu, male models posing as construction workers).

Men’s Jeans Unzipped: Stuart Reardon, Levis 501 Unbuttoned, Taylor Kitsch

mens jeans unzipped stuart reardon

Men’s Jeans Unzipped: Rugby Player Stuart Reardon. Want more male models with their jeans unzipped? Of course you do. Apparently, it’s kind of a thing. In fact, the marketing people of Levis 501 kinda followed our “lead” with their Levis 501 Unbuttoned campaign which featured their models with jeans unbuttoned.