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Boyd Holbrook Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Boyd Holbrook Shirtless, Underwear, Gay or Girlfriend. Wow! Our boy Boyd has risen leaps and bounds from the first time we blogged about him back in 2014. He acquitted himself well with Narcos, has now starred in a total of 46 movies and TV shows, and is going to be one of the main characters of a Netflix series which has the potential of becoming one of the big hits of the streaming service. Specifically, he will be starring as The Corinthian in The Sandman which is scheduled for release on 5 August 2022.

boyd holbrook as the corinthian - sandman on netflix

We are being cautious about declaring him — and Tom Sturridge — as the Next Big Things because Netflix tends to have more misses than hits. Anyhoo, let’s keep our fingers crossed that The Sandman will be a great one!

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Tom Welling Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

Tom Welling Shirtless, Young, and Wedding Photos. Whatever happened to Tom Welling? All’s been quiet from his front, no? Well, obviously, you’ve just not been looking. He actually starred in a TV show called Professionals for a Scandinavian streaming service. The CW acquired the US rights for the show so it might air on the network. We say might because The CW is reportedly on a crossroad right now in terms of its programming and focus.

At any rate, Tom is also starring in an upcoming movie called Deep Six which will be released in 2023 per IMDB. We’re pretty sure Deena aka The Tom Welling Smallville superfan will drag us to the theater to watch it on the big screen.

By the way, we should mention that the actor is now a married man. He tied the knot last November 2019 with long time partner Jessica Rose Lee. The couple are now the proud parents of two sons.

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John Stamos Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

John Stamos Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. So, how’s our zaddy John Stamos doing these days? Well, from the looks of it, his Hollywood career continues to go swimmingly as he currently stars in a sports comedy drama where he plays the role of a basketball coach for a girl’s high school team. You should check it out on Disney+ which renewed the series for a second season. Here’s our zaddy with some of his co-stars:

john stamos update now - big shot

On the relationship front, he is now a married guy as he got hitched to model/actress Caitlin McHugh in 2018. Here are some of their wedding pics:

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Kenton Duty Shirtless, Wife, Wedding

Kenton Duty Shirtless, Wife, Wedding. Five years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of Kenton which we grabbed from his social media accounts (follow him on Insta @kentonduty) and to note that he is now a family man. He tied the knot with Mosley Agin in July 2019. Oh, and we deleted his comparative photos with Dustin McNeer because Dustin’s pics are to saucy for Grandma Akita’s censorious eyes.

kenton duty underwear peekabo

kenton duty shirtless

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Peter Andre Underwear Model, Calendar, and Other Stuff

Peter Andre Shirtless 2022 Update. So, how’s our Aussie/Brit singing hottie doing these days or five years after we last updated this post? Apprently, he’s doing very well. Did you know that he tied the knot back in 2015? He married Dr. Emily McDonagh who is currently working with the NHS. Here’s a photo from their wedding which Peter shared last year on his Instagram page (follow him @peterandre).

peter andre wedding emily mcdonagh

peter andre wife

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Stephen Huszar Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

Stephen Huszar Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. It is 19 days before Christmas so, of course, we will continue to blog about Christmas Hunks! Thirsty Famewatchers, say hi to our latest Christmas daddy: Saskatchewanian Stephen Huszar. Now, if you are like, “What exactly is a Saskatchewanian?”, read on and get educated. Hehe. Apparently, Saskatchewanian is the term used for people from Saskatchewan which, for the Americans among us, is a province in Canada where our Stephen comes from.

Stephen Huszar shirtless abs

Anyhoo, the actor may not have a new Christmas movie this year but his 2018 movie Return to Christmas Creek is on rotation on the Hallmark Channel which you should check out if you have Hallmark. His other movies include The Rooftop Christmas Tree, Christmas Wedding Planner, Magical Christmas Ornaments, A Homecoming for the Holidays, Mistletoe Magic, Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas, Christmas in the Rockies, and 12 Men of Christmas which was released in 2009 and which — if we are not mistaken — is his very first Christmas movie. Here are some screencaps from said 12 Men:

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