Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback

Shirtless Guys Riding Horses: Equestrian Hunks on Horseback. Is there anything more masculine than a shirtless man riding a horse? We can’t think of any, can you? What does the image of the shirtless horse-riding guy above tell you? To us it says, “I am confident enough in my body to go shirtless. And I’m badass enough to control this horse!” Can you think of a picture that conveys both a sense of body-confidence and the ability to control (with finesse) a being as wise/wild/unpredictable as a horse?

hot guys riding horses shirtless alain delon

For those of you wondering, the guy in the black and white photo above is French/Swiss actor Alain Delon. Here’s another pic of the 1960s-70s hunk. [Want more vintage hunks? Check out Marlon Brando in his vintage leather jacket.]

actors riding horses - alain delon

A bare-chested Arnold Schwarzenneger rides a horse in this photo by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair magazine.

annie leibovitz arnold schwarzenegger for vanity fair

Australian actor Craig Horner as Richard Cypher on the television series Legend of the Seeker.

craig horner - hot guys riding horses

The next guy is reportedly an actor who stars in adult movies. If you know him, do ID him in the comments because our friend Kevin would like to know his name.

gay star

And here’s another guy our Kevin wants to ID.

guys on horses - Kenneth Pridham

Male model Michael Radon used to play for the Canadian Football League (CFL) as well as the U.S Arena Football League.

hot guys riding horses michael radon of buffalo ny

We’re pretty sure the next guy below is a male model too.

hot sexy cowboy model riding horse

Hey look it’s the Old Spice Guy, former NFL player and now actor Isaiah Mustafa.

isiah mustafa - old-spice-on-a-horse

As Robin of Loxley, British actor Michael Praed gets to wear a long gorgeous mane and gets to ride a horse.

Michael Praed - sexy man riding horse

We save the best for last! Famewatchers, meet hot polo player Nic Roldan. The gorgeous Argentine hunk was featured in the 2010 ESPN Magazine Body Issue. If you are familiar with the magazine, the Body Issue is the special edition where famous athletes are photographed in their body suits. Yay.

nic roldan underwear - argentine polo player - photo by chris griffith for 2010 espn body issue

By the way, aside from being an accomplished polo player, our Nic is also a male model.

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