Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models

Polo Ralph Lauren Male Underwear Models. We were supposed to publish these a year ago when we published our post on Tom Ford Male Underwear Models but it got lost in the shuffle. Oh well, it’s better late than never, as they say. And sometimes, doing things at a later date is beneficial — at least in the world of blogging — because we have more photos to share.

Anyhoo, let’s check out this group of hunky men who posed in Polo Ralph Lauren underoos, shall we? Because we love our guys with some facial hair, i.e., not too much that it overruns a handsome face, here’s our imaginary beau, Ukrainian actor Oleg Zagorodnii who is giving us a glimpse of his Ralph Lauren underwear. Hey, Oleg, we love you and we love your movie Firebird but what about losing the jeans next time? Hehe.

polo ralph lauren male underwear models 2021 Oleg Zagorodnii2

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Kenton Duty Shirtless, Wife, Wedding

Kenton Duty Shirtless, Wife, Wedding. Five years later, we are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of Kenton which we grabbed from his social media accounts (follow him on Insta @kentonduty) and to note that he is now a family man. He tied the knot with Mosley Agin in July 2019. Oh, and we deleted his comparative photos with Dustin McNeer because Dustin’s pics are to saucy for Grandma Akita’s censorious eyes.

kenton duty underwear peekabo

kenton duty shirtless

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Celebrities in Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear

Celebrity Polo Ralph Lauren Underwear. Who of your favorite celebrities love them their Polo Ralph Lauren underwear? Well, as we usually do when it comes to celebrity brand preference, we made a list for you. Let us begin our list with:

Tyson Beckford. Of course, we gotta start our list with a male model who managed to cross over from the modeling world to become a successful actor. Here’s Tyson during his modeling days rocking his white Polo Ralph Lauren boxer briefs underwear.

celebrity polo ralph lauren underwear - tyson beckford

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Organic Underwear for Men: Doug Porter in Polo Ralph Lauren Boxers

Organic Underwear for Men: Doug Porter in Polo Ralph Lauren Boxers. Add this to your list of interesting developments in the world of men’s underwear: it’s an organic underwear by Ralph Lauren. How is organic underwear different from the non-organic ones? We don’t know. But we think it has something to do with the fact that the cotton used to manufacture your organic undies is pesticide/insecticide-free. Meaning those who raised the cotton plants didn’t use any pesticide or insecticide in their farms.

Organic Underwear for Men Doug Porter on Polo Ralph Lauren

Is this correct? Hopefully those in the know will tell us the difference between organic and non-organic underwear. Anyhoo, for those of you wondering, the male model above chillin’ in his Ralph Lauren organic undies is no other than our imaginary boyfriend Doug Porter. Want more male underwear models?

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Celebrities Wearing Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Suits

Celebrities Wearing Ralph Lauren Tuxedo Suits. Today in hot men in suits, we bring you British male model Danny Schwarz (ranked #41 in models.com’s Top 50 Male Models) looking gorgeous and hot in his Ralph Lauren Black Label tuxedo suit.

celebrities wearing ralph lauren tuxedo suits

It’s a very “Bondian” look, no? In fact, for a while there we thought Danny is gonna say, “My name is Bond. James Bond.”

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Ralph Lauren Mens Underwear Models in Tighty Whities and Boxer Briefs

Ralph Lauren Mens Underwear Models in Tighty Whities and Boxer Briefs. Brazilian male model Alex Cunha in tighty whitie underwear by Polo Ralph Lauren. Are you a tighty whitie briefs guy or are you a boxer shorts guy? Or do you go for the hybrid boxer briefs underwear?

ralph lauren mens underwear models - alex cunha in white briefs

Want more models in tighty whities? Go check out our post on Tom Hintnaus. But here are more photos of Alex modeling Polo Ralph Lauren outfits.

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