Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend

Steve Byers Shirtless Abs, Workout, Girlfriend. Let us add the hunky and curly-haired Canadian cutie that is Steve Byers in our list of Christmas hunks, shall we? Admittedly, he has no Christmas movie this year but he starred in several ones over the past few years. Specifically, his Christmas credits include A Christmas Break, Too Close for Christmas, The Christmas Cure, and Catch a Christmas Star. Here’s Steve looking cute and smiley in The Christmas Cure:

christmas hunks steve byers

Who says you can’t watch a Christmas movie in July? Certainly not the Hallmark Channel. We do not know about a TV channel showing movies out of season but we have to admit that we did watch the first two The Princess Switch movies last March. Hehe. With Netflix and other streaming services, we think the idea of seasonal movies is on its way out, no?

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Stephen Huszar Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend

Stephen Huszar Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Girlfriend. It is 19 days before Christmas so, of course, we will continue to blog about Christmas Hunks! Thirsty Famewatchers, say hi to our latest Christmas daddy: Saskatchewanian Stephen Huszar. Now, if you are like, “What exactly is a Saskatchewanian?”, read on and get educated. Hehe. Apparently, Saskatchewanian is the term used for people from Saskatchewan which, for the Americans among us, is a province in Canada where our Stephen comes from.

Stephen Huszar shirtless abs

Anyhoo, the actor may not have a new Christmas movie this year but his 2018 movie Return to Christmas Creek is on rotation on the Hallmark Channel which you should check out if you have Hallmark. His other movies include The Rooftop Christmas Tree, Christmas Wedding Planner, Magical Christmas Ornaments, A Homecoming for the Holidays, Mistletoe Magic, Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas, Christmas in the Rockies, and 12 Men of Christmas which was released in 2009 and which — if we are not mistaken — is his very first Christmas movie. Here are some screencaps from said 12 Men:

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Brennan Elliott Shirtless Hallmark Christmas Hunk

Brennan Elliott Shirtless Hallmark Christmas Hunk. Anyone of you know where we can buy Brennan Elliott’s leather jacket in Crossword Mysteries? We ask because we’ve been searching the interwebs but have come up with nothing so far. There are those making replicas of the outfit but we like the real deal. So, if you know who made this one, do send us the info.

logan oconnor leather jacket - crossword mysteries - brennan elliott

brennan elliott leather jacket in crossword mysteries2

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Hugh Sheridan Shirtless, Boyfriend, Awards

Hugh Sheridan Shirtless, Boyfriend, Awards. Today in Hot Australian Men, we bring you Logie-winning actor Hugh Sheridan looking fabulous with his shirt off. Hot damn!

hugh sheridan shirtless body

The 35-year-old actor is starring in a Christmas movie called Christmas on the Farm where he will be playing half of a gay couple who is related to the main character. Here’s Hugh with the guy playing his onscreen husband Nicholas Brown:

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Tyler Hynes Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Girlfriend

Tyler Hynes Shirtless, Underwear, Young, Girlfriend. Guess who’s back as a Christmas hunk? It’s Tyler Hynes of Letterkenny! He’s been a leading man in many Christmas movies and this year is no different. Specifically, he is starring opposite Bethany Joy Lenz in An Unexpected Christmas which started airing last Friday on the Hallmark Channel. You should check it out if you haven’t already.

Tyler Hynes an unexpected christmas with Bethany Joy Lenz

Here’s some information about the TV movie: “Jamie (Hynes) hasn’t told his family that he and his now ex-girlfriend Emily (Lenz) broke up. After an inopportune run-in with Emily at the train station in his hometown, Jamie convinces her to pretend they’re still a couple to avoid ruining Christmas for his family. Jamie and Emily engage in a week-long ruse of engaging in his family’s holiday activities together. While they’re stuck in his family’s home together, the pair discovers their relationship might still have some potential, resulting in a very unexpected Christmas.”

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Trevor Donovan Shirtless: Our Favorite Christmas Hunk

Trevor Donovan Shirtless: Our Favorite Christmas Hunk. Is Trevor Donovan the hottest Christmas hunk or what? We think he is! After all, he is classically good looking! He’s made a tradition of starring on Christmas movies every year (watch out for this year’s Nantucket Noel on the Hallmark Channel), he’s got the world’s best washboard abs, and he’s got a chill Instagram page — follow him @trevordonovan — where he occasionally posts shirtless photos for thirsty fans like our friend Kevin.

trevor donovan christmas hunk

Of course, because we know that you are just as thirsty as our friend, here are some of photos of the actor from his Insta as well as from other sources. We are tempted to include some saucy ones but we’re afraid Grandma Akita won’t approve.

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