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Stylish, hunky, fit older men prove that guys in their 40s+ can be hotter than their less mature counterparts. Goodbye to callow youth, embrace the daddies.

Jeff Probst Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Awards

Jeff Probst Young, Wife, Awards. Because Grandma Akita has directed us to include celebrity awards in our posts, we are updating this write-up to note that our Jeffrey has won five Primetime Emmy Awards. Specifically, as the host of Survior, he won the Outstanding Host For A Reality Or Reality (Competition Program) four times from 2008 up to 2011. Earlier, in 2001, he won his very first Emmy for Outstanding Non-Fiction Program (Special Class).

jeff probst awards - emmys

Now, we’re pretty sure that people who know about Jeff’s Primetime Emmys are less familiar of the fact that he’s won awards for screenwriting and directing. Per IMDB, he directed the 2003 movie Finders’ Fee (which starred a young Ryan Reynolds) which earned him a best screenplay award at the Methodfest Film Festival and which brought home the best film award at the Seattle International Film Festival. Those are pretty cool achievements, if you ask us, and it that the TV host had a promising career in film making.

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Gerry Turner Shirtless: The Golden Bachelor

Gerry Turner Shirtless: The Golden Bachelor. We gotta give props to ABC Network for making a senior citizens’ version of their reality TV hit The Bachelor. It should have happened a decade ago but, as Grandma Akita used to say, “tis better late than never, Mary”.

Anyhoo, The Golden Bachelor will feature 71-year-old Gerry Turner who will be looking for a partner among the aspirants of the show. We are liking him so far and we hope he finds the one. Want more Hot Older Men like Gerry?

gerry turner hot in suit

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Craig Fairbrass Young, Shirtless, Wife, Awards

Craig Fairbrass Young, Shirtless, Wife, Awards. We are loving the live action version of One Piece so let us continue blogging about its stars. Specifically, let us check out Craig Fairbrass, the awesome actor who plays the grumpy-but-ultimately-cool Chef Zeff. We are really, really loving his portrayal.

Craig Fairbrass zeff one piece

Unlike the main stars of One Piece, Craig is a veteran in the entertainment biz and has been acting since 1979 when he played an uncredited extra in the movie Scum. To date, Craig has starred in 83 movies and television shows the most popular of which would probably be the TV series Eastenders where he appeared in 150 episodes. He will have six other upcoming projects including the movie Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance where he plays the main character and the TV miniseries Boat Story where he is also one of the leads.

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Vincent Regan Shirtless, Royals, and Garp in One Piece

Vincent Regan Young, Shirtless, Garp in One Piece. So, we just finished binging the live action version of One Piece on Netflix and, as someone not familiar with the manga and the anime series, we are very very impressed. Deena, who is a big fan of the manga as well as the anime, is also very giddy with happiness because, to use her words, “Netflix was able to translate the One Piece world into a ‘real live’ version.”

So, the showrunners of the series has done the impossible of impressing both the fans of the original like Deena and those who are coming in blind like yours truly. They also did a great job of casting the characters and one who made us say, “Whoa! That person looks familiar!” is Garp who, it turns out, is played by Vincent Regan. Our Welsh zaddy is truly a talented actor and we are happy that more fans are discovering him.

vincent regan garp in one piece

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David Furnish Young, Shirtless, and Speedo Photos

David Furnish Young, Shirtless, and Speedo Photos. Over eight years later, we are making this update to note that the Daily Mail report about David Furnish cheating on and divorcing Elton and buying a house for his lover is nothing but a made-up story concocted by the British tabloids writers and editors. The couple are still going strong and are now the proud parents of two children.

Anyhoo, for those of you wondering what David looked like when he was younger, here are photos of him and Elton in 1996 and then in 2005 when they had their civil partnership ceremony:

david furnish young 1996

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Leonardo Sbaraglia Young, Shirtless, Awards

Leonardo Sbaraglia Young, Shirtless, Awards. Today in Daddies Rocking Their Speedo Swimsuits, we bring you Argentine actor Leonardo Sbaraglia who sure is rocking his briefs-style Speedo in this screen capture from the 2021 movie Wandering Heart (Errante corazón). He plays a middle-aged gay man who is a father of a teenage girl who is about to leave home. The role earned our daddy acting trophies from the Málaga Spanish Film Festival as well as the OUTshine Film Festival.

Leonardo Sbaraglia underwear speedo in wandering heart

Mind you, this isn’t actually the only time that our Leonardo plays an LGBT character. He plays another one in the 2000 movie Burnt Money (Plata Quemada) and, boy, does he sizzle in these pics with co-star Eduardo Noriega.

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