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Ludi Lin Girlfriend, Shirtless Hot Vegan, Power Rangers

Ludi Lin Shirtless Update. We are updating this post to bring you more shirtlessness courtesy of our Chinese-Canadian actor and to note that he is currently starring as a “vengeful playboy” on the critically acclaimed TV series Kung Fu which you should check out on The CW. Oh, apparently, he is a vegan too. But first, here are some shirtless pics of our hunky dude:

ludi lin hot chinese hunk in black mirror

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Asian MMA Fighters: Win-Loss Record and Stats

Asian MMA Fighters: Win-Loss Record and Stats (Posted 4 May 2015, updated 4 May 2022). Let’s have a list of Asian MMA fighters in the UFC, shall we? Let’s check out their win-loss record as a professional mixed martial arts fighter, their status with the Ultimate Fighting Championship (i.e., whether they are still playing or are already retired), and what they are doing now or their latest updates. We begin our list with:

Lyoto Machida. With his good looks and all, this Japanese-Brazilian — his dad is originally from Japan while his mom is Braziian — MMA fighter can give those male supermodels a run for their money. According to wikipedia Lyoto is, as of December 2014, ranked #3 in the official UFC middleweight rankings and #5 in the world by Sherdog. Lyoto currently sports a 22-6 win-loss record; he lost his most recent bout last April 18 to Luke Rockhold. Worth $4 million (according to, Machida is married to wife Fabyola with whom he has two kids named Taiyô and Kaitô.

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Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend? So, we were watching the latest season of Grace and Frankie on Netflix and we are on the episode where we get to know Peter’s boyfriend and we were like, “Hot damn! Peter sure knows how to pick his man! He’s a lucky guy, this Peter, he’s always hooking up with hunky handsome dudes who are built like rugby players! What’s the name of this guy?”

Sachin Bhatt body

Well, we did some googling and we found out that the name of the guy who plays Stevie Mazza aka Peter’s boyfriend is Sachin Bhatt. He’s been in the acting biz since 2008 when he played a “group dancer” in the Love Guru. He’s got a total of 42 acting credits to his name. Oh, he’s very talented since he’s been collecting trophies in various film festivals not only for acting but for writing too. Per IMDB, he’s got a total of 5 wins and 13 other nominations. If that ain’t a mark of a great talent, we don’t know what is! Continue reading Sachin Bhatt Shirtless, Underwear, Girlfriend?

Simu Liu Gay or Straight, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Simu Liu Shirtless Update. Okay, it’s been more than two years since we posted this and, boy, did those years skyrocket Simu to the stratosphere. This is thanks to Shang-Chi, of course, which was released last year and which made $432 million in the box office. If we are not mistaken, it is the number one top-grossing movie for Disney last year, the second top-grosser overall in North America after Spider-Man, and the ninth highest grossing movie worldwide.

simu liu body

Anyhoo, let’s celebrate the Chinese-Canadian actor’s arrival in the Hollywood A-List by ogling at more shirtless pics shall we? We grabbed these from a photoshoot he did with GQ Magazine. Continue reading Simu Liu Gay or Straight, Girlfriend, Shirtless Photos

Amir Khan Weigh-in Underwear and Shirtless Photos

Amir Khan Shirtless, Wedding, and Life After Boxing Update. So, how’s our favorite British Pakistani boxer these days? What’s his life like since we last blogged about him a little more than ten years ago in May 2011?

amir khan shirtless magazine cover

Well, life has gone swimmingly for the guy! He’s made millions of money in boxing; established several businesses such as a wedding banquet hall, a restaurant, and a make-up shop; and he established his own boxing promotion company called Khan Promotion as well as a charitable foundation. Oh, he also married his high school sweetheart Faryal Makhdoom. They are now raising two daughters and, early this year, they starred in a BBC reality show called Meet the Khans: Big in Bolton about their lives. Yay!

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Sukollawat Kanarot Shirtless Thai Superstar

Sukollawat Kanarot Shirtless Thai Superstar. Anyone of you watched the Thai movie Malila: The Farewell Flower? We just saw it on Netflix and, boy, do we love it. We do not know whether the film’s been there this whole time and the algorithm decided to show it in our homepage or if the streaming service just added it recently. At any rate, we gotta give credit to Netflix for bringing this kind of local movies to a worldwide audience.

We also give thanks to Netflix for introducing us to our imaginary Thai boyfriend Sukollawat Kanarot who, according to wikipedia, also goes by his nickname Weir. So, in this post, we will be calling our beau Weir. Haha.

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