Leather Kilt: Bespoke Kilts, Celebrity Fans, and Price Guide

Leather Kilt. Men’s kilts are never gonna go out of style. If you are a fan of kilts, you should have a kilt made of leather in your wardrobe. If you ain’t have one, well you should go and get a piece before Kanye West buys all of them for himself. Haha.

mens leather kilt 2015 - kanye west

We’re joking of course. Kanye may be a little crazy but he is not crazy enough to hoard leather kilts. Besides there will always be leather kilt makers who will produce them faster than Kanye can buy them.

Where should you buy your leather kilt in 2015 and how much should you pay for one? Well, if you want something designed especially for you that suits your specifications, you might want to check out bespoke kilt designer Howie Nicholsby’s 21st Century Kilts. He apparently made the much talked about leather kilt that Vin Diesel wore at the 2003 MTV Europe Awards. Check it out:

leather kilt 2015 - vin diesel at 2003 mtv awards

There’s nothing more delicious to the eyes than a manly man like Vin Diesel twirling in his leather kilt.

leather kilt 2015 - vin diesel at 2003 mtv europe awards2

Aside from Vin Diesel, other celebrities who wore 21st Century Kilts include tennis stars John McEnroe and Goran Ivanisevic, one of the world’s richest human being Sir Richard Branson, actor Alan Cumming, singer-turned-actor Lenny Kravitz, and many more.

Another kilt maker you might want to check out is the Scot Web store which sells leather kilts like this one:

black leather kilt - scot web

More about the above kilt from Scot Web:

When designing our leather kilt, we spent months sourcing hides with the right quality of thickness and suppleness. We also experimented with different hems, and found any form of hem created issues with the pleating, and leather does not fray like other materials so the most superb result came from leaving the leather along the bottom as a simple cut edge. The only visible sewing is down the side of the apron, where the fringe would be with tartan, which needs a hem for strength. We did consider a mock fringe by cutting the leather, but this looks far better without!

How much is the Scot Web leather kilt? It’s priced at £495 which is not a bad deal because the kilt is bespoke, handmade in Scotland, and is measured and made for your personal specifications.

Celebrity Leather Kilts. Aside from the names already mentioned above, celebrities who love them their leather kilts include Gerard Butler who wore this fab kilt during a Dressed to Kilt fashion show.


And then there’s Brad Pitt who went to war in Troy wearing his fabulous leather kilt.

leather kilt celebrity - brad pitt - achilless in troy

Let’s end this post with this awesome photo of a man looking cool in his leather kilt.

leather kilt 2015 - international mr leather

The above pic which we grabbed from The Advocate Magazine was taken at the Mr. International Leather held last Sunday in Chicago. Apparently, Mr. International Leather is a competition for guys who love them their leather outfits.