James Norton Shirtless, Short Shorts, Underwear, Girlfriend

james norton underwear short shorts

James Norton Hot in Short Shorts. Guess who’s back on TV? It’s our hunky man in shorts James Norton. Well, he really never left because he’s been busy since we blogged about him in 2016 but he’s got an upcoming HBO project which is easier to access than his British projects which do not get an international release. Anyhoo, James will be starring in the upcoming series The Nevers where he’ll be playing Hugo Swan who is described on wikipedia as “a pans*xual aristocratic young man, who owns a private club and specializes in extortion.”

Andrew Horton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Jupiter’s Legacy

andrew horton as brandon sampson - jupiters legacy

Andrew Horton Shirtless, Girlfriend, Jupiter’s Legacy. Who wants another spandex-wearing world-saving superhero? Well, say hi to Brandon Sampson aka Paragon who will be coming to Netflix via its upcoming show Jupiter’s Legacy. Okay, admittedly, we know little about the provenance of the series so we do not really know if Paragon is a superhero but with outfits like the one he is wearing below, we are making a good guess that he is indeed one. Or maybe he is a god? After all, ain’t Jupiter the supreme God of the Romans?

Tom Riley Shirtless, Chest Hair, Underwear Photos

tom riley chest hair

Tom Riley Shirtless, Chest Hair, Underwear Photos. Fans of chest hair, do you like your man with a full on grass of hirsuteness a-la 1980s Ron Jeremy? Or do you like to groom his body hair but to leave them smooth or totally shaved? You know, like the subtle style that British actor Tom Riley is sporting below?

Chris Mason Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos

chris mason shirtless beach body

Chris Mason Shirtless, Underwear, Wedding Photos. A British hottie has joined Riverdale and, boy, is he sending us hot and bothered. His name is Chris Mason and he is playing the role of Veronica Lodge’s husband Chad Gecko. The first time we saw him on the show we were like, “Who’s that hot guy?” Turns out we actually first saw him on one of our favorite British TV shows, Broadchurch, we didn’t pay attention to him because 1) the character he played wasn’t a nice guy at all and, more importantly, b) our eyes were focused on ogling at the gorgeousness of David Tennant. Haha.

Tom Prior Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

tom prior body

Tom Prior Shirtless, Sculpted Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. If you are looking for a young creator to stan, you may not find a better one than British actor Tom Prior? Why, you ask? Because, from what we gathered, he played a key role in the production and the writing of a movie he currently stars in. That’s how you go about it, folks. You think you are not getting the good acting gigs you want? Well, what’s stopping you from co-writing and co-producing one as Tom did for the movie Firebird?