Juan Castano Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Boyfriend

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Juan Castano Shirtless, Gay or Straight, Boyfriend. Who’s this hunky guy with a sculpted body? Why is he wearing a pair of very orange pants? Is he a real deal hot felon like Shane Whitlow of Love After Lockup? Or is he from the Netflix show Orange is the New Black? Nah, he is not a felon. And he ain’t from OITNB either.

John Armstrong of The Guardian: Real or Not – The Crown

john armstrong the guardian - the crown

John Armstrong of The Guardian: Real or Not – The Crown. If you are looking for John Armstrong’s article on Princess Alice titled “The Royal Saint” on The Guardian, we’re sad to tell you that it unfortunately does not exist. While Princess Alice and her captivating life story as presented on The Crown is the real deal, she was not actually interviewed by one John Armstrong because the journalist is a fictional character.

Diego Tinoco Gay, Girlfriend, Shirtless Underwear Photos

Diego Tinoco Gay, Girlfriend, Shirtless Underwear Photos. Today in Netflix hunks, we bring you one of the real-deal homegrown stars of the streaming service. Famewatchers, meet Diego Tinoco. Oh wait, we’re pretty sure you know him already because his popularity blew up the moment girls (and some guys) they set their eyes on him on the youth TV series, On My Block.

diego tinoco gay or straight

He really is a good looking guy so we’re not surprised our niece Sheila is all aflutter every time she watches him on screen. Problem is, she watches On My Block all the time so she is all aflutter all the time. Seriously, you know how besotted young teenage girls can be.

Dylan Llewellyn Gay or Girlfriend, Shirtless, Underwear Photos

Dylan Llewellyn gay or straight

We are referring of course to poor James Maguire (played by Dylan Llewellyn), the English lad who had to go to an all-girls school because he might be bullied (or worse) in the all-boys school on account of his Englishness. But our sweet James does not have an easy time at the all-girls school either on account of him being a lad as well as him being English. The silver lining, of course, is that he is not being beaten up in school.