Andy Newton Lee Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend?

Andy Newton Lee Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend? Look who’s posing shirtless on Attitude Magazine. It’s Andy-Newton Lee. So is our Andy sorta following the example of his namesake Andy Scott-Lee.

Andy newton lee shirtless attitude magazine

More about Andy Newton Lee from IMDB:

For one still quite young, Andrew has already had a wide and varied career. He had been studying Law at Hull University for two years before getting his first break in TV appearing in Where The Heart Is. From there on in, Andrew has not looked back and has starred in numerous TV shows such as Heartbeat and Doctors and in Coronation Street (as pizza boy Liam Strong).

During 2004 Andrew was seen regularly on our screens with a starring role in teen soap Hollyoaks as aspiring Casanova Robbie Flynn, the good time party boy with an eye for the ladies. Andrew originally performed under his birth name “Andrew Newton”, but after a few weeks on Hollyoaks had to change his stage name to avoid confusion with the controversial stage hypnotist of the same name.

Andy Newton Lee Cancer: By the way, what did we tell you about the bad effects of sunbed? We said that it can give you cancer, right? Well, our Andy apparently developed cancer because he over-used “sunbedding”. He battled the skin cancer successfully. From a BBC interview back in 2005:

“I noticed something small on my leg last Christmas and it started to get bigger and bigger and at first I thought it wasn’t harmful, but people kept saying I should get it checked out.

“I thought it wouldn’t be anything, and at first they said there was nothing wrong, but I went for a second opinion. I remember their faces when they came in to tell me the result and I thought, ‘this is bad’.”

“I felt pressurised as a young person to promote a healthy and glowing image when I was on screen. It was purely my own decision to go on these sunbeds, but I didn’t fully understand the risks of doing so.

“My doctor told me it was very rare to see two melanomas in someone of my age. I am more or less 100% sure it was down to the use of sunbeds, as there is no history of cancer in my family.

“My message to young people would be not to use sunbeds, or if you do, use them in moderation. If it can happen to me, it can happen to you or anybody else.”

So there sunbed addicts, hope you draw a lesson from Andy’s experience and warning.

Andy Newton Lee Shirtless and Boyfriend (2017 Update). We are updating this post to bring you more Andy Newton Lee shirtless photos because why not. Hehe.

Here’s a shirtless calendar photo featuring Andy and Matt Milburn.

andy newton lee shirtless gay with matt milburn

He sure has some nice sculpted washboard abs.

andy newton lee shirtless body with abs

If you believe the British tabloid, Andy may or may not have dated singer Sam Smith.

andy newton lee gay boyfriend sam smith

Andy Newton Lee Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend? First posted 8 May 2009. Updated 31 March 2017.