Charlie Barnett Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend, Chicago Fire Hunk

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Charlie Barnett Shirtless, Gay, Boyfriend, Underwear. Have you watched the second season of Russian Doll yet? If not, go check it out on Netflix. It’s really, really good. If you loved the first season, you will also love this one. We are happy to note that there’s no sophomore slump for series creator Nataha Lyonne. We are also happy to note that our imaginary beau that is Charlie Barnett is back on our teevee! Yay! We are not sure about his mustache though. Hehe.

Brandon Black Gay IRL, Shirtless, and Modeling Photos

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Brandon Black Gay IRL, Shirtless, and Modeling Photos. Today in Black Male Celebrities, we bring you Brandon Black who, as we mentioned in our earlier post on Isha Blaaker, currently stars as Madea’s great-grandson in A Madea Reunion. Specifically, he plays the role of Tim, a brilliant student who is graduating as valedictorian of his law class. Tim’s graduation is the reason for the Madea family reunion which saw him come out as a friend of Dorothy during the front yard cookout. To his surprise, his family were like, “Duh! We already know! But good for you for coming out and we love you the same as ever.”

Rome Flynn Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards

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Rome Flynn Shirtless, Girlfriend, Awards. You may already be familiar with Rome Flynn because we included his photo in our post about Hot Guys in Sweatpants but let us learn more about him, shall we? First of all, did you know that the 30 year old hunky actor is starring in a new TV series on Amazon Prime? Yes, Virginia, he is playing the role of Zantiago Sayas in the romantic comedy With Love which is scheduled to drop two days from now on December 17. Secondly, you may only be learning about Rome now because of his upcoming project With Love but this ain’t actually his first rodeo. He’s been in the biz since 2013 and, as a matter of fact, he is one of the few actors in Hollywood who can boast that they got themselves an Emmy trophy.

Tye White Shirtless, Wedding Photos, Wife Rania

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Tye White Shirtless and Wedding Update. Five years later, we are updating this post to note that Tye is now a family man. He and then fiance Rania Nasreen got married in 2018 and are now the proud parents of a baby girl who was born in February this year. Some photos of the couple when they tied the knot which we grabbed from Tye’s Insta (follow him @tyewhite):

Tyler Lepley Shirtless Body, Underwear, Girlfriend

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Tyler Lepley Shirtless and Girlfriend Update. Guess who’s got a new show as well as a new girlfriend? It’s Tyler Lepley, of course! The Haves and the Have Nots ended last June after a total of eight seasons but you can watch Tyler on his new show, Harlem, which you can watch on Amazon Prime. Go check it out! On the relationship front, he is dating model and influencer Miracle Watts. Here’s a photo of the two partying and chillin’ which we grabbed from Tyler’s Insta (follow him @tylepley).

Mason Gooding Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents

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Mason Gooding Shirtless, Girlfriend, Parents. Oh boy, you know you are getting older when you find out that a new actor you’ve just seen in a TV show is the son of another actor you admired growing up. So, while watching Love Victor, we were like, “Hmmm, that Andrew guy is cute. We are so glad they did not make him a villain.” Then Deena, who was watching the show with us, went like, “Did you know that he is the son of Cuba Gooding?”