Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding

alexander ludwig shirtless in jeans

Alexander Ludwig Shirtless, Beard, Wife, Wedding. Wow! Did you know our imaginary Canadian beau tied the knot early this year? Alexander shared the news on Instagram (follow him @alexanderludwig) when he posted these photos announcing his wedding last January. Apparently, they eloped to go get married too. The actor tells us why: “We decided to elope. It has been such a crazy year but it certainly put things into perspective. Life is too short And i didnt want to spend another day without calling this beautiful woman my wife. Of course when things settle down we will have a proper celebration with our friends and family but for now- the love of my life, our dog yam, a yurt on a mountain top in the middle of nowhere sounded like the perfect beginning.”

Josha Stradowski Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Josha Stradowski hot men in jeans

Josha Stradowski Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Famewatchers, say hi to Hollywood’s next big star! His name is Josha Stradowski. He is a 25/26 year-old Dutch hunk from Rotterdam. And he is one of the lead stars in the upcoming Amazon Prime fantasy series, The Wheel of Time, which is one of the most anticipated shows this year. Specifically, Josha will be playing Rand al’Thor who, according to, “is the Dragon Reborn, the champion of the Light in the battle against the Dark One and one of the main protagonists of the series.”

Kekoa Kekumano Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Kekoa Kekumano shirtless body in jeans

Kekoa Kekumano Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Famewatchers, say hi to our current imaginary boyfriend. His name is Kekoa Kekumano, a 23-year-old Hawaiian hunk of a man who stars in The White Lotus on HBO Max which is one of this year’s legit television hits. Oh, did we say he looks great when he chucks off his shirt?

Dustin Dlouhy Shirtless Football Jock and Model

dustin dlouhy shirtless in jeans

Dustin Dlouhy Shirtless Football Jock and Model. Looking for American footballers who became successful male models? Well, let’s check out former University of Montana defensive lineman Dustin “Duke” Dlouhy who sure can give Tyra’s ANTM models a run for their money. Well, maybe not Nyde DiMarco because that guy is god’s gift to modeling but Dustin can outpose all the rest of them.

Jedidiah Goodacre Shirtless, Body Hair, Girlfriend

Jedidiah Goodacre body hair

Jedidiah Goodacre Shirtless, Body Hair, Girlfriend. Hot damn! We gotta give props to Jedidiah Goodacre and the photographer who took these black and white photos for giving as a classic “old Hollywood” look to ogle at. It sure reminds us of a time when men left their body hair unshaved, uncut, and ungroomed. Haha.