Jon Kortajarena Boyfriend, Underwear, Modeling Photos

jon kortajarena nicolas vasques in alta mar

Jon Kortajarena Boyfriend, Underwear, Modeling Photos. Oh wow. We’ve not been paying attention to him these last few years but, apparently, our imaginary Spanish boyfriend Jon Kortajarena has successfully managed to cross over from the modeling world to the world of acting.

Prince Harry Helicopter Pilot: He’s a Qualified Apache Commander

Prince Harrys Aviator Flight Suit

Prince Harry’s Aviator Flight Suit: Royal Fashion Watch. Look who’s wearing an aviator flight overalls? It’s the most famous pilot of the Royal Air Force, Prince William himself. He may have failed his first pilot exam (which he eventually passed) but there’s no question that the Prince, like Tom Cruise when he was young, is rocking his flight suit.

Hot Sailors in Uniform: Real Heroes, Models, and Movie Sailors

hot sailor hunks - guy madison

Hot Sailors in Uniform: Real Heroes, Models, and Movie Sailors. We are updating this post to bring you more hunky sailors rocking their uniforms. Let’s start with the real sailors turned celebrities. Did you know that Hollywood great Paul Newman actually served in the U.S. Navy in World War II. According to, he “served as an Aviation Radio Man with Torpedo Squadron Ninety Nine (VT-99) aboard USS Hollandia.” He was an Aviation Radio Man Third Class and was on active duty from January 1943 to April 1946.