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Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President

Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President. Remember Billy Kemp, the Vice President for Casting for American Idol? Damn. Isn’t he a one good looking man. We’d take him home to mama if he wants us to. This pic is from years back when he was doing “stuff” for the gay community as Jordan Young.

billy kemp jordan young

We’d be very happy to see what he looks like now. We’re pretty sure he’s still as hot as he was back then. Want more hotties? Go check out our post on Matt Ryan Shirtless. Continue reading Billy Kemp as Jordan Young: Adult Actor to American Idol Vice President

Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director

Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director. In our earlier post on Kit Clarke, we mentioned that Rupert Everett will be directing the up-and-coming actor in a movie called Lost and Found in Paris about the life of the latter. When Kevin read the post he was like, “Wait what? Rupert is a director now too? What’s he trying to prove? What’s up with actors fancying themselves as directors these days? Like people, stay in your lane!!! And the movie is about his life too?”

To answer Kevin as well as those of you with similar questions, yes, Rupert Everett is also a director now. And, to be fair to the guy, this is not his first rodeo. In fact, he already directed a movie in 2018 about Oscar Wilde. It’s called The Happy Prince and we are happy to note that it’s been well-received by critics and that it won awards and nominations in the film festival circuit. Specifically, it won at the Bavarian Film Awards and it was nominated for best feature film at the Berlin International Film Festival.

rupert everett the happy prince Continue reading Rupert Everett Shirtless, Young, Boyfriend, Director

Georges LeBar: RuPaul’s Husband is a Painter and Rancher

Georges LeBar and RuPaul Wedding. Five years later, we are updating this post to note that Georges and RuPaul are a married couple. Apparently, they tied the knot in January 2017 and Ru shared the news to Hollywood Today Live several days after we made our initial post below. In other words, don’t blame us for saying back then that they were not married although they, in fact, already tied the knot but did not share the news yet.

More from Hello Magazine: “In March, during an appearance on Hollywood Today Live, the host of RuPaul’s Drag Race revealed that he and his longterm love Georges had tied the knot in January, 2017 on their 23rd anniversary. After a flood of congratulations from fans RuPaul took to Twitter to post a sweet throwback pic of the couple and give thanks, writing: ‘Thank you all for the love & kindness. ‘I cry not for myself, but for those who never felt the joy we felt’~The Supremes ‘I Hear A Symphony.'”

Because the wedding was private, there ain’t no picture of the ceremony around the interwebs but here are some photos of the couple looking fabulous together. Continue reading Georges LeBar: RuPaul’s Husband is a Painter and Rancher

Russell Tovey Shirtless and Boyfriend Update

Russell Tovey Shirtless and Boyfriend Update. We are updating this post to note that we finally have a name for the actor’s boyfriend — it’s rugby coach Steve Brockman. Actually, the info has been out years ago but we’ve only come around to updating this post. As folks say, ’tis better late than never.

The two are going strong although to quote wikipedia, “they became engaged in February 2018 but separated in June of the same year. They reconciled in 2019 and, as of 2022, are still together.” So, they’re a bit of a Ross and Rachel who will eventually end up at the altar together, no? Here’s a photo of our lovebirds and, boy, do they look great in their suit outfits!

russell tovey boyfriend steve brockman Continue reading Russell Tovey Shirtless and Boyfriend Update

Bradley Gibson Shirtless, Speedo, Husband

Bradley Gibson Shirtless, Speedo, Husband. Aside from the Tom Sturridge-starrer The Sandman, another Netflix show we are eagerly anticipating this August is the comedy-drama Partner Track which is going to be headlined by Arden Cho. As in the case of The Sandman, we are hoping that the show turns out to be a quality one, that critics will give it good reviews, and that it will find an big enough for it to be renewed for many more seasons.

bradley gibson partner track with Alexandra Turshen as Rachel Friedman and Arden Cho as Ingrid Yun

Aside from Arden (center), some of the other stars on the show include Alexandra Turshen (left) and Bradley Gibson who’ll be playing the role of Tyler Robinson who is described by as follows: “Moral, righteous, and level-headed, Tyler is as fabulous in spirit as he is in a suit. Tyler questions his career, his lifestyle, and his love life as he learns what he can and can’t stand for in this cutthroat world.” Continue reading Bradley Gibson Shirtless, Speedo, Husband

Tuc Watkins Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Husband

Tuc Watkins Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Husband. We were watching Neil Patrick Harris’ newest show on Netflix and Kevin went like, “Hey, that’s Tuc Watkins. I didn’t know he is in this show.”

tuc watkins uncoupled

And true enough, we recognized the actor who probably holds the Hollywood title for playing the most LGBT characters in his career. In Uncoupled, he kinda plays the baddie though — at least from the point of view of NPH — but we just finished the 5th episode and we do not know how Colin will turn out. It’s been an interesting show so far; it kinda started slow and we initially wanted to no longer watch it but we’re glad we did not because it picked up steam.

Anyhoo, back to Tuc and his many LGBT roles. The guys at asked him about his career being a gay icon and here’s what he says about it: “It’s funny you mentioned that, because I am a gay actor who’s been playing gay characters since the ’90s. When I did roles like I Think I Do and Beggars and Choosers, people said, ‘You can’t be a gay actor and play gay roles if you want to play a wider range of roles.’ But they were great roles, and I didn’t care. What has happened is, there have been more and more roles in the LGBTQ spectrum to play. There was a time not so long ago that the gay characters were the gay clown or the troubled person or the psychopath. There’s so many more roles available, and there’s so many more actors who are willing to play those roles.” Continue reading Tuc Watkins Shirtless, Speedo, Young, Husband