Adam Woodward Gay or Straight, Shirtless, Underwear, Short Shorts

Adam woodward gay or straight

Adam Woodward Shirtless, Awards, and Martial Arts Hunk. Our hunky model turned actor is now an award-winning one. Yay! In fact, he bagged not one but TWO awards for his role as Brody Hudson on Hollyoaks. He exited the show last year and we are looking forward to his future projects. Anyhoo, here are pics of the actor with his Best Actor Trophy from the Inside Soap Awards as well as his Best Male Dramatic Performance from the British Soap Awards.

Peter Andre Underwear Model, Calendar, and Other Stuff

peter andre 2018 calendar jockey underwear

Peter Andre Underwear Model, Calendar, and Other Stuff. Look who’s releasing a calendar for the coming year featuring His Very Own Hunkiness? Well, it’s no other than our imaginary Aussie/Brit boyfriend Peter Andre. He’s nearly ten years older since we first blogged about him back in 2009 but there is no denying that he is still every bit a hunk. [Update: Sorry, we had to delete some photos referred to in this post.]

Sam Underwood Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

sam underwood dynasty hot

Sam Underwood Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Damn, didn’t know that the Dynasty reboot on The CW is still going on the air? We thought it would be a one season thing but it must be having good ratings for it to last as long as it has. Good for the cast including cutie Sam Underwood who plays Adam Carrington, the first child of the Carrington family, who was kidnapped as an infant. These soap opera shows really know how to do drama, don’t they? Anyhoo, here’s our Sam chillin’ shirtless on the floor during an episode of Dynasty.

Santiago Cabrera Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity

santiago cabrera shirtless in merlin

Santiago Cabrera Shirtless, Young, Gay or Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Damn! We’ve thought all along that we already have a post about our imaginary Merlin boyfriend Santiago Cabrera but we found out that we haven’t written anything at all. But it’s better late than never ain’t it? So for those of you who — like us here at Famewatcher — are thirsty for our British Chilean hottie, here are some GIFs of the actor which shows him in all his shirtless glory. First, here’s Santiago as Count Vronsky in the TV mini-series Anna Karenina.

Maxim Ays Girlfriend, Shirtless, Captain Carter in Sanditon

Maxim Ays sanditon shirtless underwear

Maxim Ays Girlfriend, Shirtless, Captain Carter in Sanditon. Let’s continue blogging about them Sanditon hunks, shall we? Sanditon what, you ask!!! Okay, for those of you not in the know, Sanditon is a TV show about the Regency era which aired on PBS back in 2019. Not a lot of people watched it so it was cancelled after the first season. But then Bridgerton, another Regency era drama, dropped in 2020 and became a very big hit for Netflix proving that there is an audience for this kind of shows. So fans of Sanditon — and this includes Deena who is one of your four Famewatchers — went on overdrive on social media to save the now cancelled show.

Luke Newton Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

luke newton gay or straight

Luke Newton Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Famewatchers, let’s add British cutie Luke Newton to our list of Young Hollywood Actors to Watch Out For. The 23-year-old actor from London, England is one of the stars of Bridgerton which, as we mentioned in earlier posts, is one of our most anticipated shows here on Famewatcher. On the show, which should start streaming on Netflix late this year, Luke will be playing the role of Colin Bridgerton.