Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Sachin Bhatt body

Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend? So, we were watching the latest season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix and we are on the episode where we get to know Peter’s boyfriend and we were like, “Hot damn! Peter sure knows how to pick his man! He’s a lucky guy, this Peter, he’s always hooking up with hunky handsome dudes who are built like rugby players! What’s the name of this guy?”

Claybourne Elder Shirtless, Gilded Age Hunk, Gay IRL?

Claybourne Elder shirtless

Claybourne Elder Shirtless, Gilded Age Hunk, Gay IRL?. Look who’s rocking his military uniform while also showing off his hairy chest? It’s American actor Claybourne Elder on the pages of Metro Weekly Magazine. The magazine placed him on its cover when he was playing the role of an Italian army captain for the 2018 play, Passions.

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

celebrity chest hair jesse metcalfe body

Jesse Metcalfe Shirtless, Chest Hair, and Girlfriend. Apparently, Jesse Metcalfe has been cast in the upcoming season of Dancing With the Stars which means we will see him wiggling his booty. Yay! Yay! And yay, again! At least that’s a little bit of positive 2020 news for those of us who are big Metcalfe fans, no?

Ciaran Griffiths Shirtless and Underwear: Then and Now

Ciaran Griffiths sweatpants

Ciaran Griffiths Shirtless Update: Then and Now. We are updating this post to bring you more shirtless photos of the talented British actor who, per IMDB, most recently starred in a TV show called Ghost Seekers. We are still wondering where one can watch it — is it on cable, streaming, or aired on free TV — so if you happen to have the info, do send it our way. What say you of these photos of Ciaran? Pretty hawt, huh? We grabbed it from the pages of Attitude magazine which deserves much praise for these amazing images.

Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards

jeremy renner shirtless body

Jeremy Renner Shirtless, Young, Girlfriend, Awards. Apparently, although we’ve been writing some stuff about Jeremy Renner, we really haven’t added some pics of him sans any shirt. So, for the thirsty Famewatchers among us, here are some shirtless photos of the talented actor. Did you know that he played Jeffrey Dahmer? The above screencap is from the 2002 movie Dahmer where he played the serial killer. This earned him an acting nomination from the Independent Spirit Award and placed him on the map as a very good up-and-coming actor. Here are more photos of Jeremy when he was younger.

Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards

darren criss chest hair

Darren Criss Shirtless, Wedding, Awards. We should have made this update when Darren got married or when he was winning awards but it’s better late than never, no? First, about him getting married! He tied the knot last February 2019 with long-time girlfriend Mia Swier. Here’s a photo from their wedding. Last month, the couple revealed that they are on the family way and that they are expecting their first child sometime in Spring 2022. Yay, for Darren and Mia! Next in our update is that Darren won three major awards for his role as Andrew Cunanan which we blogged about four years ago. First, here’s Darren receiving his Emmy Award for best actor: