Michel Brown Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Wife

Michel Brown Young, Shirtless, Girlfriend, Wife. Who’s the zaddy who’s looking really really good in his jeans and leather jacket? His name, clueless Famewatcher, is Michel Brown. He is 45 years old and he stars in the Netflix TV series The Marked Heart (or Palpito in its original Spanish) which has been topping the Netflix most viewed list since it was released last 20 April. Currently, the show sits at number 2 after the newly released Netflix gem Ozark.

Michel Brown hot in leather jacket

But let’s go back to our gorgeous leather-wearing zaddy shall we? Michel is originally from Argentina but he’s been a mainstay in the Spanish-speaking world since the 1990s. So he’s been rocking his leather jacket and jeans ensemble for about 30 years now and he’s been capturing the hearts of fans like our niece Sheila and our friend Kevin who are totally crushing on him while we were group-watching The Marked Heart. Can’t say we blame them because Michel is totally gorgeous and totally good-looking!

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Mido Hamada Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity

Mido Hamada Shirtless, Girlfriend, Ethnicity. Today in Hot Zaddy of the Day, we bring you Mido Hamada who currently stars as Shadow Master Obrecht in the Apple TV+ show Foundation which is based on the Isaac Asimov sci-fi series of the same name. The show is being touted as Apple TV’s Game of Thrones but a lot of fans who read the source material are not impressed with the adaptation.

mido hamada hot in jeans and shirt

Anyhoo, whether he is wearing basic jeans and tee, suit and tie, and desert clothes, there is certainly denying that Mido is a cool zaddy. Of course, he looks hot when he’s shirtless too. Hehe.

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Charles Dera Update: Actor, Ex-Marine, and MMA Fighter

Charles Dera Update: A Decade Later. More than ten years later, whatever happened to our favorite former oldier turned model turned MMA fighter? Well, he is now north of 40 — specifically, he is 42 years old — which makes him a zaddy in our book.

Also, did you know that he is also an actor in adult movies? We did not know this at the time we wrote our original post below but, apparently, he’s been “acting” 2007. To date, he starred in 430 videos according to his IMDB page. If that ain’t the definition of prolific, we don’t know what is.

What is he doing now? Did he stop acting? Is he married and raising a family? From what we gathered, it looks like our ex-Marine is still living the single life although he dated an adult actress named Teanna. He is still active acting in front of the camera and seems to be very much in demand because he’s already got tons of projects released in 2021 alone. Like we said, he is prolific.

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Peter Hermann Shirtless Hollywood Zaddy Hunk of the Day

Peter Hermann Shirtless Hollywood Zaddy Hunk of the Day. Fellow Famewatchers, here’s a suggestion: If you and your beloved are playing in bed and they ask, “Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?”, the answer should be — and should always be — “Peter Hermann is my daddy!!!”

Hehe. What say you? You agree right? Anyhoo, Peter sure is a zaddy daddy, ain’t he? In fact, we think he is the zaddiest actor in Hollywood these days. Everytime he appears on the dramedy Younger, we are like, “Woof, woof! Hubba, hubba!”

peter hermann hot daddy

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