George MacKay Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Girlfriend

George MacKay Shirtless, Underwear, Awards, Girlfriend. Who’s the guy standing in front of the Union Jack in nothing but his underwear? That guy, clueless Famewatcher, is British actor George MacKay who’s playing Australian outlaw Ned Kelly in the movie True History of the Kelly Gang.

George MacKay underwear in kelly gang as ned kelly

Just watched the film a week ago but it was actually released a little move than three years ago. We must say we’re impressed by the actor — not only because he’s rocking his boxers underwear — but because he’s pretty good in the movie which is why looked him up and eventually decided to blog about him.

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Jamie Flatters Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Jamie Flatters Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. We here at Famewatcher have got ourselves a new imaginary boyfriend. His name is Jamie Flatters, he is British, he’s an actor, and his career is gonna shine really bright in the future. Our Jamie is actually not new in the acting biz but we only came to know him two months ago thanks to the Netflix movie, The School of Good and Evil.

jamie flatters tedros in the school of good and evil

We were like, “Who is this really hot guy playing Tedros and where has he been hiding this whole time?” We eventually found out who he is, added him to our list of imaginary beaus, and discovered that he’ll be starring in Avatar: The Way of Water which is the sequel of the biggest box-office blockbuster of all time aka Avatar.

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Malachi Kirby Shirtless, Awards, Girlfriend

Malachi Kirby Shirtless, Awards, Style Watch. Six years and seven months later, we are updating this post to bring you more info about our Malachi Kirby the most important of which is the fact that he’s got himself a BAFTA trophy. Yay! Yay! Yay! We are so happy for him.

Specifically, he won a BAFTA acting award in 2020 for his role as Darcus Howe in the BBC One anthology series Small Axe. Here’s the actor with his BAFTA trophy in the neighboorhood he grew up in. Photo is by Charlie Clift (

malachi kirby bafta award

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Antonio Aakeel Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Awards

Antonio Aakeel Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity, Awards. Who’s the cutie in a suit at the Tomb Raider red carpet? That, fellow Famewatcher, is British actor Antonio Aakeel. In Tomb Raider — the third movie starring Alicia Vikrander which was released in 2018 — Antonio plays a restaurant worker named Nitin who befriends Lara Croft. Unbeknownst to Lara, Nitin actually has a crush on her. Awwww!

Antonio Aakeel tomb raider red carpet

Aside from Tomb Raider, Antonio has starred in 28 other movies and TV shows including the award-winning 2019 comedy Eaten By Lions where he played the lead character and, most recently, the Apple TV+ British spy thriller Slow Horses where he plays the kidnap victim Hassan Ahmed.

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Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

Alexander Lincoln Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. Today in Striaght Actors Who Rock Playing LGBT Characters, we bring you British cutie Alexander Lincoln who’s playing a gay rugby player in the buzzy movie In From The Side which was released last September in the UK. The film is making the festival rounds and, per wikipedia, is scheduled to be released stateside sometime in 2023.

alexander lincoln rugby hunk

If you love rugby and happens to be a member of the rainbow community, you should check it out when it comes near you. Some details about the film from IMDB: “Following a drunken encounter, two equally attached men from a cash strapped and divided gay rugby club unwittingly sleepwalk into an adulterous affair but must conceal their growing feelings or risk destroying the club they love.”

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