Mens Treasure Trail: Celebrity Snail Trail

Mens Treasure Trail: Celebrity Edition. Fellow Famewatchers, what do you think of men’s treasure or snail trail? What do you think of them? If you’re a girl, do you like some hair on your man that suggestively winds down to his nether regions? If you’re a man, would you keep your treasure trail or would you rather shave them just so you’ll have a baby-smooth skin. Having a hairless and smooth body is apparently the rage among some celebs these days.

mens treasure trail sexy chris evans

Chris Evans. Anyhoo, check out one of our favorite Superheroes, Chris Evans, and his happy/snail trail. Earlier, we brought you a treasure trail photo of Chris Evans but that one is in black and white. Now, here are two pictures of Chris in his full-colored treasure trail glory.

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Colin Donnell Shirtless, Girlfriend, Chicago Med

Colin Donnell Shirtless and Underwear Photos Update. Apparently, after four seasons with Chicago Med, Colin’s character — Dr. Connor Rhodes — decided to leave Gaffney Chicago Medical Center. He was suspected of killing his father but was eventually proven to be innocent. He decided to start fresh somewhere else which is cool and all but that means the actor who plays him — our beloved Colin Donnell — was written off the show. Damn!

Anyhoo, here are more shirtless photos of our hirsute actor. He’s one of those guys who look great when he leaves his body hair unshaved, no?

Colin Donnell shirtless daddy

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Kyle Soller Shirtless, Awards, Gay or Girlfriend?

Kyle Soller Shirtless, Awards, Gay or Girlfriend? Famewatchers, say hi to our new imaginary boyfriend. His name is Kyle Soller. He is 5 feet and 10 inches (or 1.78 meters for the metric users among us). And he is an actor who did a “reverse Brit” in pursuit of his career in entertainment. Oh, and he’s got the hottest chest hair which, we’re pretty sure, will rouse the chest hair lovers among us. Haha.

kyle soller chest hair

kyle soller hot beard

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Aidan Turner Shirtless, Young, Secret Wedding

Aidan Turner Shirtless, Young, Secret Wedding. We are updating this post to note that, apparently, our Aidan has gotten himself hitched. Yay! Belated congratulations to the Irish hunk and his new missus Caitlin Fitzgerald.

Apparently, the two got married in August 2020 and, although they haven’t made any formal announcement, a source blabbed to The Sun (Irish edition) in March 2021 and gave some details about the wedding: “POLDARK hunk Aidan Turner has secretly married his long-term girlfriend Caitlin Fitzgerald. The Irish actor, famous for his topless scything scene in the BBC period drama, got hitched to the American actress after three years of dating. Aidan and Caitlyn, both 37, are believed to have wed as filming in Italy concluded on his upcoming drama Leonardo.”

aidan turner girlfriend - caitlin fitzgerald

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Kyle Harris Shirtless, Girlfriend, and Peekabo Underoos

Kyle Harris Shirtless and Underwear Update. Seven years later, we are updating this post to note the following: Firstly, our curly-haired actor is now a married man having tied the knot with then girlfriend Stephanie Brown. Secondly, he is a legit writer now having co-authored a children’s book called Katarina Ballerina. And, finally, we have images of him in his underwear courtesy of Stitchers which, although it received lukewarm reviews when we first blogged about it, went on to air for three seasons. We’re guessing you’re most interested in said underwear pics, eh?

kyle harris underwear - stitchers2

kyle harris underwear - stitchers

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Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend? So, we were watching the latest season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix and we are on the episode where we get to know Peter’s boyfriend and we were like, “Hot damn! Peter sure knows how to pick his man! He’s a lucky guy, this Peter, he’s always hooking up with hunky handsome dudes who are built like rugby players! What’s the name of this guy?”

Sachin Bhatt body

Well, we did some googling and we found out that the name of the guy who plays Stevie Mazza aka Peter’s boyfriend is Sachin Bhatt. He’s been in the acting biz since 2008 when he played a “group dancer” in the Love Guru. He’s got a total of 42 acting credits to his name. Oh, he’s very talented since he’s been collecting trophies in various film festivals not only for acting but for writing too. Per IMDB, he’s got a total of 5 wins and 13 other nominations. If that ain’t a mark of a great talent, we don’t know what is!

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