Gael Monfils Girlfriend, Wife, Shirtless, Vogue Modeling Photos

gael monfils young and shirtless

Gael Monfils Shirtless, Young, Wedding Update. Hey fellow TennisWatchers, did you know that Gael Monfils aka our Favorite French Tennis Player got himself hitched last year? While we here at Famewatcher were “busy” moping at home because of the pandemic, Gael and now-wife Elina Svitolina got busy getting engaged (on April 2021) and getting married (on 16 July 2021). We are so happy for them and belated congratulations to the couple!

Hubert Hurkacz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors, Titles

Hubert Hurkacz shirtless tennis hunk

Hubert Hurkacz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors, Tennis Titles. The tennis season may be over but that doesn’t mean we will not be blogging about hot tennis players, no? In fact, for today’s entry, let us check out Polish tennis star Hubert Hurkacz who had a very successful run this year. He brought home three ATP titles this year alone and this earned him a ticket to the 2o21 ATP finals. He did not make it past the group round but being there, along with 7 other players who are the best of the best athletes in the tennis world, is a big achievement in itself.

Stefanos Tsitsipas Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors, Tennis Titles

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Stefanos Tsitsipas Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors, Tennis Titles. We thought we’d already written a post on Stefanos Tsitipas and his hunky hairiness but, apparently, we had not. So we’re going to rectify our mistake with this post. First of all, did you know that the hunky Greek tennis player is kinda famous for his signs? Like, he was inspired by the Dude With Sign guy on Instagram to also make signs of his own to advance a cause such as saving the planet. Good guy, Stefanos!

Hubert Hurkacz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tennis Titles, Sponsors

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Hubert Hurkacz Shirtless, Girlfriend, Tennis Titles, Sponsors. Please tell us we are not the only ones who have a crush on Polish tennis player Hubert Hurkacz? He’s cute, boyish, and got some sculpted washboard abs. Most importantly, he knows how to win. At this point in his tennis career, our Polish tennis star has won four tennis titles. Currently ranked at #12 in the world, he has beaten the likes as Andy Murray, Roger Federer, Denis Shapovalov, Kei Nishikori, and Milos Raonic. And before you say, “Duh, those guys are oldsters”, he’s also beaten contemporaries such as Dominic Thiem, Diego Schwarzman, Denis Shapovalov, and Daniil Medvedev who just beat Novak Djokovic to claim the U.S. Open title.

Marat Safin Girlfriend, Wife, and Shirtless Photos

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Marat Safin Shirtless Update: Now and Then. We are updating this post on Marat Safin because we know you are thirsty for a Russian zaddy. We are joking of course but, at 41 years old, our imaginary boyfriend back in the aughts now qualifies as a zaddy. He is gorgeous as ever and is still single and ready to mingle. Anyhoo, here’s a shirtless pic of Marat from his Instagram page (follow him @iamsafinmarat):

Denis Shapovalov Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors

Denis Shapovalov shirtless

Denis Shapovalov Shirtless, Girlfriend, Sponsors. For the longest time, we thought Denis Shapovalov’s name is spelled with two Ns but, apparently, he only goes by one. When we found this out, we went down the internet rabbit hole trying to find out how Denis with one N is pronounced but, from what we understand, there’s really no difference in its pronunciation although one source claims that the French pronounce Denis with no S. Anyhoo, enough about our cluelessness. Let us, instead, appreciate the shirtlessness of this young Canadian athlete who’s proven himself to be a contender in the world of tennis: