Tom Riley Shirtless, Chest Hair, Underwear Photos

tom riley chest hair

Tom Riley Shirtless, Chest Hair, Underwear Photos. Fans of chest hair, do you like your man with a full on grass of hirsuteness a-la 1980s Ron Jeremy? Or do you like to groom his body hair but to leave them smooth or totally shaved? You know, like the subtle style that British actor Tom Riley is sporting below?

Callum Scott Howells Boyfriend, Shirtless, Hirsute Look

Callum Scott Howells gay in real life

Callum Scott Howells Boyfriend, Shirtless, Hirsute Look. Want more Hot Welsh Men? Well, let’s check out Callum Scott Howells who had a star-making turn as Colin Morris-Jones on the critically acclaimed BBC show It’s A Sin. Initially, we thought he’s been in the biz for some time but then we found out that the AIDS series is actually his very first acting gig in front of the camera. He really is talented and we hope that his star will continue to rise and shine brighter in the future.

Luke Bracey Shirtless, Girlfriend, Underwear Photos

luke bracey chest hair holidate

Luke Bracey Shirtless, Girlfriend, Underwear Photos. Don’t you just love it when actors, like Aussie hunk Luke Bracey, don’t mind showing off their sculpted bodies and when directors ask them to take off their shirts? Hubba! Hubba! Anyhoo, let us check out some of Luke’s shirtless onscreen performances, shall we? First, here’s the actor in nothing but a wrap-around towel from the 2014 romantic drama The Best of Me:

Jedidiah Goodacre Shirtless, Body Hair, Girlfriend

Jedidiah Goodacre body hair

Jedidiah Goodacre Shirtless, Body Hair, Girlfriend. Hot damn! We gotta give props to Jedidiah Goodacre and the photographer who took these black and white photos for giving as a classic “old Hollywood” look to ogle at. It sure reminds us of a time when men left their body hair unshaved, uncut, and ungroomed. Haha.

Alex O’Loughlin Underwear: Shirtless Photos in Hawaii Five-O

Alex O'Loughlin shirtless in beach shorts

Alex O’Loughlin Shirtless Aussie Zaddy. Oh myyyy, how fast time has passed. When we first blogged about him ten years ago, Alex O’Loughlin was still single and was just starting his TV stardom on Hawaii Five O. Now, our Aussie hunk is a full blown Hollywood star and Hawaii Five O continues, now on its 10th season, continues to do well in the ratings.

Ben Lawson Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend

ben lawson body

Ben Lawson Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend. So we are catching up on The Good Place and we are now on the part where Larry Hemsworth who is described on the show as the least famous Hemsworth brother. When he appeared onscreen we were like, “He must really be a Hemsworth because he’s got the charming and manly qualities of Chris and Liam.”