Hot Sailor Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Sailors

hot sailor halloween costume matt bomer

Hot Sailor Halloween Costume: Celebrities as Naughty Sailors. When we first thought of writing about male celebrities wearing sailor costumes during Halloween, we predicted that it would be an easy task. It wasn’t hard for us to find female celebrities dressing up as naughty nurses so we thought it would be no challenge to do the same for famous men dressed up as sailors while, you know, they go trick-or-treating or attending costume parties on All Hallow’s Eve. Sadly, it turns out that the guys are not into that sailor costume thing. Fortunately, the girls are more into it. So let’s check out these adventurous girls, shall we?

Jared Keeso Shirtless Photos: Gay or Girlfriend?

jared keeso hot in police uniform - 19-2

Jared Keeso Shirtless Photos. Famewatchers, meet our Crush of the Day! His name is Jared Keeso. He is 31 years old. He is a Canadian actor from Listowel, Ontario. Jared is currently starring as Ben Chartier on the Bravo series, 19-2, which “revolves around the day-to-day life of two unwilling partners of the Montreal Police Department”. Here’s Jared looking handsome as heck as a Montreal cop. He won a Canadian Golden Screen Award for the role:

Hot Guys in Uniform: Prince Harry, Royal Hunk

prince harry military uniform - camouflage

Hot Royal in Uniform: Prince Harry (first posted 23 October 2009). Would you agree that Prince Harry becoming a military dude has upped the hotness of men in uniform? Seriously, check out these photos of Harry in his various military uniforms. He may have had a challenging time becoming a soldier (he failed his first pilot qualifying exam for instance and he had to run nekkid in some runway as a rite of passage) but you gotta admit that he looks awesome in his military get-ups.

Jay Hayden Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Ethnicity

jay hayden hot uniform - travis montgomery in station 19

Jay Hayden Gay in Real Life, Shirtless, Ethnicity. Apparently, we’ve been missing out on the hotness of actor Jay Hayden who we only discovered when wrote our earlier post on Lachlan Buchanan. Jay is a Korean American actor and is one of the the lead stars of the TV series Station 19.