Long Johns Underwear 2015 Edition: Latest Trends and Brand Guide

This blog post on mens long johns underwear 2015 edition takes a look at the latest trends coming from six notable brands (N2N, Cin2, Jockey, Nasty Pig, Bjorn Borg, and Rufskin). We look at the materials used to manufacture these outfits as well as their comparative prices to guide you on whats cheap and what’s not. Let’s begin with:

N2N Midjohns Underwear. Ever heard of mid-johns underwear? This is our first time to hear about it too. Check out this Campfire Thermal Mid John underwear from N2N which you can buy for only $20.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - n2n midjohns

More about this item from n2n.com:

Our Campfire Short John is the just below the knee version of our cool Long John. Faux fly front. Elastic waist. 100% cotton. Machine washable. Great idea for the White Party!

If you are not into mid-johns and really, really want a pair of long johns from N2N, your choices are as follows: Air Skin ($30), Cotton Rib Runner ($32), Classic Cotton Long John ($28), and the Campfire Thermal Long John ($25).

Jockey Stretch Waffle Y-Front Long John (currently on sale for only $19.99 from the original $32). This sexy fit Jockey long johns underwear is made of blended fabric (60% cotton, 38% polyester, and 2% Lycra spandex) which makes it easy to wash and dry.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - Jockey Stretch Waffle Y-Front Long John

More details about this outfit from jockey.com:

  • our waffle long john is a must-have for colder temperatures
  • men’s long john features a body-contouring, slim fit with our exclusive Y-frontĀ® construction
  • our warm cotton blend offers a soft, comfortable feel
  • durable waffle texture and ankle cuffs make this long underwear perfect for layering
  • elastic waistband for maximum stay-up power

Bjorn Borg Long Johns Statue. It’s made of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. You can have it for $49.95 plus shipping cost.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - bjorn borg statue long johns

Cin2 Core Long Underwear is made of 100% cotton and features a contoured pouch. You can buy this particular item for $36. The prices for the other C-in2 mens long underwear 2015 collection ranges from $36 to $48.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - cin2 core long underwear

More details for the Cin2 Core Long Underwear from the label’s website:

C-IN2 Core is the penultimate basic collection of underwear offering a varietiy of styles and fit to accommodate the wardobe stable of every guy. Tops are made of extra soft Pima Cotton and bottoms offer various pouch support and trim detailings for easy, effortless everyday wear. The Core collection is available in white, black and heather grey.

Rufskin Tanner Long Johns is made of 95% Cotton and 5% Spandex which you can buy for only $48.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - rufskin tanner underwear

More details from rufskin.com:

Supremely comfortable cotton-spandex long johns, perfect for layering in style. These cold weather underwear feature our boldly branded elastic sewn discreetly on the inside of the waist. Other features include front fly, pearl buttons and butt hugging realness.

Nasty Pig Long Johns ($39, made of 95% cotton and 5% spandex). Last but certainly not the least of our collection of mens long johns underwear 2015 edition is this sexy outfit from Nasty Pig.

mens long johns underwear 2015 - nasty pig santaclaus red

Apparently, the above red long johns underwear is a best seller for the brand which is not surprising because it gives off a “Santa Claus vibe”. Who wouldn’t want the gifts that Santa brings?