Christian Jessen Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Christian Jessen Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. We’ve already blogged about him and his hair transplant — see Christian Jessen Hair Transplant — but our pal Kevin is a “fan” of the controversial doctor and egged us to blog about Jessen and his beau.

Yup, apparently, the good doctor is a member of the LGBT community and is reportedly dating a Brazilian hunk named Rogerio Barreto who, per The Sun, is the head waiter at an upmarket restaurant in Central London. The two have been together for 17 years and, according to the Daily Star, they met through the internets. Anyhoo here are photos of the lovebirds:

Christian Jessen boyfriend rogerio barreto

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Brian Justin Crum Boyfriend and Shirtless Photos

Brian Justin Crum Boyfriend, Shirtless, and America’s Got Talent Audition. Who wants some update on the singer with the World’s Best Chest Hair? Of course you do! Well, if you are a fan of “celebrity chest hair” which a significant number of Famewatchers are, you will be happy to know that the AGT reality star continues to keep himself naturally hirsute. You want proof? Check out this image we grabbed from his Instagram page (follow him @brianjustincrum):

brian justin crum shirtless

On the relationship front, Brian is dating boyfriend Samer Fawaz who, per his Insta page, is a marriage and family therapist. They look good together, don’t they?

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Jerrod Carmichael Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend

Jerrod Carmichael Shirtless, Underwear, Boyfriend. Who says standup comedians do not look good in their underwear? Well, our friend Kevin says that because he once dated a standup comedian. Hehe. But to prove that some comedians do look good in their underoos and that they can give some male models a run for their modeling money, here’s a photo of rising superstar Jerrod Carmichael looking like a snack in his white Calvin Klein boxer briefs. Yummmm….mmmmmmy! Pic is from Interview Magazine (, by the way.

jerrod carmichael underwear

Did we say he’s a rising superstar? Yes we did! He’s already been a star these past few years and even had a TV sitcom named after him, i.e., The Carmichael Show on NBC, but his popularity skyrocketed this year thanks to his HBO special Rothaniel where he came out as a member of the LGBT community.

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Amrit Kapai Shirtless Lawyer, Boyfriend, Family Karma on Bravo TV

Amrit Kapai Shirtless Lawyer, Boyfriend, Family Karma on Bravo TV. We gotta admit that we are not fans of Bravo TV particularly because of its association with Andy Cohen (who exploits women on his Real Housewives franchise) but we gotta give the network props for adding shows featuring people of color in its programming lineup.

We are talking about its upcoming reality show, Family Karma, which features a cast of Indian Americans. Sure, they would still be beautiful and rich people — as most Bravo reality cast members tend to be — but, you know, it’s still a step for diversity.

amrit kapai family karma cast member bravo

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Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President

Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President. Remember Billy Kemp, the Vice President for Casting for American Idol? Damn. Isn’t he a one good looking man. We’d take him home to mama if he wants us to. This pic is from years back when he was doing “stuff” for the gay community as Jordan Young.

billy kemp jordan young

We’d be very happy to see what he looks like now. We’re pretty sure he’s still as hot as he was back then. Want more hotties? Go check out our post on Matt Ryan Shirtless.

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Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director

Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director. In our earlier post on Kit Clarke, we mentioned that Rupert Everett will be directing the up-and-coming actor in a movie called Lost and Found in Paris about the life of the latter. When Kevin read the post he was like, “Wait what? Rupert is a director now too? What’s he trying to prove? What’s up with actors fancying themselves as directors these days? Like people, stay in your lane!!! And the movie is about his life too?”

To answer Kevin as well as those of you with similar questions, yes, Rupert Everett is also a director now. And, to be fair to the guy, this is not his first rodeo. In fact, he already directed a movie in 2018 about Oscar Wilde. It’s called The Happy Prince and we are happy to note that it’s been well-received by critics and that it won awards and nominations in the film festival circuit. Specifically, it won at the Bavarian Film Awards and it was nominated for best feature film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

rupert everett the happy prince

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