Collin Morikawa Girlfriend, Parents, Sponsorships, Ethnicity

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Collin Morikawa Girlfriend, Parents, Sponsorships, Ethnicity. GolfWatchers, say hi to Collin Morikawa who was crowned hours ago as the PGA Championship winner which earned him the cool amount of nearly two million dollars in prize money. If you wanna be specific, he bagged $1,980,000 according to

Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style

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Harry Shum Shirtless Abs, Underwear, Fashion Style. We’ve blogged about Harry’s fashion choices in the past — from his shoes, to his fab jackets, to his distressed Superdry leather but, for some reason, we have not blogged about his sculpted washboard abs.

Hot Chinese Men: Underwear and Fashion Model Dapeng Zheng

hot chinese men underwear dapeng zheng

Hot Chinese Men: Zheng Da Peng Shirtless and Underwear Photos. Turns out we may have been writing our handsome Chinese model’s name as some fashion sites write it as either Zheng Dapeng or Zheng Da Peng. Our apologies for the mistake. Now, here are more gorgeous photos of the guy who may no longer be active because the last pictures we’ve seen of him modeling is from 2015 at the latest. It’s understandable if he moved on to pursue another career since, as we’ve said before, modeling is really more of a short-time gig unlike other professions which you can do until you retire.